Sunday, October 4, 2015

Proof of Concept - 4

Fig. 1 SQL query of PSMSL "stations" table
The post about a blogger who imagined sea level fall (SLF) because he has beach front property got me to thinking about sea level rise (SLR) and SLF in Australia (Agnotology: The Surge - 18).

The (now 20) stations which qualify for serious sea level change (SLC) consideration, wrap all around the Australian continent (Fig. 2).

I don't include stations in Tasmania, because it is not part of the Australian mainland continent, even though Tasmania does have some good tide gauge stations.
Fig. 2

The SQL query (Fig. 1) shows the current usable stations and their locations.

What was interesting after checking them out, is that only one station (Booby Island) registered SLF in its records.

However, after looking at its data in my possession, and those still at PSMSL, it became clear that it is not a valid station because there are too many -9999 entries in its record (it has less than 30 years of valid records).

I marked "Booby Island" as "don't use," which means that I set the "flag" field / column to 'Z' (notice that the SQL query excludes rows where the flag field is 'Z').

Booby Island must be a nasty place for weather, to give the tide gauge such a hard time.

Fig. 3  SLF locations (dark blue)
Anyway, all the other valid Australian stations have an SLR condition of varying degrees (various quantities of millimeters of SLR).

That is not contrary to the SLF indicated by the graphics shown by Dr. Mitrovica (Fig. 3).

Australia is always in an SLR status in all three scenarios.

The closest to SLF we see on those graphics is in the southern part of Australia (not the far north where Booby Island is located).

The hinge point gets closest to Australia under the conditions portrayed in the top graphic in Fig. 3, which shows Antarctica ice mass / gravity loss conditions, but, even in that scenario the hinge point is way south of Australia (Australia receives varying degrees of SLR as one proceeds north, but receives no SLF).

Our attitude towards global warming induced climate change can get away from us at times, so that, rather than sticking with the facts of science, we allow deep, subconscious fear circuits to skew reality and take us into an imaginary world (Agnotology: The Surge - 18).

That always proves disastrous, but reality will sometimes pull through (stick with reality).

My advice to Australians with property on the shoreline:
join the KEEP IT IN THE GROUND movement (e.g. LINGO), rather than the psychologically impaired denial movement.
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No video, just graphs of Australia SLR, North to South.

(Each graph has a red dot to show the transition from historical records into the future projection by the IPCC style conservative logic of the current mode of the Dredd Blog SLC model):


  1. The SLC (SLF & SLR) looks mover valid every day.

  2. Thanks Dredd!- great class today! Anything ( and I mean anything) that even remotely threatens the cult-like status of Aussie real estate / lending and its empire must be dealt with by 'any' means.