Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bush II Eradicated The Robber Barons - 2

We have discussed how Barry, due to some perverse romantic blindness, has been wont to read up on "Reaganomics";

How the voodoo economics of MOMCOM is being perpetuated by the dubyaspeak family ideology of Wall Street;

How the policy is a simple full on, full speed ahead in the W direction, Titanic disaster;

How homes, jobs, life savings, and the American Dream are being "shipped overseas" to the foreign but "popular" war zone, while here at home health care is seen as the number one enemy of the warsters.

But now lets go back to remember what all that dubyaspeak did in our recent financial, economic history:
Even the FDIC fund used to cover these 130 failed banks this year has been running short of money.

So while banks are getting trillions in bailout money, banks are going down in near record numbers? Lets dig deeper.

The graph above shows the military economy going straight up through the roof at the same time that banks are going down and while the domestic economy tanks into the basement.

There are several obvious things wrong with this picture, however, I want to focus on a hidden economic "mystery" that the MSM will not yet talk about.

The red vertical line shows when "the most expensive public works legislation in US history" was passed.

The green line shows a reasonable time frame, following the passage of that bill into law, until "shovel ready" projects could have begun to receive funding pursuant to that public works spending revolution.

The mystery is that the domestic non-military trend line stays flat while the military trend line keeps climbing.
(Six More Banks Bite The Dust, Dec. 2009). In the previous post of this series we discussed how the Bush II regime "eradicated" the robber barons, which brought on the plunder barons, along with the age of plunder.

Anymore, it seems that the only way we will hear of the plunder of the citizens of the USA by the big bank system of too big too jail, is through archeology 300 years from now:
Archeologists recovered the first anchor from what's believed to be the wreck of the pirate Blackbeard's flagship off the North Carolina coast on Friday, a move that might change plans about how to save the rest of the almost 300-year-old artifacts from the central part of the ship.

Divers had planned to recover the second-largest artifact on what's believed to be the Queen Anne's Revenge but discovered it was too well-attached to other items in the ballast pile, said Mark Wilde-Ramsing, a deputy state archeologist and director of the Queen Anne's Revenge project. Instead they pulled up another anchor that is the third-largest artifact and likely was the typical anchor for the ship.
(Blackbeard's Stuff). Three hundred years from now we will dig up some old records on one of the momcommie yachts to discover out how they used the largest infrastructure bill in history for something other than reviving U.S.A. infrastructure.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

9/11 Conspiracy Theorists Take A Hit - 8

The official conspiracy theory says cave men from Afghanistan conspired and then did the unthinkable.

That conspiracy theory is not only the most popular conspiracy theory, it is the most accepted, however, it is not without its expert critics:

There are several interviews of various experts in the video above.

Click on the solid button in the middle to begin from the beginning, and go from interview to interview automatically.

Or click on the smaller "<" or ">" buttons to move back and forth between the individual interviews.

Additionally, there is an icon menu at the bottom of the video whereby you can go directly to any one specific segment.

The previous post in this series is here.

Note that historically, secrets can be kept by hundreds of thousands of people for an indefinite amount of time: Daniel Ellsberg.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Reds Want Butter Too

The red congressional district in NY went blue in an election that focused on privatizing Medicare / Medicaid.

This morning the reds in congress (the momcommies), such as Paul Ryan (R-WI), are licking their wounds and explaining "how they were misunderstood".

They go on to say that they really only wanted to implement the policies of President Bill Clinton by getting rid of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

Whereupon they were immediately invited to the comedy circuit to repeat the big ones for the big laughter it generates in audiences across the nation.

One poll of Teabaggers indicates that 70% of them do not want Medicare messed with in the momcommie way of things.

The guns v butter election season is coming on strong, and the right wing reds in the republican party are running for propaganda cover.

Especially since they have taken warmongering to new heights, dragging many blue dog democrats along with them.

Guns v butter elections, they are not just for the 1960's anymore.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Bob Dylan - 3

This blog does a few posts from time to time concerning Mr. Bob Dylan.

Some are in the context of his Birthday (Happy Birthday Bob Dylan), some vary from that theme a bit (Happy Birthday Bob Dylan - 2).

Other Dredd Blog posts deal with how the MOMCOM press has never had much of a clue about Dylan (Bob Dylan Sings In "China" - 2).

The painting shown in this post is an example of other talents Mr. Dylan experiences.

I like his artwork.

Nothing more to say except Happy Birthday Mr. Dylan!

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Peak of "Jesus"

Regular Dredd Blog readers know well that we cover as many peaks as some mountain climbers climb.

We have covered The Peak of Evolution, The Peak of Sanity, The Peak of The Oil Wars, and on and on.

In today's post we continue that tradition, covering yet another mysterious peak.

The graph above shows when the peak of the name "Jesus" was reached, in terms of the giving that name to new born babies.

Whether or not there is a scientific nexus, we can't help but mention the post The Dogma of The High Priest In Chief, since the peak of Jesus was reached during his presidency, but has fallen precipitously since then.

Nor can we fail to mention the related post The Virgin MOMCOM, since the peak of concurrent wars was reached during the overlapping time when the peak of giving the popular name "Jesus" to newborn babies boys was reached.

The link to holy wars and the naming of names is unmistakable, but any effort to expose why that link exists will require more detail.

That linkage, that nexus, comes about with a comparison in the rise of military spending to the decline of the rest of the economy.

We believe that Dredd Blog successfully did that in The Graphs of Wrath - 2.

The mystery in all this is that Jesus was a peaceful man, but more and more those who use his name are, in general, self described "holy warriors."

Go figure (better still, go ruminate).

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Criminally Insane Epoch Arises - 2

In the first post of this series, The Criminally Insane Epoch Arises, the Dredd Blog System touched upon the notion that some "regular looking news" is actually evidence of a psychopathic nature within a segment of current industrial civilization.

We attribute the source of the problem to "the toxins within power".

To be more specific, we touched upon "ecocide" in a link within that post, comparing or equating individual suicide, in some significant ways, to planetary ecocide.

In another post series, The Peak of Sanity, we focused in on a relative time frame so as to give a general perspective illuminating when one epoch ended (at the peak of sanity), axiomatically commencing another epoch, the criminally insane epoch.

Remember that when individuals do certain things, such as mass or group suicide, it is considered to be psychopathic or mentally ill behavior.

However, when civilization or a subset of civilization such as a nation, behaves in a manner that invites the same thing, e.g. ecocide, for some reason it is not perceived as being as big of a deal.

Instead, it is considered to be a matter of legislative prerogative, a matter of economics ("how much will it cost to not commit ecocide"), or simply a hoax.

Remember also that it is difficult enough just to identify psychopathic behavior, or exclude it, even in the case of an individual who faked his way into a mental hospital:
"So for a while you thought that being normal and polite would be your ticket out of here?" I said.

"Right," he replied. "I volunteered to weed the hospital garden. But they saw how well behaved I was and decided it meant I could behave well only in the environment of a psychiatric hospital and it proved I was mad."

I glanced suspiciously at Tony. I instinctively didn't believe him about this. It seemed too catch-22, too darkly-absurd-by-numbers. But later Tony sent me his files and, sure enough, it was right there. "Tony is cheerful and friendly," one report stated. "His detention in hospital is preventing deterioration of his condition."

After Tony read that, he said, he started a kind of war of non co-operation. This involved staying in his room a lot. On the outside, Tony said, not wanting to spend time with your criminally insane neighbours would be a perfectly understandable position. But on the inside it demonstrates you're withdrawn and have a grandiose sense of your own importance. In Broadmoor, not wanting to hang out with insane killers is a sign of madness.
(How To Spot A Psychopath). How much more difficult is it to spot psychopathology and mental illness, or the lack thereof, in a larger populace, and ultimately in civilization itself?

Especially when civilization, like Tony in the case cited above, pleads the case that psychopathology or mental illness is not the proper diagnosis or issue.

We should take notice that, like Tony, current civilization talked itself into a similar trap, as a Dredd Blog post points out, then ask "is that in and of itself mentally deficient or psychopathic?"

There are a number of cases which illustrate the defective techniques that have persisted in mental health scholarship and diagnosis for well over a century.

Those defects even found their way into state laws that were clearly insane in and of themselves.

The Eugenics Review is a journal of that madness which persisted for decades in the United States, all in the name of making The Future American Race "good".

Civilization only wanted to do the right thing, to protect itself, just like Tony who can't get out of the psycho ward now, having been there for over a decade, having been there since he was 17.

In such circumstances, isn't it is better to go with "common sense", to realize "we don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows", to trust our "gut feeling", and to conclude that any direction toward the willful destruction of civilization by civilization is just plain wrong ... no matter how the spin doctors diagnose it?

The damaged minds who officially doublespeak call the demise of the honey bee "marginally encouraging" because "only" a third of them died again four years running now.

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