Friday, October 9, 2015

Blind Willie McTell News - 6

Downtown where?
I. Background

Regular readers know that I have been focusing on a little understood aspect of fossil fuel burning induced global warming induced climate change induced sea level change (SLC).

Some examples: (The Gravity of Sea Level Change, Proof of Concept , 2, 3, 4, 5, New Type of SLC Detection Model, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, Calling All Cars: The Case of the "Missing Six", 2).

I am talking about the apex of general SLC posts that were once less focused, and more like the general conversation about SLC (Series Posts @ SEA LEVEL CHANGE).

I have always maintained that the McTell News is part of the epigovernment, which is immune from accountability (Blind Willie McTell News, Follow The Immunity, MOMCOM: A Mean Welfare Queen), so I was posting about what I did not think was going to be getting out otherwise.

II. A Leak In The Dam News

McTell News is, unlike S. Carolina, always watching for leaks in their dam-up of reality, not wanting anything but pabulum to flow to the people, especially when it comes to things that are utterly out of control, like SLC.

In that lite, an article in the Boston Globe is certainly a leak in that dam (send in the clowns plumbers).

The article in the globe is along the lines of the type of dynamics of SLC which I have been focusing on recently.

In true media fashion, the article has some "isn't that special" errors which I will talk about later in this post.

But first, let's focus on the accurate portions of the piece:
This isn’t at all how it actually works, though. Massive ice sheets, like the one in Greenland, exert a gravitational pull on the surrounding water. When ice from the sheet melts, it adds water to the world’s oceans, yes, but the melting also reduces the mass of the ice sheet, which reduces its gravitational pull. As a result, water flows away from the diminished ice sheet, which actually leads to sea levels falling in the exact place where the ice melted.
(The very weird physics of sea-level changes). My initial reaction to the piece was "A culture that thinks reality is 'very weird' is in for trouble and surprises."

III. The Errors In The Boston Globe Piece

The media puppetry is quite tricky, which is no surprise to those who double and triple check up on McTell News stories, to see the less than amusing ways they tend to juke regularly.

A case in point, in the Boston Globe piece, is alluded to here:
The idea that gravitational forces affect sea level is not new. It was in the air in the 1800s, but largely forgotten afterward. Mitrovica says he “reacquainted” the scientific community with these factors with an article he published in Nature about a decade ago. Today they are fully accepted. Alley describes Mitrovica’s work modeling the forces that affect sea-level as “fascinating, visionary, reliable, and important.”
(ibid, emphasis added). Well then, it should be easy to find recent main stream media (such as the Boston Globe) pieces talking about the east coast being one of the places where SLC is manifested now, and in the future, by a higher sea level rise (SLR) than other areas (not to mention sea level fall (SLF) in Alaska).

Don't hold your breath, the suppression of this science which was first intimated in 1888 is par for the course (On the West Side of Zero).

On to another distortion:
This approach can be more accurate than trying to measure the melting of ice sheets directly.
“No one talks about global average sea levels anymore,” says Mitrovica.
“The real focus is on fingerprinting sources.”
(ibid). Wrong, Jerry needs to read more widely in the news media where not a word is spoken about it (and BTW the satellites such as Cryosat-2 and GRACE are the most accurate means of detecting ice sheet volume and mass loss - but are they accurate enough yet? see e.g. Ice Sheet Melt According To Tide Gauge Stations - 2).

IV. The Boston Globe Piece Is A Step In The Reality Direction

Don't get me wrong, I do not want to throw the baby out along with the bath tub SLR water.

The globe article is a step in the direction of reality, but it is nevertheless a baby step.

V. Conclusion

Some readers have been unhappy that I have researched this issue in depth ad nauseum.

"Get used to it" ... Dredd Blog does posts about social rust, garbage, death, psychopathic dynamics, and all other such things done by those who you think are all "let's take bitchin' care of the public."

Glittering shiny objects not included here.

Furnish your own batteries.

Undiluted reality is what Dredd Blog does.

The previous post in this series is here.


  1. Who knows, Dredd Blog posts may have attracted their attention.

  2. Yeah, look for distortions in the matrix . . . like your site having sudden "problems" (like the automatic 404 page not found results i've been getting from NBL the past week, except for a few posts that snuck through).

    Keep up the good work!


    1. Yes.

      There was a jamming op going on yesterday.

      Maybe a denial of service op too.

      Hang in there Tom.

  3. A recent post (Oct. 8) on TomDispatch (Welcome to a New Planet) talks about sea level rise in Alaska when we know sea level fall is the story there (Proof of Concept - 3).

    It did get other climate change scenarios correct.