Tuesday, July 19, 2016

World Ocean Database Project - 2

Fig. 1 Database Structural Concept
I just finished the main structure of the software for reading the WOD files.

It was like trying to read a file of pi, but with some help from the help-desk people at NOAA, my understanding of the few ambiguities that arose eventually came around.

If you want to peruse the manual I used, here is a link (see e.g. Appendix 8: WOD User Manual, PDF).

I will be getting the posting back to normal now too.

We are going hunting for whatever lurks under the surface (temperature, salinity, nitrates, microbial life, etc.).

And at various depths at various locations concurrent with PSMSL data, so sea level change of a lot of varieties, from sea level rise and fall to increases in degrees of pollutants are within our scope.

The graphic at Fig. 1 shows the way I organized the data, adhering to the notion of zones bounded by latitude and longitude.

We can select a Dredd Blog zone, or a World Ocean Database (WOD)  zone,  which links to sea level records, sea port records, and ocean depth records on the SQL server.

The previous post in this series is here.