Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Beast

This post entitled "The Beast" is a guest post by blogger disaffected.
The fascist corporate capitalist government has created fear in the people of the "other." This is nothing more than a classic reapplication of totalitarian methods perfected throughout the 20th century, but vastly enhanced through the application of 21st century communication and media technologies. In this case “the other” is called terrorism, but that's really a catch all term that applies to anything or anyone who threatens "American / the state’s interests” (also a catch all term).

The fascist government reserves the exclusive right to define both terrorism and American interests, and generally speaking, broader definitions are always preferred.

Once the definition of terrorism and/or American interests is expanded - almost always with a corresponding increase in parasitic bureaucracy - it can never be – nor was it ever intended to be - contracted to previous levels. Whether or not the original threat has been eliminated, the national paranoia and parasitic bureaucracy it generated must be maintained in perpetuity at all costs!

The ultimate goal of fascist corporate capitalism is an all-encompassing centralized national security apparatus (hereafter called "The Beast") that projects total fear all of the time, while offering itself as the only possible salvation against that fear.

The rationale for The Beast is ruthless and total enforcement of fascist business interests at all costs, including a complete redefinition of overall social welfare (hence the creation of the derogatory term, “the welfare state”).

The philosophy of The Beast is that all things, both physical and intellectual, are “ownable” (capable of being assigned property rights) and exploitable (capable of providing economic profit to its owners). “Free markets” are universally capable of assigning value to these things, and will by definition always result in their ownership (more importantly, the monetary profits taken by) by the most deserving parties. The fact that The Beast “secretly” mandates that “free markets” are never actually allowed to be truly free is unspeakable. The Beast reserves the right to define all official terms of expression.

The organization of The Beast is inherently hierarchical. Private interest is an illusion perpetuated by The Beast in early stages only to perpetuate its growth. Ultimately, all interests, both public and private, are first subordinated to and then appropriated by The Beast. In this “winner take all” process, all resources, assets, and profits undergo a gradual usurpation by higher and higher orders within The Beast, until all is gradually appropriated by the highest level. The Beast will thereby be gradually recognized as the physical manifestation of the Godhead and revered/feared accordingly.

The means of The Beast is a national security state that dominates every sphere of national / regional / world economic, intellectual, and social life, all enabled by a strategy of malignant expansion into the commercial economic sphere. The Beast exists as both a rationale for commercial development and as the prime beneficiary of that development. Only then can true “entrepreneurial” development be allowed to exist on its own terms.

The core programming of The Beast is exponential growth (malignancy), initially accomplished by value-added product creation, followed closely by ruthless exploitation of labor to reduce costs / increase profits, and eventually by elimination of labor components altogether and outright theft. All of this is initially enforced, then downright enabled by the use of brute force provided by The Beast’s various enforcement arms, including – but certainly not limited to – the military as traditionally defined.

The attraction of The Beast is as the ultimate winning “team.” The Beast aligns itself with commercial sporting interests to define and perpetuate the memes that “winning is everything,” “God (always loosely defined, as specific religious loyalties can easily trump The Beast if given free reign) is always on the side of winners,” and “The Beast is therefore the ULTIMATE WINNER.”

The hook of The Beast is that as it grows, it literally becomes vital to the nation's / region’s / world’s economy, as it eventually crowds out all other commercial sources as a supplier of meaningful employment. The Beast exists first as a parasite and then gradually morphs into the host itself.

The product of The Beast is death, destruction, and misery for all of those who oppose it, and momentary, albeit totally intimidating, prosperity for those who embrace it.

The scope of The Beast is universal. Should The Beast ever conquer the entire planet – as it now appears is inevitable – it would face an existential crisis (how can it continue to exploit that which has been exhausted, and is thus no longer exploitable?), barring new found extra-terrestrial worlds to conquer.

The highest expression of The Beast will eventually be as a virtually autonomous sentient “being,” subservient to no one. The Beast will literally dominate over the men who created it, and will itself become a virtual Godhead to those who remain to serve it.

The nature of The Beast is malignant. The Beast is literally a cancer of men’s souls. It is the ultimate attempt at physical domination of the corporeal universe and eventually the conscious or unconscious attempt to project that domination to ever higher levels of being. The Beast offers itself as a siren’s song of immortality, but in fact, universally results in physical and spiritual death.

Friday, December 17, 2010

GWOT: In The "Eye" Of The Beholder? - 2

When the first episode of this series was posted, WikiLeaks was not so famous or infamous as it is now.

There is a division of opinion as to whether Julian Assange and Army Pfc. Bradley Manning are demons or are angels.

Interestingly, once again, many of those calling for them to be publicly shot, hung, or both, claim to be against those types of Big Brother government acts.

For example, one of the military branches (that claims to fight for "American values") ... (free speech and a free press???) censored its computer system by blocking anyone who has published WiggyLeeks information, such as the New York Times.

Meanwhile, others openly support the efforts of those who expose government corruption via whistle blowing activities.




V 4 Vendetta

The next post in this series is here.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Famous Last Words

Ambassador Richard Holbrooke's last words were reported as "You've got to stop this war in Afghanistan".

The legal system of Americans allows death-bed testimony that would not otherwise be admissible.

That is because when a person knows they are dying they are considered to be more serious than at any other time of their lives.

The Obama administration (evidently seeking to gloss over the implications of everyone knowing Holbrooke and V.P. Biden were/are against the insane perpetuation of that ill fated war zone) said Holbrooke was just joking.

The world is turning upside down they must think, when actually they are the ones who have turned upside down.

It reminded me, for some reason, that the BP officials were on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig celebrating the completion of a safe operation when the oil rig blew itself and 11 souls to smithereens. Some of those BP executives were injured, but none died.

Those are the kind of folks the Obama Administration seems to like to hang with.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

eMail From M. Moore To Dredd Blog

Why I'm Posting Bail Money for Julian Assange (A statement from Michael Moore)

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010


Yesterday, in the Westminster Magistrates Court in London, the lawyers for WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange presented to the judge a document from me stating that I have put up $20,000 of my own money to help bail Mr. Assange out of jail.

Furthermore, I am publicly offering the assistance of my website, my servers, my domain names and anything else I can do to keep WikiLeaks alive and thriving as it continues its work to expose the crimes that were concocted in secret and carried out in our name and with our tax dollars.

We were taken to war in Iraq on a lie. Hundreds of thousands are now dead. Just imagine if the men who planned this war crime back in 2002 had had a WikiLeaks to deal with. They might not have been able to pull it off. The only reason they thought they could get away with it was because they had a guaranteed cloak of secrecy. That guarantee has now been ripped from them, and I hope they are never able to operate in secret again.

So why is WikiLeaks, after performing such an important public service, under such vicious attack? Because they have outed and embarrassed those who have covered up the truth. The assault on them has been over the top:

**Sen. Joe Lieberman says WikiLeaks "has violated the Espionage Act."

**The New Yorker's George Packer calls Assange "super-secretive, thin-skinned, [and] megalomaniacal."

**Sarah Palin claims he's "an anti-American operative with blood on his hands" whom we should pursue "with the same urgency we pursue al Qaeda and Taliban leaders."

**Democrat Bob Beckel (Walter Mondale's 1984 campaign manager) said about Assange on Fox: "A dead man can't leak stuff ... there's only one way to do it: illegally shoot the son of a bitch."

**Republican Mary Matalin says "he's a psychopath, a sociopath ... He's a terrorist."

**Rep. Peter A. King calls WikiLeaks a "terrorist organization."

And indeed they are! They exist to terrorize the liars and warmongers who have brought ruin to our nation and to others. Perhaps the next war won't be so easy because the tables have been turned -- and now it's Big Brother who's being watched ... by us!

WikiLeaks deserves our thanks for shining a huge spotlight on all this. But some in the corporate-owned press have dismissed the importance of WikiLeaks ("they've released little that's new!") or have painted them as simple anarchists ("WikiLeaks just releases everything without any editorial control!"). WikiLeaks exists, in part, because the mainstream media has failed to live up to its responsibility. The corporate owners have decimated newsrooms, making it impossible for good journalists to do their job. There's no time or money anymore for investigative journalism. Simply put, investors don't want those stories exposed. They like their secrets kept ... as secrets.

I ask you to imagine how much different our world would be if WikiLeaks had existed 10 years ago. Take a look at this photo. That's Mr. Bush about to be handed a "secret" document on August 6th, 2001. Its heading read: "Bin Ladin Determined To Strike in US." And on those pages it said the FBI had discovered "patterns of suspicious activity in this country consistent with preparations for hijackings." Mr. Bush decided to ignore it and went fishing for the next four weeks.

But if that document had been leaked, how would you or I have reacted? What would Congress or the FAA have done? Was there not a greater chance that someone, somewhere would have done something if all of us knew about bin Laden's impending attack using hijacked planes?

But back then only a few people had access to that document. Because the secret was kept, a flight school instructor in San Diego who noticed that two Saudi students took no interest in takeoffs or landings, did nothing. Had he read about the bin Laden threat in the paper, might he have called the FBI? (Please read this essay by former FBI Agent Coleen Rowley, Time's 2002 co-Person of the Year, about her belief that had WikiLeaks been around in 2001, 9/11 might have been prevented.)

Or what if the public in 2003 had been able to read "secret" memos from Dick Cheney as he pressured the CIA to give him the "facts" he wanted in order to build his false case for war? If a WikiLeaks had revealed at that time that there were, in fact, no weapons of mass destruction, do you think that the war would have been launched -- or rather, wouldn't there have been calls for Cheney's arrest?

Openness, transparency -- these are among the few weapons the citizenry has to protect itself from the powerful and the corrupt. What if within days of August 4th, 1964 -- after the Pentagon had made up the lie that our ship was attacked by the North Vietnamese in the Gulf of Tonkin -- there had been a WikiLeaks to tell the American people that the whole thing was made up? I guess 58,000 of our soldiers (and 2 million Vietnamese) might be alive today.

Instead, secrets killed them.

For those of you who think it's wrong to support Julian Assange because of the sexual assault allegations he's being held for, all I ask is that you not be naive about how the government works when it decides to go after its prey. Please -- never, ever believe the "official story." And regardless of Assange's guilt or innocence (see the strange nature of the allegations here), this man has the right to have bail posted and to defend himself. I have joined with filmmakers Ken Loach and John Pilger and writer Jemima Khan in putting up the bail money -- and we hope the judge will accept this and grant his release today.

Might WikiLeaks cause some unintended harm to diplomatic negotiations and U.S. interests around the world? Perhaps. But that's the price you pay when you and your government take us into a war based on a lie. Your punishment for misbehaving is that someone has to turn on all the lights in the room so that we can see what you're up to. You simply can't be trusted. So every cable, every email you write is now fair game. Sorry, but you brought this upon yourself. No one can hide from the truth now. No one can plot the next Big Lie if they know that they might be exposed.

And that is the best thing that WikiLeaks has done. WikiLeaks, God bless them, will save lives as a result of their actions. And any of you who join me in supporting them are committing a true act of patriotism. Period.

I stand today in absentia with Julian Assange in London and I ask the judge to grant him his release. I am willing to guarantee his return to court with the bail money I have wired to said court. I will not allow this injustice to continue unchallenged.

Michael Moore

P.S. You can read the statement I filed today in the London court here.

P.P.S. If you're reading this in London, please go support Julian Assange and WikiLeaks at a demonstration at 1 PM today, Tuesday the 14th, in front of the Westminster court.

The Supreme Five Will Ride Again

The five "conservative" justices on the U.S. Supreme Court are the "supreme five", and those who watch the court know that it has been that way for a long time, at least since Bush v Gore.

Many people think Bush v Gore was an election that happened a long time ago, which is true in a sense, but most don't remember it was also a Supreme Court case where The Supreme Five voted to elect Bush II over the majority popular vote.

In that election 50,999,897 Americans voted for Gore, while 50,456,002 voted for Bush II (Gore got 543,895 more votes than Bush II; see Wikipedia).

The Five Supreme votes were worth more (50,999,897 / 5 = 10,199,979) than the 50,999,897 American majority who voted for Al Gore.

Thus, The Supreme Five each have a vote worth at least 10,199,980 other American votes, because they are exceptional, perhaps because they misunderinterpretated "The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion" (Article IV, Section 4).

The next Bush v Gore was Citizens United v FEC (Bush v Gore, II), which affected the recent landslide election, for neoCon conservatives (the congress which had 438 + 100 = 538 votes, were outvoted by their 5 votes).

The Bush v Gore, III case is headed to the Supreme Court, and should get there in about a year, more or less, under the Conservatives vs. Obama Health Care cases.

Two courts have ruled in favor of the legislation, one against, and one is pending in Florida.

The basic thrust of these cases is that the federal government does not have authority to make people buy health insurance on pain of some penalty.

The states have forced people to purchase insurance for decades, and will put a citizen in jail for not driving with insurance, for example (i.e. not having insurance is not a privilege).

Likewise, banks force people to purchase home owner insurance as a condition of getting a mortgage.

Even though The Supreme Five (Alito, Kennedy, Roberts, Scalia, Thomas) are well oiled, they need to be normalized.

If not, it is likely that they will hold Obama's Healthcare provision, which compels American citizens to have health care coverage, unconstitutional.

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Ground Zero of Ground Zeros

People who call themselves "Christian" make up the largest group of religionists (~2.3 billion).

Second to that are those who call themselves followers of Mohammed who is said to have founded "Islam" (~1.7 billion).

Nevertheless, a very tiny religion by comparison, Judaism, (~15 million), controls the city where they all focus their religious sentiments: Jerusalem (a.k.a. Ground Zero in this post).

And those sentiments are hard core:
Israel's leader on Sunday dismissed a call from a key government partner to share the holy city of Jerusalem with the Palestinians, a reminder of the obstacles facing already troubled peacemaking efforts.

Conflicting claims to east Jerusalem lie at the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The dispute over the area, home to sensitive Jewish, Muslim and Christian holy sites, has derailed past peace talks and spilled into violence. Palestinians claim the sector as the capital of their future state.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's reaffirmation of his intention to hold on to east Jerusalem drew criticism from the Palestinians and was likely to increase friction with the Americans. The White House Mideast envoy is scheduled to arrive this week in another attempt to push peace efforts forward.
(Raw Story). I suppose it is more accurate to say that a tiny minority of a tiny religious minority controls the dialogue at Ground Zero, and thereby the prospects for peace or war.

That is so Washington, and so dysfunctional in the sense that both nations call themselves democratic, but invade other sovereign nations to bring "democracy" to them.

The Ground Zero, at least in the middle east, has heart strings that reach around the globe, so, should the hatred and warmongering persist and increase by feverish political rhetoric masking an under-the-covers religious fervour, there is a broader danger which implicates more than the mid east alone.

The secular Oilah Akbar religion wafting over, above, under, and through the states of oil around Ground Zero, absolutely armed to the nuclear teeth, add to the weighty danger lurking in those crude religious surroundings.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Open Thread

Weekend open thread ...

White House won't compromise with progressives on Bush II tax cuts.

So They Only Compromise with Republicans?
Secret Banking Elite Rule by Their rules
Halliburton Solution To Bribery Charges Against Cheney: A Larger Bribe
The Gulf between the truth & government statements
about condition of the Gulf of Mexico grows ...
The Oppressive 1917 Espionage Act used to suppress the free speech right
of those opposed to WWI may be used against anti-war movement by Holder?

The neoSupreme Five would support such actions against free speech,
like the good old boy court did back in the day.