Friday, August 27, 2010

The Rise Of The Machine Intolerance

A while back we did the post The Rise Of The Machine Hypocrisy, focusing on a machine-like march toward various forms of demise we see arising around us.

It is as if the human face of the U.S., as well as other nations around the world, is being pulled off to reveal a machine-like, hardened, emotionally bankrupt, and incapacitated inner self.

How can we not progress more and more into a mental state of denial about the social, political, and judicial world we see emerging around us?

Dredd Blog said:
The compass being used by the Obama Administration, the Congress, and the Judiciary is the W compass.

It has a W at every point.

Things continue in the general W direction, which is to say, we are going in a circle, spiralling out of control downward into demise.

You know the old story about doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result each time the same thing is done.
(The Circle W Cowboys). Religious tolerance, once a keynote of Americanism, is turning into religious bigotry fanned by media mogul members of a MOMCOM of intolerance.

The congress failed to pass legislation that would "protect the environment from us", the so-called "climate bill", at a time when we see the environment being turned into a catastrophe generating machine of intolerance.

This issue is no longer flowing from a form of antiquated environmental exceptionalism, which sees the environment as a realm needing protection from humanity.

Instead, the realist ideology emerging now is one of protecting us from a new environment that we have morphed, with our many toxic pollutants, into an intolerant killing machine.

An intolerant machine unimaginably more powerful than MOMCOM, an intolerant machine that will treat everyone equally deserving of wrath, an intolerant machine that is the child of MOMCOM, the mother of intolerant machines.

The Ninth Ward of New Orleans and the trapped miners in Chile are microcosms for wee the people, who are in the dark awaiting Xmas.