Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jobber The Hunt

Fifteen more banks are now looking for work this month.

The beat goes on for failing banks, as the FDIC comes in to frog march the bankster gamblers out of the premises over and over again these daze.

Only the "good gamblers" are allowed to stay and play in the Treasury Casino, a private club for too big to fail boyz.

Those little guys without the proper tentacles just "hafta suffah", cause freedom ain't free.

Government (Gambler vs. Entrepreneur)

There have been many songs about gambling.

It has traditionally been considered a bad habit, even leading to addiction in some cases.

One folk song says this about gambling:

Ah gambled down in Washington
Ah gambled down in Maine
Goin' down to Georgia
To knock down my last game
Ahm a gamiblin' Man man man,
Ahm a gambling' Man,
Ahm a gamblin'
(Gambling Man, W. Guthrie). Traditionally there was a difference between a gambler and an entrepreneur:
The term [entrepreneur] is originally a loanword from French and was first defined by the Irish economist Richard Cantillon. Entrepreneur in English is a term applied to the type of personality who is willing to take upon herself or himself a new venture or enterprise and accepts full responsibility for the outcome.
(Wikipedia, italics added) Taking the fall for one's own behavior or the rewards for doing it right was the spirit of the entrepreneur.

A gambler will take big risks, usually with his or her own money.

But, there are various degrees of gambling, the worst degree is gambling with somebody else's money while having no thought of paying it back.

That type of gambling is at or beyond the edge line seperating non-criminal behavior from criminal behavior. For example, Bernie Madoff was not an entrepreneur.

A criminal enterprise is what the American banking system evolved into when it evolved away from responsible entrepreneurial practices that are not traditionally acceptable, and went into the darkness of gambling with the lives of fellow Americans.

As long as someone was risking their own money for the benefit of creating a new venture, which would be good for everyone concerned, that was entrepreneurial and looked on with favor.

The Bush II administration went into gambling of the "nation building" sort, by invading other countries and destroying parts of them, under the guise of spreading democracy.

Democracy is a valid entrepreneurial practice, but it is not for gambling arenas, nor can it be produced with war.

Now, with millions of Americans without homes, jobs, health care, and hope, we see that the traditional values are not quaint at all.

Friday, January 29, 2010

MOMCOM - A Mean Welfare Queen

Octo mom had eight kids without tentacles.

MomCom (Military Oil Media Complex) has 100 times that, or 800 cribs around the world.

And they do have tentacles.

The military portion of MOMCOM has from 800 to 1000 bases around the world that depend on free handouts from the public trough.

They are not required to pay it back.

MOMCOM Feeds the Hoi Polloi "Freedom"
Food, weapons, housing, weapons, clothing, weapons, and careful MOM control is always free in the sense the military does not pay back the money that comes its way from the taxpayers.

It is like Wall Street bonuses with khaki on.

The main claim to fame is that the military portion of MOMCOM gives new meaning to freedom, which is what they claim is their number one product: MOMCOM Freedom.

It is what you get instead of getting your money back. No refunds from MOMCOM.

MOMCOM Freedom is not free, they like to say.

Clearly they are right because their brand (MOMCOM Freedom) costs us more than all the rest of the world combined pay for it.

The president, congress, and the judiciary think this is a real bargain, exclaiming "you get the freedom you pay for".

They have a photo of MOMCOM feeding the public a bottle of MOMCOM Freedom on the walls of all their offices (see photo). Isn't the public soooo cute in that little red outfit!

But the fine print on the box where the contents are displayed points out that MOMCOM Freedom does not include economic benefits of the middle class kind, maintaining U.S. economic standing, or anything besides MOMCOM Freedom.

Like Pilgrim's Pride Chicken, which has nothing in it but chicken, MOMCOM Freedom has nothing in it but MOMCOM Freedom.

The oil portion of MOMCOM is affectionately called our number one addiction by many folks [see Oil-Qaeda], because MOMCOM does do a little drugs on the side in these tough times you know.

(Don't tell anyone she puts a little in the MOMCOM Freedom milk to "help the baby sleep.")

And lord knows sometimes Oilah Akbar takes over and the prices of the best stuff goes up a bit and you just "hafta suffah" another one of those benefits of MOMCOM Freedom.

The media portion of MOMCOM is the Mainstream Media (MSM).

The CEO of the Associated Press, one of the organs of the MSM, had this to say about its role:
The Bush administration turned the U.S. military into a global propaganda machine while imposing tough restrictions on journalists seeking to give the public truthful reports about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Associated Press chief executive Tom Curley said Friday.

Curley, speaking to journalists at the University of Kansas, said the news industry must immediately negotiate a new set of rules for covering war because "we are the only force out there to keep the government in check and to hold it accountable."
(Warsters Press For Propaganda). They were given, by taxpayers, a very good education (for free of course) so as to be able to turn the entire "M" and "M" in MOM into a lying fat bitch weren't they?

The COM portion of MOMCOM is complex.

So complex that this president a long time ago, and this general president not so long ago, warned of its "complexity."

They were afraid that MOMCOM (Military Oil Media COMplex) would hurt the baby.

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Lyrics to the following song, "Flume", by Bon Iver, are here.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

EUROPA - The Giant Invisible

Why the big story is always covered up for Americans is no mystery.

That is the way the blinding flashers of the Main Stream Media (MSM), like MSNBC for example, want it to be.

You and I must be bottle fed with all the news the MSM thinks is relevant, but be protected from all the news they do not think is relevant.

That is why you and I probably do not know all we should about The United States of Europe, or Europa, as they call themselves, in many languages.

There are 27 states in The United States of Europe (EU) with similarities to the 50 United States of America.

Germany, one of the 27, was the largest single exporter state on the planet Earth until last year when China took over first place.

Thus, Europa is no insignificant factor in the world today since only one of its states still exports more than the entire 50 United States of America put together.

The best we can do is to say that one of our states, California, would be the fifth largest economy if it were considered to be a lone state.

That may be changing since California is in great trouble economically, as is another of the 50, New York.

There is a cost to your wallet for our holding first place, bar none, in warmongering.

Europa can't hold a candle to what we spend on war and WMD, in fact, all the world together can't out do us in the business of war.

Our economic downfall is the cost of doing that war business.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Give Green Peace A Chance

All we are saying is give green peace a chance.

Look folks, it is a good gig.

Even I can grow dandelions ... actually ... I can't seem to not grow them.

They love our yard and will faithfully last through all my bad farming practices.

So, you too can be a dandelion farmer, for instance.

A science award last year went to some scientists who figured out how to use the latex in dandelions to make rubber.

Rubber just as good as rubber made from our favorite drug: oil.

"All we are saying ... is give [green] peace a chance" (Beatles).

So, get on over to the Greenpeace USA website and give green peace a chance.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Freeze On Two Term Presidents?

President Obama does not speak Texan or he would have said: "I shall not seek, nor will I accept the nomination of my party for another term as your President", which is what Lyndon Baines Johnson said because:
Johnson's escalation of the Vietnam War ruined much of his credibility as President. Johnson was wary of potential political attacks from the right for losing a portion of the world to communism.
(Wikipedia, LBJ). Obama now holds the same compass in his hand.

Obama was given the choice of two compasses, one pointing towards a return to peace and prosperity at home where it has been needed for a decade, the other one the "W" compass.

In a Diane Sawyer interview he recently said "I would rather be a really good one-term president, than a mediocre two-term president", indicating he can't get enough of those sugar crisps (ideological notions).

Then he set out to freeze the economy that helps the middle class and poor the most, leaving the military oil media complex budget at its fattest ever.

Not gonna be a good one term president nor a mediocre two term president using the "W" compass dude.

If you are so dead set on bringing the presidency down, the least you can do is not drag the many legitimate democrats, who do not like this compass, down with you.

Future Shock 2018 – A Cautionary Tale

Unexpected consequences ("collateral damage")
This is a type of political sci-fi post from guest blogger "disaffected".
The final wave of U.S. financial shocks began in 2011, in the run up to the election that would signal the end of what remained of the Democratic “opposition” party, even as it foretold the end of the Republican ruling party – and, indeed, the Republic itself, as well. It began a nauseating descending spiral of political and economic lunacy, as the U.S. government tried to maintain the illusion of control by continued monetization of the debt, until, thankfully, the military coup of 2018 finally returned a small sense of order to things. At that point, with American military and Foreign Service people virtually stranded in overseas locations with no economic lifeline, the military simply stepped in and did what it does best; return order to failing third world nation-states. After suspending the constitution and returning a small sense of order, the Chinese and a consortium of wealthy world interests (both domestic and foreign) came to the economic rescue and made us “an offer we couldn't refuse."

The Constitution, along with the House of Representatives (to much applause both at home and abroad, as neither had been functional for quite some time), were both scrapped in entirety. The executive branch was expanded to a become a 3-way “Executive Committee” presidency, one to be elected by the Senate, one to be appointed by the Chinese government, and one to be appointed by the consortium, with the Chinese member having ultimate decision making authority; while the Senate was reduced to 50 members, appointed by a joint resolution of the Chinese and Consortium members of the Executive Committee, the people no longer being trusted with the vote after the Palin fiascoes of 2012 and 2016. Senate parliamentary rules were also now decided by the Executive Committee, with the Senate pretty much openly being viewed as a ceremonial vestige of the once proud U.S. past. The Judicial branch remained mostly intact, with the following seminal changes: all higher court rulings were now to be reviewed and approved by the executive committee, all federal appointments were to be made by the executive committee and subject to review at any time, and the scope and authority of unilateral Executive Committee Orders were greatly expanded – without judicial review - as well.

All other government functions were streamlined across the board as well, with the elimination of nearly all the cabinet level administrative agencies – most notably the IRS and the State Department. A national sales tax was imposed in lieu of the previous income tax, as the previous income tax system had been completely discredited as corrupt and inefficient, while the words “foreign policy” no longer existed within the bailiwick of what remained of the U.S. government, having been blamed for nearly all the ills that had brought the world to the brink of collapse, especially during the previous six years of the Palin administration. For her part, Palin remained as popular as ever in her continuing role as media pundit and demagogue, having largely abandoned her Presidential post after her 2016 reelection in favor of continued media stardom on the various enormously popular FOX News media outlets, which had gradually become the de facto media arm of the U.S. government in its waning days. Interestingly enough, many of the new Chinese regime found her to be extremely entertaining and not at all threatening, realizing that her effect on the masses was mostly palliative, and would help ease the pain and anguish that was likely to continue, especially for the now aging baby-boomers, many of whom still held on to delusions of “American exceptionalism,” during the difficult transition years ahead.

The military was sold off to a multi-national consortium, which had already absorbed Halliburton and its associated business interests, greatly expanded, and became the first truly global multi-national military enterprise in world history. Its scope was greatly expanded as well, now officially encompassing peacekeeping, nation-building, maritime patrolling, corrections (prisons), civilian law enforcement, private security services, and general governmental administration duties of all types as well. Shortly thereafter, the United Nations was formally disbanded as well, officially acknowledging the new world order.

The Chinese voluntarily assumed, and even expanded, all US entitlement obligations, realizing that by doing so they were preventing the implosion of their symbiotic "trading partner", and essentially just indirectly subsidizing their own export industry. Payments were made in the new world currency, which had been officially adopted in 2015 in official recognizance (by world markets at least) that the dollar was now little more than worthless paper. In any case, the baby-boom generation would be gone soon enough anyway, after which such costly non-sense would be phased out for good.

In one of the first acts of the new government, the new executive branch officially repealed (and subsequently approved its repeal) all existing drug laws within the U.S., and freed all prisoners convicted under those laws. Surprisingly, this was an immediate boon to economic activity and overall law and order. Aging baby-boomers with new found wealth and leisure (but little else), re-explored the pleasures of various now legal opium based products of their youth. And with the war on drugs now officially history, Mexico to the south now found unimagined prosperity, unofficially becoming a US territory, as aging US boomers moved south to live out their remaining years in the sun, while many impoverished Mexicans simply joined up with Halliburton and left town altogether.

Although rising sea levels were to be a worldwide problem in the years shortly thereafter, the U.S. enjoyed the fact it was simply able to abandon so much of its already crumbling infrastructure (the day Wall St officially went under was commemorated world wide with a multi-media extravaganza) without economic penalty, an area where China, with its newly constructed special economic zones along its coast, was not nearly so fortunate. This forced some localized crowding issues in the Midwest, but once again, the U.S. was very fortunate in that so many of its working class had joined Halliburton and moved overseas, many never to return, after experiencing the pleasures of often more enlightened foreign cultures.

This was eventually partially offset however, when the continued rise in sea levels forced mass evacuations of most of the world’s island nations. As the U.S. was rather sparsely populated in its western states (and was in no position to argue anyway), the lion’s share of the refugees were relocated to the U.S. and Mexico, under the rationale that the infrastructure and climatic conditions were at least as good or better than sub-Saharan Africa. Many were able to find work immediately, albeit torturous and for subsistence wages, in the burgeoning industrial agriculture industry. With the dissolution of the Environmental Protection Agency and world population numbers continuing to rise unabated, the Chinese abandoned any pretense of environmentally friendly/sustainable farming practices, as every drop of available water was diverted to farming the deserts west of central Nebraska. Eventually, even the mighty Mississippi ran nearly dry, and as the sediments stopped flowing to the delta, the gulf finally reclaimed New Orleans and its surrounding settlements, this time for good.

Surprisingly, the few remaining universities (nearly all top-flight research institutions, most private) flourished more than ever. What remained of the U.S. tech industry quickly reinforced existing partnerships and began attracting research dollars and foreign intellectual talent in unprecedented numbers, largely due to the complete dissolution of immigration restrictions (and the agencies to enforce them). Although it had long been feared that uncontrolled immigration would ruin the U.S. standard of living (ironically, something the U.S. had managed to do of its own accord), the Chinese maintained tight control over social services, even mandating that privately run hospitals turn away the indigent from emergency care if they couldn’t pay the freight. With the U.S. rapidly seeking its place economically with the rest of the third world anyway– at least among average blue/no collar workers – the immigration issue at long last simply faded away of its own accord.

In time, the U.S. assumed the role of a sort of quarantined multi-cultural free-trade zone, where many of the more insidious aspects of capitalism and free trade were exported from countries wanting to enjoy the economic benefits, but not wanting to suffer the social ills. As such, tourism and the associated gambling and entertainment industries boomed, with mini (as well as bigger and better!) Las Vegas’s popping up all over the country and the population itself morphing into a much more diverse, albeit transient, and generally less affluent one than ever before. Although never again threatening to regain its status as a world power, the U.S. finally truly achieved its dream of becoming the engine of world economic growth, as every hair-brained (and not so hair-brained) idea was first exported to and tried out in the relative safety of the “wild west cowboy U.S.”, before it was approved to be safely implemented elsewhere.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Banker Jekyll Will Hyde Your Money - 5

You have little chance of a bail out if you are middle class or poor Americans.

You have a better chance if you are a rich foreigner, according to emails being revealed by Reuters:
More than a year later, the Fed's bailout of AIG remains controversial because it funneled nearly $70 billion to 16 big U.S. and European banks that had bought credit default swaps from AIG.

Banks like Goldman Sachs Group Inc, Societe Generale and Deutsche Bank had bought those insurance-like derivatives to guard against defaults on hundreds of securities backed by subprime mortgages.


The new batch of emails, along with others that have become public in recent weeks, reveal that some at the New York Fed had gone to great lengths to keep the terms of the bailout private and the SEC may have played a role in contributing to some of the secrecy surrounding the AIG rescue package.
(Reuters, bold added). They do not want you to know what foreign nations they are sending your money to, nor under what circumstances they have done so.

We have discussed the many paths federal money is walking out of the country on, and where those paths lead.

See: Banker Jekyll Will Hyde Your Money - 4, 3, 2, and Banker Jekyll Will Hyde Your Money.

Concerning the AIG side of it, and how AIG and some other big U.S. aerospace companies (who are also media corporations) have ponzi patterns, see: Getting Caught Is The Only No No or Banque AIG & Family.

Following the money leads to every war zone, every drug zone, and every oil zone on the planet.

But never to those in dire need in the U.S. where the money is being plundered from.

No wonder they want to cover it up with the "state secret" doctrine.

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Open Thread

The story of Argentina's big oil discovery compared with the movie Collapse seems to create a tension.

The tar sands of Canada and the Argentine fields could supply the U.S., however, Argentina made deals with China.

Does the U.S. have deals with Argentina concerning the new field?

In the post The Fleets & Terrorism Follow The Oil we show that Argentina supplies only 172,464 bbl of our almost 20,000,000 bbl usage.