Friday, May 4, 2012

The Keystone Complex To The Rescue - 7

Today we revisit MOMCOM's foreign policy which we discussed on this date in 2010.

One knee jerk reaction which the neoCon Bush II regime implemented, to placate the blood lust of Dick Cheney, was to imagine a dangerous Iran that would lob missiles down on Europe's head.

To spice up that deranged fantasy the Keystone Komplex decided to build a "missile defense system" in Europe "to protect them from Iran", which was sure to tic off the Russians.

It did, and now Russia is threatening a preemptive strike against that system:
Russia may consider a preemptive strike on a missile defense system in Europe if the U.S.-led NATO project continues as planned, a top official said Thursday.

Russian Chief of General Staff Nikolai Makarov, in a sign of the tension between Russia and the United States over the missile defense plans, said during an international conference that a strike by his country might be possible.

"A decision to use destructive force preemptively will be taken if the situation worsens," Makarov said.
(LA Times, bold added, see also Rogue Fundamentalists). The Orwellian dogma "war is peace" seems to be the basic philosophy of the Keystone Kops.

Here is the text of the 5/4/10 Dredd Blog post:

Those who have watched episodes of the famous "Keystone Kops" know that they were a McKop organization, always trapped in the immediacy of knee-jerk reactions, but never very aware of the broader perspective.

We observed them going nuts like ants on an anthill where a large drop of rainwater fell, signalling "Danger Danger Will Smith" in a recent episode:
What can be said when a young naive boy burns his nuts off on an airplane while playing a video game in his head?

Especially when it causes the whole commercial aviation system, together with the infamous homeland security gang (disorganized into a strange meme-complex) to go nuts too?
(The Keystone Complex To The Rescue). Episode two at New York's Times Square, where a wayward Pakistani put half of a trailer park into an old SUV and, reminiscent of the song "Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town", took his SUV to New York Town.

These two failed episodes done by The Keystone Terrorists, who do not seem to be part of The Cavemen, an astute group of cavers who did 9/11, were promptly solved by the Complex.

Still, even though The Keystone Terrorists failed, they have already driven N.Y. Mayor Bloomberg back to the dark ages of the caves of Bush II, from where the mayor said "they hate us because of our freedoms", mimicking the Bush II lies.

Bloomberg said that to the country to indicate that Muslims hate us because of our freedoms.

A congressional study based upon world wide research, followed by ten days of testimony of experts, led to an utterly different conclusion:
The data presented at these hearings make it clear that people in other nations don’t “hate us because of our values”— but rather that they are disappointed with us because we aren’t always true to those values.
(Decline In U.S. Reputation, bold in original). Episode three of "The Keystone Turrisstss vs. The Keystone Kops" will be transmitted from GITMO where MOMCOM is starting a Military Court TV project.

Evidently the series is about how The Cavemen and The Keystone Turrisstss both move to the same trailer park, called South Park, near Miami's Cuban neighborhood.

They eventually meet then merge into "trailer trash" at first, but then they morph into The Moroccan Teabaggers shortly after drinking copious amounts of Budweiser.

The Keystone Kops eventually surround the South Park trailer park, where they astutely cut off the gas and electricity.

Glory be, The Moroccan Teabaggers surrender, whereupon everyone watching switches their TV back to the channel hosting a docudrama on the "afraid-of-Muslims" South Park (not the trailer park) series, where the current program is entitled "Why Don't The Moroccan Teabaggers Commit Suicide Like The Anthrax Terrorist Did?".

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

MOMCOM: The Private Parts

The Arms of American Empire
The author of the book "Private Empire", two time Pulitzer winner Steve Coll, was interviewed on Rachel Maddow of MSNBC last evening.

A video of that interview is provided at the end of this post.

The title of Steve Coll's book can be a bit misleading, because to some readers it may signify that Big Dirty Oil (the "O" in MOMCOM) is a purely private empire, fully detached from the concept of public institutions of government in every way.

Not only is that not the author's intent, but nothing could be further from the truth, as depicted in the photo above.

The photo is used to illustrate the undisputed, but not well understood, American DNA characteristic: "the civil government controls the military". The exercise, then, in terms of understanding who controls that vast military, is to understand who controls the civil government.

Coll's heavily researched book backs up Dredd Blog's long-time characterization of the exercise of power in Western Civilization with the Dredd Blog caricature of "MOMCOM" (Military Oil Media Complex).
The Ways of Bernays

Why we gave up the old notion of "MIC" (Military Industrial Complex), as explained in the Dredd Blog post "MOMCOM: Mean Welfare Queen", is because it is so yesterday, it is so 1950's reality.

Furthermore, the dynamics of propaganda have evolved a 21st Century Fox persona now, as was shown in the post "The Ways of Bernays".

So, when we look at the psychological dynamics created and put into play by MOMCOM, in the last ~100 years, we find that in general, Americans have a belief system that sees government as a parent.

In the best of times that parent-government is seen as an ever vigilant entity bent on taking care of American needs, as discussed in the Dredd Blog posts: "Security: Familyland, Fatherland, or Homeland?", "In Loco Parentis & Parens Patriae - 2", and "In Loco Parentis & Parens Patriae".

The historical degeneration of empires informs us that this quasi-utopian notion Americans have is quite dangerous.

One illustration is depicted, during the interview in the show below, where the Exxon Valdez oil spill is discussed.

President Bush I sent the Commander of the Coast Guard to Alaska to oversee the clean-up, which evolved into a cover-up.

The Commander told ExxonMobil that he wanted 5,000 people to be hired to help clean the mess up. ExxonMobil said "no way."

The Commander and ExxonMobil both called Bush I to argue their case.

Maddow's interview revealed "who had the say".

There are other examples of Oil Barons telling presidents what to do in the interview.
Obama Encourages Americans To Risk Gulf Toxins

Why do you think President Obama took his two daughters swimming in the Gulf of Mexico during the infamous Deepwater Horizon catastrophe, or why the military presence in Afghanistan may not end until 2024?

That the MOMCOM structure is dangerous is exemplified by author Coll's quote of the CEO of ExxonMobil: "I am not an American company." [ UPDATE: see ExxonMobil goes to Russia ]

In that sense, "globalization" means taking "American" out of the equation, because international dirty oil corporations control governments to satisfy their corporate religion, which is explained by the doctrine "use everything at your disposal to make more and more profits", regardless of the consequences to the citizens.

So, when non-American corporations control American civil government in order to control the military establishment, the military ends up where the oil is, and the final result, when push comes to shove, is oil wars (see The Peak of The Oil Wars - 6).

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Secret Afghanistan Underground

Underground Afghanistan
Past Dredd Blog posts have made an attempt to shed light on what is happening in Afghanistan.

I mean what is really happening under the radar, underground, if you will.

It is a mystery to most of us, so we will speculate based upon the knowledge we have.

The one thing we all do know about the Afghanistan story is that what we are told by McTell News does not pass the smell test, the truth test, and so with President Obama stating, yesterday, that we will stay in Afghanistan until 2024, [surprise, surprise they "lost" the page wink, wink, so here is the Wayback Machine copy] makes it all the more peculiar and mysterious.

Let's consider a few peculiar events that have taken place during Dredd Blog's head scratching over this mystery, beginning with a post from June of 2010:
For those who do not know what Oilah Akbar is, read this post.

When I read the headline "Afghanistan to Start Oil-Licensing" confirmed by Reuters, at first I thought "Afghanistan does not have any oil does it ... Iraq has the oil - right?"

Then I studied up on it a bit and found this old data:
Since the first oil field was discovered in Afghanistan in 1959 ...

The USGS has previously conducted broad regional oil and gas resource assessments of northwestern Afghanistan as part of the Amu Darya basin, most of which is located in Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. These assessments were published by Kingston (1986 and 1990), Masters and others (1995), and Ulmishek (2000).
(USGS [for some inexplicable reason, wink, wink, the gov changed the original page, so here is the page on The Wayback Machine - gotcha gov]).
I found another discussion that took place in the winter of 2001-2002 that had made some rather strong statements about oil in the area:
As the war in Afghanistan unfolds, there is frantic diplomatic activity to ensure that any post-Taliban government will be both democratic and pro-West. Hidden in this explosive geo-political equation is the sensitive issue of securing control and export of the region's vast oil and gas reserves. The Soviets estimated Afghanistan's proven and probable natural gas reserves at 5 trillion cubic feet - enough for the United Kingdom's requirement for two years - but this remains largely untapped because of the country's civil war and poor pipeline infrastructure.

More importantly, according to the U.S. government, "Afghanistan's significance from an energy standpoint stems from its geographical position as a potential transit route for oil and natural gas exports from central Asia to the Arabian Sea."

To the north of Afghanistan lies the Caspian and central Asian region, one of the world's last great frontiers for the oil industry due to its tremendous untapped reserves. The U.S. government believes that total oil reserves could be 270 billion barrels. Total gas reserves could be 576 trillion cubic feet.
(Rethinking Schools, Winter 2001-2002, bold added [if they "lose" this link again wink, wink, here is the Wayback Machine copy]). That shocked me a bit because even though I had heard Afghanistan was important in terms of gas and oil pipelines, it is considered to be a "conspiracy theory".
(Oilah Akbar In Afghanistan, see also Route To Riches). Notice the part about the government changing its website to hide that information, and Dredd Blog retrieving the information from the Wayback Machine.

That tells us that the government does not want us to know about oil and other resources, which tells us that MOMCOM is nefariously scheming.

Another Dredd Blog post considered the drug business that had died out prior to the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan, but was restarted quickly following the invasion:
The poppy cultivation had been almost completely removed from Afghan culture by the time that the invasion took place.

It did not take long for Afghan poppy cultivation to spring up again. By 2002 the spring of poppy cultivation was returning strong.

By 2006 Afghanistan was leading the world in poppy cultivation once again:
U.N. figures to be released in September are expected to show that Afghanistan's poppy production has risen up to 15 percent since 2006 and that the country now accounts for 95 percent of the world's crop, 3 percentage points more than last year, officials familiar with preliminary statistics told The Associated Press.
(Washington Post). An increase in heroin addiction and drug wars was the inevitable result.
(First Day of Spring 2009). Ninety Five percent of the source of heroin was quickly restored, and drug addiction increased ... hmmmm ... the oil drug and the heroin drug all in one location that "needed democracy" really bad. [now we have an opoid epidemic ... gosh who knew?]

Well, there you have it, so speculate away bloggers (hint: it is about broccoli).

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Has The Navy Fallen For The Greatest Hoax?

Rising Ocean Level Hoax?
If the Senator from Kansas were to hear a Navy Admiral at the Pentagon talk about "it," would Senator Inhofe say that the enemy has infiltrated the highest ranks of the Navy?

The video at the bottom of this post depicts an Admiral, who has evidently been subverted by advanced degrees in Oceanography, Meteorology, and Climate Science.

The well educated Admiral believes that global warming is not only inducing climate change, but that it is also causing the ocean level to rise, of all things.

Clearly that conflicts with the guiding wisdom of the august, spiritual, and advanced degrees of knowledge of Senator Inhofe and the Tea Party Majority of the House of Representatives, who are climate change deniers.

Some time back, in February of 2009, Dredd Blog took notice of their fundamental belief system:
Nobel Prize winner and Economics Professor Paul Krugman said recently after hearing Jindal's rebuttal to President Obama's address to congress that the GOP is becoming the party of Beavis & Butthead. Perhaps GOP Senator Inhofe can take some of the blame for that. He infamously said:
As I said on the Senate floor on July 28, 2003, "much of the debate over global warming is predicated on fear, rather than science." I called the threat of catastrophic global warming the "greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people," a statement that, to put it mildly, was not viewed kindly by environmental extremists and their elitist organizations.
(Real Climate). Yes, it is a bit extreme to call the warnings of the greater scientific community "the greatest hoax".

The history of climate science, as well as the history of climate science denial, which infected Inhofe, is presented in this Ecocosmology Blog post that has a video of a university professor giving a lecture on the subject.
(Inhofe, Beavis, & Butthead Need Waders, emphasis added). It is time for GOP Senator Inhofe and the GOP Tea Party to take their Navy back from "environmental extremists and their elitist organizations" before it is too late.

This Navy Admiral even believes that Singapore will no longer be the greatest ocean port, but that a port in Greenland will take that honor, because after the polar ice caps melt in the Arctic, the fabled Northwest Passage will become strategic, and the Panama Canal will become somewhat of a museum piece.

If these fables don't stop, these lefties may even induce the Navy Seals to believe they have taken out Osama Bin Laden for heaven sake!

The Admiral in the video below, once a climate change skeptic, shows how deceived he has become by making the comment that a high level official (Inhofe?) questioned him about why he was so concerned with ocean level rise.

When the Admiral replied that "the Navy has had a policy of building naval ports at sea level", that official replied by anecdote, explaining that he did not want the Navy to fall prey to a scenario that had befuddled him once upon a time.

It seems that after visiting the large San Diego naval facility, the high level official then went to visit the large San Diego Zoo.
You Are Here

When you go into the Zoo "you are given a map of the Zoo", the high official intimated, going on to say that the map has a disturbing "you are here" graphic with an arrow on it, "probably because lefties run these zoos."

The Admiral was somewhat taken aback when the high official went on to explain how that "you are here" arrow thingy led him astray every time he tried to figure out where he was during his entire zoo visit.

"Not to worry," the high official went on to say, "I was able to find my way out of the Zoo just before nightfall, even though the 'you are here' information on the map was deceptive."

He went on to assure the Admiral, "but I don't want the Navy to think there is anything wrong with building ports at sea level, because when these 'environmental extremists and their elitist organizations' tell us that should not be done, we must remember that they are the greatest hoaxers of our time."

As the high official walked away, he lifted his fist in the air and chanted to the Admiral, "tell the environmentalists that the Navy will not bow down to the demands of hoaxers, no, we will always build naval ports at sea level!"

The Admiral's estimates for Arctic ice melt having an impact on ocean level is years old, but he had the right idea.

Even the revised figures have, as usual, once again been found to have been underestimates:
Because current projections of future sea-level rise do not take into account the newly discovered vulnerability of the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf, they should be considered low estimates, said Humbert, the author of a commentary on the two papers published online yesterday by Nature Geoscience.

The news comes two weeks after another study, also published in Nature, concluded that deep, warm ocean currents are driving ice loss in Antarctica. Researchers at the British Antarctic Survey said the warm water that is reaching Antarctica's western coast is carving out the bottoms of the floating ice shelves that help hold back the flow of glaciers in land (ClimateWire, April 26).

That the new papers suggest the same process could begin in the Weddell Sea by the end of the century is a surprise to researchers who have long considered the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf to be a relatively stable portion of the vast Antarctic ice sheet.

"This particular paper takes another part of West Antarctica that is generally thought of to be very safe and demonstrates that is not at all the case," said David Holland, an oceanographer at New York University.

"The word I would use myself is 'shocking,'" he said. "It doesn't mean this will happen this century, but these papers present the realistic possibility that it will."
(Scientific American). The most common occurrence in the calculation of polar ice melt and sea level rise is underestimation.

Monday, April 30, 2012

The City Limits of Their-Topia

Bob Dylan To Receive Medal of Freedom
The word utopia (Gk. 'ou' = no, 'topos' = place) literally means "no where."

Thus, "Their-Topia" means "their place", which Bob Dylan has been singing about for 5 decades.

He will receive the Medal of Freedom at the White House.

The right-wing has never liked Bob Dylan because he exposes them, which is why we feature his work a lot here on Dredd Blog.

We haven't stopped even though we have been accused of being stuck in the sixties (e.g. War Is The Highway 61 Of The 1%, Happy Birthday Bob Dylan, Bob Dylan's New "Non-Mystical" Album).

The antithesis of Dylan's work is the work of Ayn Rand: Patron Saint of The Plutocracy (a.k.a. Patron Saint of Their-Topia), so I am glad the Medal of Freedom is being awarded to Mr. Bob Dylan, instead of the poet laureate of MOMCOM.

The lyrics to this song are here.