Friday, July 13, 2018

The Shapeshifters of Bullshitistan - 15

Bigly Tommy
Regular Dredd Blog readers are the type that probably watched the Tray Gawdy and Gohmer Gohmert Circus yesterday.

It took place in two Howse of Shame's Lack-of-Intelligence Committees because they could not gen up enough shame acting alone in their own singular phony hearts club committees.

So they group-groped into a mindless-meld hearing together, ostensibly to bully "the one man" who had for some 25 years practiced the art of herding foreign spies into the hoosegow (where some former members of The Shapeshifters of Bullshitistan now reside, or soon enough will).

These two dorks (Tray Gawdy and Gohmer Gohmert) are not yet members of The Shapeshifters of Bullshitistan (The Shapeshifters of Bullshitistan, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14).

Gawdy and Gohmert are only wannabe sychophants at the moment (Beware of the Sycophant Epidemic, 2).

However, after yesterday's performance where "the one man" admirably stood up to them, The Don, The ConWay, and The Banners may just vote Tray Gawdy and Gohmer Gohmert into their swamp.

The Gawdy, as chairpunk of the committee that was afraid to take on "the one man" by himself, took two and a half years to search high and low for Ben Gawdy, his phantom bubba, but all he found was nothing.

Yet His Gawdiness was quick to accuse "the one man" of utterly corrupting the search for The Rusher Graduates of The Don's skool (The Donald University vs. The Lord GOP University), even though only about one year into the Mueller investigation plenty of those Rusher Grads are already convicted and/or indicted.

And even more Rusher Grads are going to be convicted and/or indicted.

But that is not as trumpy as Gohmer Gohmert's chastisement of "the one man" for alleged marital infidelity and lying on a scale that could challenge the existing record held by The Liar / Porn-Hoarder in Chief.

Gohmert is not adept at much beyond bullshit, especially when it comes to not bringing up the things that The Don is famous for.

Gohmert seems to be on high grade hypocrisy steroids (very much like Rudy Poot, the 'Murkan Pootie Poot).

Maybe that is why one of the members of the committees (in the high-skool-bleacher-looking structure hovering over "the one man") yelled to Gohmert: "You need to take your meds!"

I am talking about when Gohmert was "preaching like The Don" to "the one man" about marital infidelity.

I mean, imagine Gohmert saying that to The Don, who pays zillions to cover up his bigly misuse of his little hands while married (The Shapeshifters of Bullshitistan - 12).

Is it any wonder that George Wills, who has not gone "batshit crazy" (Senator Lindsey Graham), tells everyone to vote for democrats in the upcoming election?

I guess George Wills, the famous Republican op-ed columnist, knows that it is the only way to stop Pootie Poot from becoming Donald Dump's daddy for life.

UPDATE (Helsinki Summit): The Helsinki thingy was the first step in "daddy for life" according to the uproar that took place a few days after this post was published (Helsinki summit becomes new flashpoint for GOP anger).

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Ode to the Gawdy-Gohmert clown show:

Ode to The Trumplican Religion:

Monday, July 9, 2018

The World According To Measurements - 15

Fig. 1
Fig. 2
Fig. 3
In a recent post that shows (with source code provided) the unique nature of water, I wrote:
"I am going to expand this software logic to the WOD in situ measurements database so as to see how it applies in different parts of the world ocean."
(Proof of Concept - 10). Today I am showing the results of accomplishing that task.

I use the TEOS-10 library functions to accomplish another way to detect volume change.

Originally I had used the general formula: "ΔV = V0 β ΔT or V1 = V0 * β * (T0 - T1)" to calculate thermosteric volume changes (Golden 23 Zones Meet TEOS-10).

That formula has advantages in that it relates to a large body of seawater.

One disadvantage is that it is not a TEOS-10 formula, but it is a common formula for calculating volume change due to temperature change.

Further, all of the variables in it are calculated using TEOS-10 functions (ibid).

Today's graphs are generated completely with values computed using only TEOS-10 functions (except for the PSMSL tide gauge pane on each graph).

The function  gsw_specvol (SA, CT, P) calculates volume changes in a cubic meter of seawater ( m3 / kg ) using TEOS-10 values: Absolute Salinity (SA), Conservative Temperature (CT), and pressure (P).

Those TEOS-10 values are calculated from the in situ WOD Measurements recorded in their vast database.

Three depth-layer depictions are made using data from 0-700 m (Fig. 1), >700m - 2000m (Fig. 2), and >2000 m (Fig. 3).

(Note that "m" means meters.)

The take-home is that once again the measurements show that all the fresh water entering the ocean from the melting of the vast ice sheets is impacting temperatures, salinities, and volume at different amounts at different depth levels.

Today's graphs use all WOD in situ measurements, so, in the future I may add graphs of the hemispheres, the layers, and perhaps even individual zones.

Stay tuned.

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