Friday, February 22, 2013

The Warsters Revert To Type - 2

Regular readers know I like to look back to posts of years ago.

It is positive in the sense that we can see how things of a certain nature resist change.

The urge for war and the resistance to war are two things that hang around.

Perhaps James Madison was correct when he labeled war as a social disease that leads to a whole host of other social diseases (The Greatest Source Of Power Toxins?).

Here is the text of the post from today's date in 2009:

Have you heard that it was WWII that ended the "great" depression?

Have you heard that climate change will lead to world war? Or that invading a sovereign nation to bring them "democracy" is a good thang?

Or even that nukes really are not off the table because their use can save lives?

That crazy talk is everywhere just like "the housing market will continue to grow and values will continue to increase" was sorta recently.

You can always tell people who are spouting such nonsense, but you can't tell them much. They know it all.

And once their fallacies are so exposed and so naked (like now) they will act as if they never said what they said for all those years and years.

Bottom line, these warsters are wrong to begin now to generate the propaganda that the only way out is world war.

Like I said before, the real solution is for us to invade ourselves.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Continent Found - Garbage Gyre II - 4

Believe Oil-Qaeda or your lying Eyes?
The plastics industry, a subsidiary of Oil-Qaeda, has been upset by posts on Dredd Blog over the years that expose their psychopathic state of mind.

It disturbs the priests, mullahs, and other deceivers of Oil-Qaeda that some of those Dredd Blog posts have used the words "continent", "ocean", and "garbage" in the same title, sentence, and/or paragraph in a manner which reveals the true terroristic nature of Oil-Qaeda.

Before getting into the posts that got their Oilah-Akbar up, take a look at a partial list of the products they make from dirty fossil fuels, a.k.a. dirty oil:
Solvents, Diesel fuel, Motor Oil, Bearing Grease, Ink, Floor Wax, Ballpoint Pens, Football Cleats, Upholstery, Sweaters, Boats, Insecticides, Bicycle Tires, Sports Car Bodies, Nail Polish, Fishing lures, Dresses, Tires, Golf Bags, Perfumes, Cassettes, Dishwasher parts, Tool Boxes, Shoe Polish, Motorcycle Helmet, Caulking, Petroleum Jelly, Transparent Tape, CD Player, Faucet Washers, Antiseptics, Clothesline, Curtains, Food Preservatives, Basketballs, Soap, Vitamin Capsules, Antihistamines, Purses, Shoes, Dashboards, Cortisone, Deodorant, Footballs, Putty, Dyes, Panty Hose, Refrigerant, Percolators, Life Jackets, Rubbing Alcohol, Linings, Skis, TV Cabinets, Shag Rugs, Electrician's Tape, Tool Racks, Car Battery Cases, Epoxy, Paint, Mops, Slacks, Insect Repellent, Oil Filters, Umbrellas, Yarn, Fertilizers, Hair Coloring, Roofing, Toilet Seats, Fishing Rods, Lipstick, Denture Adhesive, Linoleum, Ice Cube Trays, Synthetic Rubber, Speakers, Plastic Wood, Electric Blankets, Glycerin, Tennis Rackets, Rubber Cement, Fishing Boots, Dice, Nylon Rope, Candles, Trash Bags, House Paint, Water Pipes, Hand Lotion, Roller Skates, Surf Boards, Shampoo, Wheels, Paint Rollers, Shower Curtains, Guitar Strings, Luggage, Aspirin, Safety Glasses, Antifreeze, Football Helmets, Awnings, Eyeglasses, Clothes, Toothbrushes, Ice Chests, Footballs, Combs, CD's & DVD's, Paint Brushes, Detergents, Vaporizers, Balloons, Sun Glasses, Tents, Heart Valves, Crayons, Parachutes, Telephones, Enamel, Pillows, Dishes, Cameras, Anesthetics, Artificial Turf, Artificial limbs, Bandages, Dentures, Model Cars, Folding Doors, Hair Curlers, Cold cream, Movie film, Soft Contact lenses, Drinking Cups, Fan Belts, Car Enamel, Shaving Cream, Ammonia, Refrigerators, Golf Balls, Toothpaste, Gasoline ...
(A Closer Look At MOMCOM's DNA - 2). That post also points out that petroleum is also in Twinkies of all things, so, as it turns out we are never out of sight of that which addicts us to the machinations of the terrorists of Oil-Qaeda.

Going back to the first post of that series Dredd Blog pointed out:
... the current reign of plastic is bad because the leaders in the plastic industry are hooked on petroleum.
(A Closer Look At MOMCOM's DNA). An LA Times article which was linked to in that Dredd Blog post says:
Just as America is addicted to oil, it's positively hooked on plastic.

Americans rely on plastic made from crude oil and natural gas in virtually every aspect of our lives — from soda bottles to car parts to toys. And yet even as the Gulf Coast oil disaster is causing more Americans to rethink their dependency on petroleum, we're doing a poor job of reusing the plastic we already have.
(Plastics). In the post The Peak of Health And The Peak of Oil we pointed out that medicine capsules, syringes, medical devices, foods, and a host of other health related items are made from or are dependent upon the dirty oil addiction civilization is victim to.

This is the gist of it: a) Oil-Qaeda has brought us to the terrifying point where we are addicted to oil and the many products made from it; b) oil is a finite substance; c) it will become more expensive as it begins to become more scarce; d) it is causing pollution that is destroying the life on planet Earth; and e) therefore the terrifying truth is that Oil-Qaeda is in the business of destroying civilization as we know it.

Here is some additional background of previous posts on Dredd Blog which outrage the terror masters of Oil-Qaeda, because those posts focus on the affects to the ocean: Garbage Garbage Garbage (3/09), New Continent Found - Garbage Gyre II (8/09), New Continent Found - Garbage Gyre II - 2, New Continent Found - Garbage Gyre II - 3, and see also Why is the world's biggest landfill in the Pacific Ocean?.

It is time for Oil-Qaeda to be dismantled, its architects punished, and for civilization to return to sanity.

The word "continent" in the context Dredd Blog has used it in these series, obviously was not intended to mean a land mass of garbage.

The word "gyre" means a circling ocean current that traps garbage within it, and to an honest broker using the two words in context, would not be too difficult to figure out that the two together means the same as the latin that the word "continent" is derived from: "something that serves as a container or boundary."

In that continuing context, yet another continent of ocean garbage has been recently found:
Samples were collected every 50 nautical miles westward to Easter Island, then onward to Pitcairn Island, totaling 48 samples along a 2424 nautical mile straight-line transect. Eriksen selected the route based on an ocean current model developed by Nikolai Maximenko (University of Hawaii, Honolulu) that predicts accumulation zones for floating debris. The research team recorded increased density of plastic pollution with an average of 26,898 particles per square kilometer, and a high of 396,342 km/m2 in the center of the predicted accumulation zone. This confirms the existence of yet another oceanic ‘garbage patch.’
(A New Garbage Patch Discovered, emphasis added). Since Dredd Blog began this series some years ago Oil-Qaeda is telling stories all around the Internet which try to cover-up the horrid reality of the ongoing demise of the oceans, from Oil-Qaeda's plastics to Oil-Qaeda's green house gases.

The videos below show what is visible at times from space, whether by infrared, by subsurface-radar, or within the visible light spectrum.

The next post in this series is here, the previous post in this series is here.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Future: A Myth or a Result?

Scientists tell us that because of cause and effect the future is the result of what we did yesterday, and what we will do today.

Western industrialists have always wanted to mass-produce the future.

Environmentalists have always wanted to preserve the future by preserving the Earth each day.

The warmongers have always wanted to endanger the future like it was one of the 200 species made extinct each day in the present world.

Climate scientists, environmentalists, ecologists, and others tell us that we cannot have a future in the form of a comfortable civilization if Oil-Qaeda is allowed to continue to terrorize the possibility of our existence with its toxic drugs: fossil fuels.

The book depicted above, The Future, written by Vice President Al Gore, tries to tell us what we have to do and need to do to make sure we get there in one piece:
Ours is a time of revolutionary change that has no precedent in history. With the same passion he brought to the challenge of climate change, and with his decades of experience on the front lines of global policy, Al Gore surveys our planet’s beclouded horizon and offers a sober, learned, and ultimately hopeful forecast in the visionary tradition of Alvin Toffler’s Future Shock and John Naisbitt’s Megatrends. In The Future, Gore identifies the emerging forces that are reshaping our world: Ever-increasing economic globalization ... worldwide digital communications, Internet, and computer revolutions ... The balance of global political, economic, and military power is shifting ... A deeply flawed economic compass ... Genomic, biotechnology, neuroscience, and life sciences revolutions ... There has been a radical disruption of the relationship between human beings and the earth’s ecosystems ...
(The Future, Random House; cf. video below). VP Gore is Mr. Nice Guy, but the rest of this post will be without Mr. Nice Guy.

What is needed is immediate criminal prosecutions of Oil-Qaeda in place of the much-ado-about-nothing imaginary al-Qaeda, a minor league player when compared to the worldwide professional killing machine that Oil-Qaeda has become (Oil-Qaeda: The Indictment).

Regular readers know that Dredd Blog has mapped out the mindless, senseless, suicidal, murderous, and ecocidal path we have been taken down by Oil-Qaeda (The Peak of Sanity - 5).

Lately, one of Oil-Qaeda's favorite propaganda stupors is to blame the victim, blame the people of the world for purchasing their product.

It is easy for them to blame because they have allegiance to no single nation (MOMCOM: The Private Parts - 3).

Their glib, smug, cowardly, and dishonest blaming of the victim should prompt anger that builds into a firestorm of prosecutions (Is 'Insanity' A Valid Defense To Ecocide? - 3).

Oil-Qaeda is a murder-suicide type of cult masking as rational human beings (MOMCOM's Mass Suicide & Murder Pact - 5).

Their history has been traced to some extent (A History of Oil Addiction - 4).

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Virgin MOMCOM - 7

Four Horsepeople of the Apocalypse
David and Michael put together a great book, and then got together with Rachel to put together a slam dunk documentary which was presented last night on MSNBC.

I am speaking of the book Hubris, written by David Corn and Michael Isikoff, as well as the related documentary narrated by Rachel Maddow of the MSNBC nightly The Rachel Maddow Show.

The book and documentary, as far as I am concerned, really beg the question: why are the warmongers so zealous for war?

Regular readers know that Dredd Blog has wrestled with that question during a series posted on this blog which has presented shocking material that in fact does answer the question as far as the military religion in America is concerned (The Virgin MOMCOM-6, The Virgin MOMCOM-5, The Virgin MOMCOM-4, The Virgin MOMCOM-3, The Virgin MOMCOM-2, and The Virgin MOMCOM).

In a related series named by a work of George Orwell, focusing on other aspects of religion, we likewise saw that the religious underpinnings of warmongering in the United States is ubiquitous and murderous (On The Origin of The Bully Religion - 3, On The Origin of The Bully Religion - 2, On The Origin of The Bully Religion).

The surprising knowledge that we come away with, concerning this very powerful psychological dynamic that we call religious zeal, can be readily seen in its much greater grandeur if we observe religious practices that are not part of our everyday lives.

So, for an example let's look to another popular religious practice in the largest or most populous democracy on Earth:
The Kumbh Mela is an ancient pilgrimage festival that happens once every three years, rotating across four locations in India. The largest of these riverside fairs happens every 12 years in Allahabad at the confluence of two rivers, Ganga and Yamuna. On its opening day in January 2013, I was among its estimated ten million visitors. During the 6-8 weeks it lasts, tens of millions come to bathe in these rivers — as a meritorious act to cleanse body and soul — making it the largest gathering of humanity on the planet.
(River of Faith, 3QuarksDaily, emphasis added). A video about that mass gathering of religious zealots in the democracy of India is presented at the bottom of the article quoted from.

There is a certain amount of mystery involved in the beliefs that cause "the largest gathering of humanity on the planet", and there is also a certain amount of mystery in the hubris displayed when a supposed peaceful nation is lied into war by its own religious warmongers.

In yesterday's post we concentrated on one aspect of the religious hubris that is part of this heady religious brew:
What interests me here is that highlighted claim: that the US "is the greatest country in world history", and therefore is entitled to do that which other countries are not.

This declaration always genuinely fascinates me. Note how it's insufficient to claim the mere mantle of Greatest Country on the Planet. It's way beyond that: the Greatest Country Ever to Exist in All of Human History (why not The Greatest Ever in All of the Solar Systems?).

The very notion that this distinction could be objectively or even meaningfully measured is absurd. But the desire to believe it is so strong, the need to proclaim one's own unprecedented superiority so compelling, that it's hardly controversial to say it despite how nonsensical it is. The opposite is true: it has been vested with the status of orthodoxy.
(On The Peak of Intelligence - 3, quoting G. Greenwald). What can one expect when Americans are brought up from the cradle to the grave being taught this article of faith with religious fervor?

Is it really a surprise that they then end up believing it like the people who believe the bath in the river cleanses them mind, heart, body, and soul?

People will drift in their attempt to moor themselves to an understanding of this religious dynamic if they forget that religion is not the stuff of proof, it is the stuff of "faith":
The basis of something that has never been seen, never been felt, never been measured, but a lot of people believe exists anyway, is faith:
Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. This is what the ancients were commended for. By faith we understand that the universe was formed ... so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible ...
(Bible, Hebrews 11:1, emphasis added). What is seen in our universe by scientists is called matter. No faith needed.
(Rebel Science: The Dark Matter of Faith). Mr. Greenwald grasped it, as pointed out by the quote above, nevertheless, it is still "unbelievable" to those who have not succumbed to the powers of the warmonger religion.

Finally, lying (spin, propaganda) is also a tenet of the warmonger religion, which means that when they lie to us to get into a war, by which they profit greatly, in their faith they believe that they are still serving their god or gods:
D. Michael Quinn called the use of deception by LDS church leaders, "theocratic ethics." (The Mormon Hierarchy: Origins of Power, page 112) Smith lied to protect himself or the church; which was an extension of himself. Dan Vogel in his excellent work, Joseph Smith: The Making of a Prophet, described Smith's viewpoint; he was a pious deceiver. Smith used deception if in his mind; it resulted in a good outcome. Smith had Moroni, an ancient American prophet and custodian of the gold plates declare, "And whatsoever thing persuadeth men to do good is of me; for good cometh of none save it be of me. ( Moroni 4:11-12). Translation: if deception was necessary to do good, or bring a soul to Christ, then it was worth it, as long as God approves. Smith believed he knew when God approved of lying.
(The Homeland: Big Brother Plutonomy - 6). Whatever it takes, they seek only to quench their thirst for war.

So lying to us, using our tax dollars to pay for the experts who write lying words, is considered to be done to help us (The Ways of Bernays).

The next post in this series is here, the previous post in this series is here.

Lyrics of a warmonger-rock band can be viewed here.

Why do these warriors kill more of themselves than their imagined enemies do?

Yes, self suicide is their big killer, not the enemies Oil-Qaeda imagines for them.

Monday, February 18, 2013

On The Peak of Intelligence - 3

Daryl and his other brother Daryl
It can happen even without the radical idea from the scientific gentleman, Dr. Ernst Mayr, who said that human intelligence is a fatal mutation in the evolutionary stream of things.

It can happen when one takes on the journey to find the doors into the realm of intelligence lately, because the journey has been ending up at a convenience store.

A convenience store alongside a path that is filled with a lot of other mystery along the way too.

It can happen when you find out that "the doors into the realm of intelligence" is a notion included in the reason for the journey made famous by books and movies, which were eventually named "Alice In Wonderland", or something close to that.

Yes, intelligent shit can happen.

For some human mothers, sometimes "intelligence" is the essence of her sweetest child, the one who gives her a lot less crap than the other kids, and to some other mothers it is the child who wins the spelling bee, and so it goes.

Dads, of course, have a different format for finding the doors into the realm of intelligence, but I digress.

One of the greater mysteries one can encounter on this path is the realization that finding the doors into the realm of intelligence is not one of the priorities of the political facets of government.

Unless of course one opens a door labeled "intelligence" only to find CIA headquarters just inside ("headquarters" always caused me to envision a bedroom were all of the "heads" inside were lying on a bed in a stupor caused by violent plans and schemes).

The Alice in Wonderland series was rife with conflicting, and sometimes confusing, imagery and ideology, even if it was cool to watch.

Straight out of the gate in this series I tried to keep a lot of that type of confusion and conflicting energy to a minimum:
The first post in this series took some time to explain that intelligence and sanity are not the same concept.

A person can be quite intelligent and quite insane at the same time, and so can civilization.

Some recent research efforts have resulted in scientific data that further complicate our concept of "intelligence."

Especially the concept that intelligence exists only in the conscious mind of humanity.
(On The Peak of Intelligence - 2). I think the picture of Einstein in the post "What Kind of Intelligence Is A Lethal Mutation?", and the subsequent discussion therein, takes us in a useful direction.

One lovable "radical" recently elaborated on other issues that pass for intelligence, but in fact may not be intelligence:
What interests me here is that highlighted claim: that the US "is the greatest country in world history", and therefore is entitled to do that which other countries are not.

This declaration always genuinely fascinates me. Note how it's insufficient to claim the mere mantle of Greatest Country on the Planet. It's way beyond that: the Greatest Country Ever to Exist in All of Human History (why not The Greatest Ever in All of the Solar Systems?).

The very notion that this distinction could be objectively or even meaningfully measured is absurd. But the desire to believe it is so strong, the need to proclaim one's own unprecedented superiority so compelling, that it's hardly controversial to say it despite how nonsensical it is. The opposite is true: it has been vested with the status of orthodoxy.
(American Exceptionalism, by G. Greenwald, emphasis added). As you can imagine, he goes on down that path of mystery, that search for the doors of intelligence, looking at perplexing / conflicting oceans of evidence to the contrary on the left and on the right, along the way of his post.

Great stuff.

Meanwhile, a new intelligence gathering satellite (of the other kind of intelligence) has found that the Arctic Ice Cap is down:
CryoSat-2 measures ice volume using a high-resolution synthetic aperture radar altimeter, which fires pulses of microwave energy down towards the ice. The energy bounces off both the top of sections of ice and the water in the cracks in between. The difference in height between these two surfaces let scientists calculate the freeboard – the height of ice above the water – and then the volume of the ice.

The findings are the result of a huge international collaboration between teams from UCL, the European Space Agency, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the University of Washington, York University, Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Morgan State University and the University of Maryland.

The team confirmed CryoSat-2 estimates of ice volume using measurements from three independent sources – aircraft, moorings, and NASA's Operation IceBridge.
(Cryo-Sat 2 Mission). Let's not discuss this further until we compare these words with another way of describing those findings:
The sharp drop in Arctic sea ice area has been matched by a harder-to-see, but equally sharp, drop in sea ice thickness. The combined result has been a collapse in total sea ice volume — to one fifth of its level in 1980.
(Arctic Death Spiral Bombshell, emphasis added). Regular readers of Dredd Blog know that along the road to the doors of intelligence, there are lots of such bombshells (see How Fifth Graders Calculate Ice Volume).

Perhaps we should consider "The Life and Death of Bright Things" along our path to find the doors of intelligence.

The previous post in this series is here.

Some doors of intelligence: