Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Fingerprints of Victims Matter

Fingerprints of Victims?
Something someone says can trigger an epiphany in us from time to time.

Regular commenter Randy did so recently here.

He pointed out the concept that the "golden 23" are not as important as the "golden victims," as it were.

In other words, the sea ports in the cross hairs of the marching armies of Greenland and Antarctica are what we need to know about (Weekend Rebel Science Excursion - 44).

It is like the series "Person of Interest" where the principals in that series are mostly interested in protecting those who are targeted (those "whose number is up") for death, avoiding the perpetrators of that pending death, if possible.
"Two if by sea"

Regular readers who know, and who will listen or hear, understand that a warning is worth something.

At least in the sense that they will have a chance to not be caught off guard when their local sea port is damaged or destroyed by the invasion (Greenland & Antarctica Invade The United States, 2, 3, 4).

Sea level change (SLC) is the non-intuitive case where fingerprinting the victims is more important than fingerprinting the perpetrators (if we were fingerprinting the epiPerpetrators, the epiGovernment, the real invaders, we would be arresting Oil-Qaeda, not Greenland or Antarctica).

That epiphany changed the direction of the current SLC software model, so that, rather than fingerprinting "the patsy," we are going to change the spirit of it into a software model for the sole benefit of the victims.

Continue to have a good weekend everyone.

I am.

We need more carpenters ...

Friday, September 25, 2015

Calling All Cars: The Case of the "Missing Six"

Fig. 1 Dr. Mitrovica's Presentation Slide
I am going to share the information I have about the "missing" six stations.

They are "missing" from my knowledge, but not from the knowledge of Dr. Mitrovica who presented them in the video.

The slide at Fig. 1 is from his video which I am posting for the last time, hopefully, as a reference point (in future posts, I should resort to referring to a link to a previous post, which has the video displayed, and say "see the video here").

Anyway, the identity of the "Golden 23" (Fig. 1 & Fig. 2) is an important step before I splice the already written projection logic / code into the new SLC model.

Fig. 2 The "Golden 23" locations
Good scientists analyzed a number of factors before settling on those 23 tide gauge station records for use in sea level change (SLC) work.

I am deferring to them instead of selecting a particular number, because I have great respect and appreciation for their good work.

Fig. 3 My guesses
At the same time, since all of the data from PSMSL is in a mySQL database, I can refer to any or all of the global stations anyt ime that might be interesting in some experimenting around.

It is just that fewer golden moving parts are preferable most of the time, especially in projection scenarios.

The list with the "missing" names (Fig. 3) is not a mystery case.

It is a case where I could not find them clearly listed in the papers I talked about yesterday (The Cause of this is Unknown).

Nor can I discern them all in the fuzzy slide given in the video of the presentation Professor Mitrovica gave.

I listed the station names (which I think I discern) on the list I made by using a screen capture of the slide in the video, then rotating it in a graphics editor.

The unclear names are at slots 5,7,10,18,19, and 20.

 I think that the locations of the six (Fig. 2) are most likely: 1) the station at the intersection of Central & S. America, 2)  the two stations near the southern border of Brazil, or the northern part of the coast of Argentina, 3) a station in New Zealand (#10 on the list I think), 4) N.W. Africa, and 5) European and/or N.W. Mediterean areas.

I will continue to work on the six names too.

It is just that I don't want to pay a lot of money to acquire the scientific papers authored by Dr. Jerry Mitrovica, Dr. Natalya Gomez, and/or Dr. Carling Hay, which probably have in them a list those tide gauge station names.

Mark Harmon mentioned an acquaintance here who may have free access to those papers as an academic.

This weekend I am going to begin the modification to the model.

A good weekend to all.

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

"The Cause of this is Unknown"

I am in search of the "golden 23" tidal gauges which speak the holy sea level truth.

My sides are sore from laughter.

The title of this post is taken from a scientific paper written by Bruce C. Douglas (PSMSL Bruce C. Douglas, @ Section 1.8, PDF).

He is or was a good scientist.

One out of the many who Mitrovica noted "did not have a clue" about why the tide gauges did not say the same thing everywhere around the "global mean average sea level" fantasy land of their assumption that the ocean is just a big bathtub or backyard pool that always seeks to be on the "level."

Those tide gauges evidently said different things ("the sea is rising" or "the sea is falling" or "the sea is at the same level as always"), therefore the tide gauges needed to be fixed, or so they said.
Fig. 1

Like the lunatics in congress "fixing" this or that, by way of demented cognition and reasoning of various sorts, they chose lists of good republican tide gauges, or good democrat tide gauges, and the rest be damned.

Some few examples of good scientists lost in the fog (The Good Nine tidal gauges (Auckland, Trieste, Newlyn, Cascais, Honolulu, Balboa, San Diego, Key West, New York); The Good Twenty One or So (Douglas 1991, Table 9): (Aberdeen II, North Shields, Newlyn, Brest, Cascais, Tenerife, Marseille, Genova, Trieste, Honolulu, San Francisco, Balboa, Cristobal, Key West, Charleston I, Hampton Roads, Baltimore, Atlantic City, New York, Portland, Eastport); Another Good 21 or So (Aberdeen I + II, Newlyn, Brest, Cascais, Lagos, Marseille, Genova, Auckland II, Lyttelton II, Honolulu, La Jolla, Los Angeles, Charleston I, Fernandina, Galveston II, Miami Beach, Key West, Eastport, Newport, Halifax, Annapolis, Solomon's Islands, Stavanger, Kobenhavn , Nedre Gavle, NW North America, Victoria, Neah Bay, Seattle).

Fig. 2
It is like "why is the sea rising or falling" (Washington Edu)?

You get my drift.

So now, finally, sea level fingerprints are the rage  ... you know, "book 'em Dano." (NASA SLC fingerprints, Physics World sea level change fingerprinting).

Fig. 3
Those bad tidal gauges really messed us up, huh?

Anyway, since the direction of those in the know is that sea level is anything but level, I am getting closer to discerning "the golden 23" that Mitrovica talked about (but will not give me their names by answering my email).

Fig. 4
The good news is that I only have six more stations, out of the 23, to figure out.

Then I will possess the holy grail (The Pillars of Knowledge: Faith and Trust?).

Fig. 5

Oh, by the by, the graphs Fig. 1 - Fig. 3 are from the East Coast, where sea level is rising, unlike the Alaska coast where sea level is dropping (Proof of Concept - 2).

Except for Hawaii, shown in Fig. 4 and Fig. 5, which is Polynesian.

Which is democrat, so their tide gauges are going with the sea level rise thingy, you know, the East Coast "Catholic stuff."


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Proof of Concept - 2

Fig. 1 SQL query on PSMSL data
I. Background

The high energy readers of this blog, every once in a while, need to see a strong revelation into the type and standard of evidence Dredd Blog uses.

I tend to think that I use reliable evidence, however, in order that readers get what they expect and deserve, today's post is a display of why I think the information I tend to use reliable.

This is an obligation that all bloggers have to readers, so the readers know where bloggers are coming from, and so readers do not waste their time.
Fig. 2 Ready for graphing

So, today I will deal with one of those things Professor Mitrovica of Harvard described as "the most counter-intuitive" research results in his career.

The basic issue is sea level fall (SLF) when everyone is talking about sea level rise (SLR), especially in the area of today's discussion, a place where sea level is dropping, but more mysteriously, a place where they don't seem to know why (Southern Alaskan sea levels defy worldwide trends).

In other words, "the whole world is talking about sea level rise but we aren't getting any."

If they read this post, perhaps they will forego becoming deniers.

We can hope.
II. The Good Stuff

Let's begin at the beginning, an SQL query into tons of data I acquired from the wonderful tide gauge records source PSMSL, then placed into a mySQL database on one of my computers (Fig. 1 click on any graphic to enlarge).
Fig. 3  Are we done yet?

I then copied it from the terminal screen into a text editor and did some sneaky "find / replace" machinations to convert it into a .csv file (Fig. 2).

Which meant I could then import it into a graph program and generate line graphs aplenty.

The raw display of fields or columns named "lat, highsl, lowsl" (latitude, high sea level, low sea level) was generated as shown in the graph at Fig. 3.

That graph tells us that at some of the latitudes in GeoZone "np" in Alaska, at some of the tide gauge station locations (notably near Lat. 58 W) the has been some serious SLF.

Which ones are they?

III. The Better Stuff

Fig. 4 Fingerprints of Glacier Bay
The readers of Dredd Blog do not have to figure that out using only the raw data discussed so far.

Since we are in a proof of concept mode, involving the ghost of sea level science (SLF), and since Dredd Blog readers are so demanding, I had to go the extra mile folks.

I just had to produce the details in a graph editor, so you did not have to, and then display the results at Fig. 4.

Fig. 5 Yep, definitely SLF
I labelled the strong SLF area  (Yakutat, Skagway, Juneau). and areas west and south of there, which are further away from the ice masses (Sitka, Ketchikan, Prince Rupert).

Fig. 6 Yep, definitely SLF
For the other stations returned in the SQL query, I placed their station number on the graph, which you can double check with a comparison to Fig. 1, which has their identity data displayed.

I also lined up the latitude numbers, located at the bottom of the graph, to the tide gauge station numbers for each of the latitudes shown.

The bottom line is that this data confirms the fingerprint hypothesis, confirms that fingerprint sea level change (SLC) science is for real, and the software and database are useful tools for future inquiries.

IV. Conclusion

In the previous post I included a graph of the years of records concerning the tide gauge station at Yakutat, so in Fig. 5 and Fig. 6, I did so for Skagway and Juneau as well.

There is no doubt about the evidence used on Dredd Blog for the benefit of all Dredd Blog readers.

At your service.

The next post in this series is here, the previous post in this series is here.

Dr. Jerry Mitrovica on the fingerprints of SLC:

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

New Type of SLC Detection Model - 4

Fig. 1 Down to Three
In the final analysis the GeoZones "aa" - "br" were not the best way to set up the grid.

Too many squares (New Type of SLC Detection Model - 4).

It is down to 3 zones now.

They are: 1) "np" which is the North Polar Area, ("49th parallel" or Lat. 49 N. to the North Pole); 2) "sp" the South Polar Area (-60 deg. S. to the South Pole), and, 3) "eq" the area in between, with the Equator at about mid-point.
Fig. 2 SLC (SLR / SLF)

It also matches the three-zone concept of the scientists who fashioned them according to primary ice mass locations.

The graphs displayed below (Fig. 3 - Fig. 6) show one example of how they finger trends easier than the 38 smaller zones did.

The same number of stations are used in this concept as I was working with after culling and discontinuing irrelevant stations.

There are 151 stations in the "np" zone, 1 in the "sp" zone, and 337 in the "eq" zone (489 total).

I don't know if more tidal gauges can be used in the "sp" zone (look on Fig. 1 to find it ... int is basically ice-surrounded Antarctica).

The one gauge in that vast area is "ARGENTINE ISLANDS" at Lat. -65.2462311, Lon. -64.2574158.

Fig. 3 Lows and Highs
I discovered that, in the "np" zone the sea level fall (SLF) is taking place at certain latitudes

Notice on Fig. 3, that the low sea levels are between about 55 deg. N and 60. deg. N. latitude.

That is the area of Glacier Bay and the other Southeastern Alaska Range glaciers where there is a lot of land ice mass.

The bottom third of Fig. 2 shows that area to be the prime area for SLF as the glaciers and mountain ice flows into the Gulf of Mexico.
Fig. 4 Mean Lows and Highs

Thus we have a clear fingerprint, a clear indication that they are and have been very busy melting and calving for some time (Proof of Concept).

It is much easier to detect with the zones down to three, and those zones in sync with the only three SLF zones on the globe.

Fig. 5 Mean Average
Only the Arctic, Antarctica, and the Alaska area are expected to be centers of SLF.

All the others are sea level rise (SLR) areas in the normal sense of the dynamics of SLC.

Anyway,, Fig. 5  also has the same finger print, those low sea level points between about Lat. 55 N. and Lat. 60 N.

All of these graphs use the values of all of the 151 tidal stations in the "np" zone, and aggregate their values, so they all tell the same story.
Fig. 6 All 151 "np" stations

The busy Fig. 6 is all of the aggregated values placed on one graph.

It tells the same story about the SLF dynamics being in the same location, which is the Southeastern Alaska region, that contains, among other things, Glacier Bay National Park.

I am now going to tie in the future calculation logic, which was working with the 38 zones, but was not working well enough.

There was just too much mixing of different areas (e.g. Southern California was in the same zone as the East Coast).

Now, all the stations used for a particular purpose will be in the same zone and the zones do not have conflicting member stations now.

Longitude values can be used to group stations in the way they should be with latitude merely separating the major ice zones (Greenland, Antarctica) in polar regions.

Every zone now has all longitudes in it, the zone separation lines now being latitude values.

Zones have their distinct and unique latitudes, but all zones have all of the longitude values (San Diego can be excluded from East Coast computations via longitude now ... it was in zone "al" before as was the East Coast).

I will, hopefully, be able to write some about the future projection logic in a day or two.

If I can tie in the modules that do extensive calculations, rather that the SLC-Lite version, I will.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Monday, September 21, 2015

The Virgin MOMCOM - 9

Virgins and more Virgins
This series is about an empire that presents itself as a virgin (MOMCOM: A Mean Welfare Queen, The Virgin MOMCOM, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8).

But, we all know that if an empire rapes it is no longer a virgin.

Virgins are a "dime a dozen" as they say, because I was a virgin once, you were, and everyone else was too.

But the gist of the concept I am focusing on in this series, is one that contemplates virgin birth.

The virgin MOMCOM sees itself as a virgin empire giving virgin birth to freedom, by eradicating the dirty births and replacing them with MOMCOM births:
The enemy aggressor is always pursuing a course of larceny, murder, rapine and barbarism. We are always moving forward with high mission, a destiny imposed by the Deity to regenerate our victims, while incidentally capturing their markets; to civilise savage and senile and paranoid peoples, while blundering accidentally into their oil wells.
(Doing The Right Thing - Mithraism - 2). Well, you know, the high virgin mission is a destiny "imposed."

BTW, I am still pissed that I lost my virginity.

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And now for some profanity: