Who Reads Dredd Blog

The answer to the question "who reads Dredd Blog" is: every type person from every walk of life in the United States and abroad.

Most countries that bloggers, who read the blog, come from are listed in the graphic to the left, showing their flags (right mouse click then open in new tab to enlarge ... if we missed your country. Note that we will keep updating our visitor list from time to time).

We do not get very specific because of privacy.

But just so you may know the company you keep, below is a list of the kind of folks who have visited here and read Dredd Blog System articles.

Which articles anyone reads is private, and why they read them is unknown.

All we know is that people from the entities listed below do read Dredd Blog posts!

Following is a sample list of actual Dredd Blog System readers grouped into separate sections for ease of use:

Government entities:

Federal / Sovereign:
U.S. Courts (FED); Executive Office of the President (US); Dept. of Homeland Security; Office of Administration - U.S. Courts; Architect of The Capitol (U.S.); U.S. Dept. of Justice; Dept. of Veterans Affairs (U.S.); The Pentagon; U. S. Army Information Systems Command, HQ; Library of Congress, Information Technology Service; U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); Bureau of Economic Analysis; NASA; NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; NASA @ Greenbelt (MD); NASA @ La Crescenta (CA); NASA Glenn Research Center; The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration; U. S. Postal Service; Naval Ocean Systems Center; Navy Network Information Center; U.S. Dept. of Transportation; U.S. Patent and Trademark Office; National Research Council of Canada; Dept. of Housing & Urban Development; Oneida Indian Nation; U. S. Army & Air Force Exchange Services / Barracks; United States Air Force (MD); U.S. House of Representatives; Naval Research Laboratory; 754th Electronic Systems Group; U.S. Office of Personnel Mgmt; U.S. Dept. of Interior Bureau of Land Mgmt; District of Columbia Superior Court; U.S. Geological Survey; Bureau of the Census; The Analysis Corp (Front); Simulyze, Inc (Front); U.S. Dept. of State; U.S. Senate Sergeant At Arms; U. S. Senate; National Institutes of Health; Camp Liberty, Iraq; U.S. Centers For Disease Control; Defense Contract Mgmt. Agency; U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Srvcs; National Park Srvc; Fermilab, Warrenville; Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (IL); U.S. Dept. of Energy; Federal Emergency Mgmt. Agcy. (FEMA); Los Alamos National Lab; U.S. Bureau of Reclamation; Federal Trade Commission; Canadian Dept. of Education; AAFES Barracks Fort Drum; Knolls Atomic Power Lab; Lawrence Berkeley National Lab; Naval Command & Control Ocean Surveillance Center; U.S. Army Logistics Evaluation Agency; National Institute of Standards & Technology; National Renewable Energy Lab; United Nations (UN); United Nations Foundation; Internal Revenue Service (IRS); Social Security Admin; U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Office of Operations; U.S.A.F. Academy (CO); Air Force Information Warfare Center; Federal Communications Commission (FCC); U. S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission; The Supreme Court of The United States; Oak Ridge National Lab; U.S. Government Printing Office; Food And Agriculture Organization of The United Nations; Federal Reserve Board; APO, Armed Forces Europe; National Archives & Records Admin; Dotrspavolpe Center (U.S. DOT); Government of The District of Columbia; Federal Aviation Administration (FAA); National Weather Service; Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community; Federal Occupational Health (HHS); General Services Admin (GSA); U.S. Army Intelligence & Security Command, HQ (USAISC); Province of British Columbia; United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees; Province of Nova Scotia; Dept. of The Treasury (AU); Dept. of Natural Resources & Environment (AU); Victoria Dept. of State & Regional Development (AU); Bermuda Government; Federal National Mortgage Assoc (Fannie Mae); Argonne National Laboratory; Holy See - Vatican City State; Refugee Review Tribunal (AU); Dept. of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (AU); U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service; Atlantic Oceanographic & Meteorological Laboratory; National Science Foundation; Defence Research Establishment (Canada); USGS National Wetlands Research Center; U.S. Dept. of Interior Bureau of Indian Affairs; U.S. Dept. of Labor - OSHA; U.S. Dept. of The Treasury; Bureau of Labor Statistics; Coeur D' Alene Tribe; Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC); Australian Dept. of Defence; Slac National Accelerator Laboratory; Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA); Seminole Tribe of Florida; Public Works & Government Services (Canada); Finance Canada & Treasury Board Secretariat; Ministerie Van Justitie (Netherlands); U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO); U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission; Icelandic Ministry of Education; Department of Sustainability & Environment (AU); Parklawn Computer Center / Dimes HQ (US); Brookhaven National Laboratory; Department of The Interior, Office of The Secretary; Library of Congress; USMC Network Operations Center; European Commission; Commissariat A L'Energie Atomique (FR); New Zealand Inland Revenue - Te Tari Taake; NITC: II Agency, Gov. of Nepal; St. Petersburg State Univ. of Cinema & TV (RU); Dept. of Finance - W. Australia; State of Oregon; U.S. Department of Defense, City of Wilmington (NC); Departamento De Policia Federal (BR); European Patent Office (DE); U.S. Dept. of Defense Network; Department of National Defence (CAN); Dept. of Agriculture & Food - W. Australia; FBI Criminal Justice Information Systems; Administration Cantonale Genevoise (CH); Irish Government (IE); Uk Government Department For Work And Pensions;
State / Province:
New Jersey Office of Telecom; New Jersey Dept. of Transportation; State of New Jersey Dept. of Treasury; State of Wyoming Dept. of Admin. & Info; State of Nebraska / Office of The CIO; Texas State Comptrollers of Public Accounts; Texas Legislative Council; Indiana Dept. of Education; Michigan State Gov; State of Minnesota; Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; South Carolina Budget & Control Board; New York Power Authority; Commonwealth of Kentucky Dept. of Information Systems; Florida Dept. of Labor & Employment; Kentucky Dept. of Education; State of New York, Albany; California Dept. of Corrections; California Dept. of Justice; California Dept. of Water Resources; Commonwealth of Massachusetts; State of Arkansas; State of Tennessee; State of Tennessee Dept. of Education; New York State Health Dept; Oklahoma DOT; State of Georgia (DOAS-CSD); South Dakota State Government; Colorado Gov. Tech. Serv; Southeast Colorado Power Assoc; New York State Dept. of Civil Service; Illinois Secretary of State; Ocean State Higher Education & Administration NE; Teale Data Center, CA; State of South Carolina; Georgia Public Library Service; State of Missouri, Office of Admin; Texas Secretary of State; Wisconsin Dept. of Admin; Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation; Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Dept. of Environmental Resources; Florida Dept of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles; Florida Department of Health; California Judges Assoc; New York State Unified Court System; Florida Dept. of Insurance; Texas General Services Commission; Supreme Court of Virginia; Arizona State Gov.; State of Arizona Dept. of Health Services; Missouri Botanical Garden; State of Maryland; North Dakota State University Computer Center; Alaska Dept. of Transportation & Public Facilities; Alaska State Government; San Andreas Regional Center; Louisiana Office of Telecom Mgmt; Louisiana Board of Regents; State of Connecticut; State of Connecticut Judicial Branch; State of New Mexico; Port Authority of NY & NJ; Real Estate Board of New York; State of Washington - Legislative Service Center; Mississippi Dept. of Education; New York Stock Exchange; Washington State Board For Community & Technical Colleges; State of North Carolina; State of Alabama, Information Services Division; State of Maine; Vermont Dept. of Info & Innovation; Florida Dept. of Health; Louisiana Supreme Court; Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept; State Library of Louisiana; State of Delaware; Oregon State System of Higher Education; New York State Dept. of Taxation & Finance; Florida Dept. of Corrections; Oklahoma; Texas Dept of Mental Health & Mental Retardation; State of Florida; Louisiana State Dept. of Corrections; Alabama Dept. of Transportation; Georgia Dept. of Ed; Rhode Island; National Center For State Courts; New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation; New York State Historical Assoc; Fenimore Art Museum; Texas Employment Commission; State of Washington - Liquor Control Board; Alberta Forestry Lands & Wildlife (Canada); Texas Water Commission; Texas Dept. of Human Resources; New York State Office of Mental Health; The State Insurance Fund (NY); State of North Dakota, ITD; Florida Dept. of Management Services - Techno; State of Utah; West Virginia Dept. of Ed; Junta of Andalusia; Supreme Court of Pennsylvania; Texas Commission on Environmental Quality; California Dept. of Technology; California Dept. of Transportation; State of Montana; State of Wisconsin Dept. of Admin; NY State D.M.V; Maine Bureau of Taxation;
City / County / Shire / Borough / etc:
Nottinghamshire County Council; County of Los Angeles; City of Los Angeles; Loudoun County IT Dept; City of Bloomington; Coldwater Board of Public Utilities; City of Plano; City of Tempe, Arizona; Santa Monica CCD; The Village of Plain City; Cook County; City of Boston; Charleston County Gov.; County of Santa Cruz; City of Seattle; City of Seattle, Dept. of Admin. Serv.; City of Buffalo; City of Novi; St. Louis County Gov.; City of Madison; County of San Mateo; County of Riverside; Arlington County Gov; City of Ponca City; Lucas County Ohio; City of Portland; City of Philadelphia; County of Tulare; City of New York; Wayne County Michigan; Regional Municipality of Peel Canada; City of Jacksonville FL; Maricopa; City of Memphis; Broward County Commission; Alameda County; Bristol Tennessee Essential Services; City of Chandler; Norfolk County Council; N.Y.C. Police Dept; San Francisco Municipal Court; Orange County Dept of Ed; Monterey County; Sacramento County Office of Edu; King County Gov.; Denbighshire County Council; Metropolitan Government of Nashville; Pierce County; City of Tallahassee; City of Raleigh; Manhattan Borough President's Office; Clayton County; City of Springfield; Pima County; Circuit Court of Jackson County Kansas; City of Carlsbad; Broome County; Marin County; Chicago Police Dept; City of Chaska; Los Angeles County Bar Assoc; Fairfax County Government Cooperative; City of Phoenix; City & County of Denver; City of Milwaukee; Portsmouth City Council (UK); City of Malmo (Sweden); Montgomery County; Clark County WA; Green County (MO); Aberdeenshire Council; Cambridgeshire County Council; City of Aspen; County of Delaware Pennsylvania; Garland (TX); Glendale (AZ); Harris County Central Technology Center; City of Austin (TX); Bucks County (PA); North East Lincolnshire Council (UK); City of Syracuse Dept. of Aviation; London Borough of Sutton (Grove); City of Fort Worth, Water Dept; City of Lompoc; City of Asheville; Lapinjarvi Municipality (Finland); Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council; Powys County Council (UK); Warrington Borough Council (UK); Lancashire County Council (UK); Buckinghamshire County Council (UK); Town of Pineville (NC); Leeds City Council (UK); Anne Arundel County Gov't (MD); County of Nassau; Riga City Council (Latvia); City of Bardstown; City of Opelika (AL); Fairfax County Dept. of Information Technology; Sacramento County Office of Education; Hillsborough County Public Schools; City of Tacoma; Milwaukee County Gov; County of Carver; Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council (UK); Essex County Council (UK); Warwickshire County Council Ltd (UK); Hampshire County Council (UK); City of Virginia Beach (VA); Pinal County Gov. (AZ); City of Melbourne (AU); Hennepin County General Services Dept. (MN); City of Mesa (AZ); Welsh Assembly Gov. (UK); City of Salisbury (NC); City of Winnipeg; Gothenburg City (SE); Wake County Gov; The Municipality of Oslo (NO); Anne Arundel County Gov; Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council (UK); City of Roseville (MN); Northumberland County Council (UK); Dundee City Council (UK); Ketchikan (AK); City of Arlington (TX); City of Republic (MO);
International Monetary Fund; Retired Enlisted Assoc; McDonald Observatory; Natural Sciences & Engineering Research Council (CA); Washington Association of Sheriff's & Police Chiefs; Czech Republic Consulate @ New York;
Educational entities:

Aalto; Harvard; Tennessee; Tennessee Tech; Tennessee @ Knoxville; California @ Berkeley, @ Davis, @ Northridge, @ San Francisco, @ Los Angeles, @ San Marcos, @ Irvine, @ San Diego, @ Santa Cruz, @ Fresno, @ Riverside @ Santa Barbara; U. Cal. Office of President @ Oakland; Carnegie Mellon; Michigan State; Central Michigan; Northwestern; Northern Iowa; Iowa; Houston; State New York; South Florida; New York; Stanford; Florida U. Medical Center; Texas @ Austin; Stephen F. Austin State; Minnesota; North Carolina; East Carolina; Clayton; Missouri @ Columbia; Missouri @ Rolla; Missouri @ K.C.; Southeast Missouri State; St. Francis Xavier (Canada); Xavier Univ. of Louisiana; Yale; Rutgers; Nevada; Nevada @ Reno; Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center; New York @ Buffalo; Colorado; Cornell; Wisconsin @ Superior; Wisconsin @ Madison; Wisconsin @ Oshkosh; Rice; North Park; George Washington; Texas, System Admin; California Lutheran; Oklahoma; Tulane; Maryland; Manitoba; Morgan State; Ohio State; Washington; Chicago; Alaska; Mississippi U. Medical Center; Southern Mississippi; Turku; Emory; Binghamton; Waterloo (CA); Puget Sound; Pennsylvania State; Taylor; Catholic U. of America; Colgate; American, In Cairo; American, in D.C.; Arizona State; Arizona; Tsinghua; Western Kentucky; Nanyang Technological; Univ. of Kentucky; Indiana, of Pennsylvania; Villanova; Texas - Pan American; William Paterson; Utah; Utah State; South Carolina; Princeton; Purdue; Indiana-Purdue @ Indianapolis; Toronto; Duquesne; Edinburgh (UK); Texas A&M; Richmond; Tampa; McGill; Drexel; Michigan, Academic Affairs; Michigan, Student Affairs; Pembroke State; Brown; Boston; Midwestern; Illinois; Southern Illinois (Edwardsville); N. Illinois (Dekalb); Wales @ Aberystwyth; Wales @ Bangor; East Carolina U.; Wayne State; Old Dominion; Georgetown; Miami; Fordham; Pepperdine, Malibu; New South Wales; Fu-Jen Catholic; Louisiana @ Lafayette; Louisiana State; Virginia; Georgia; Georgia State; Georgia Southern; Wisconsin @ Stout; Loma Linda Medical Center; Rochester; California State; California State @ Monterey Bay; Canberra; Lehigh; Akron; Prarie View A&M; Duke; Massachusetts Medical Center; The Rockefeller; Hong Kong; Oregon Health & Science; Loughborough (UK); Connecticut; Connecticut State; Nottingham (UK); East Tennessee State; Western Ontario; Dartmouth; Eastern Kentucky; Eastern Michigan; Northern Michigan; Pittsburgh; Texas @ Arlington; Melbourne; Universite Pierre Et Marie Curie; San Francisco State; Office of the President, U. of California; Victoria;  Norwegian Univ. of Science & Technology; Alabama @ Birmingham; Alabama State; Alabama @ Tuscaloosa; Portland State; British Columbia; Northern British Columbia; Oxford; Oxford Brookes; Capella; Idaho; Manchester; Johns Hopkins; Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory; Vanderbilt; Vanderbilt U. Medical Center; Dalhousie; New Mexico State; New York State, at Buffalo; New York State, at Albany; Saint Thomas (MN); Kansas State; Kansas; Temple; Arkansas; Arkansas @ Ft. Smith; Saint Johns; Sogang; University of Michigan Academic Affairs; Universidad Central De Venezuela; Grand Valley State; Queen's University Belfast; Queen's Univ. of Charlotte; Queen's University (Canada); John Carroll; Southern Methodist; Central Methodist; Universidad Autonoma Chapingo; Phoenix; Strathclyde; Bryant; Tokyo; Tokyo Univ. of Science; Indiana; Universitatea Politehnica Timisoara; Belmont; Wyoming; Cyprus; Rhode Island; Brandeis; Southampton; Pace; Boise State; Universite Paul Sabatier; Senshu; Wake Forest; Azusa Pacific; Texas @ Dallas; Oregon State; Texas State @ San Marcos; Saint Bonaventure; Philadelphia; Missouri State; Nebraska; National U. of Taiwan; National Chengchi (Taiwan); Tuskegee; Universite Du Quebec A Montreal; Southern California (USC); U. of Michigan Division of Student Affairs; Hawaii; New Hampshire; Depauw; Davenport; Leiden; Seton Hall University School of Law; Wollongong (AU); Pacific Lutheran; Saint Edwards (Austin); Notre Dame; Aberdeen (UK); National Sun Yat-Sen (Taiwan); Delaware; National U. of Singapore; Nova Southeastern; Stanford Linear Accelerator Center; Cardiff (UK); King Saud (Saudi Arabia); Dayton; Univ. of Newcastle Upon Tyne (UK); University of Newcastle (AU); North Texas; University De Los Andes (Columbia); Jyvaskyla (Finland); Puerto Rico; Laurentian (Canada); Bilkent (Turkey); Canterbury (UK); Universitas Airlangga (Indonesia); Bucknell; Clemson; Plymouth (UK); Brigham Young; Brigham Young Hawaii; Case Western Reserve; City University of New York; University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey; Washington & Lee; Oregon Health & Science Univ.; Cal State Fullerton; Marywood; Gonzaga; Otago (NZ); Griffith (AU); Lethbridge (Canada); Thompson Rivers (Canada); Australian National; Univ. of The Arts London; Swansea (UK); Thames Valley (UK); Derby (UK); California Univ. of Pennsylvania; Calgary (Canada); Liberty; Wilkes; Cincinnati; Widener; Haaga-helia Univ. of Applied Sciences; Aristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki (Greece); Bellevue; Virginia State; Hofstra; Pennsylvania; Florida State; Kent State; Appalachian State; Missouri Univ. of Science & Technology; George Mason; New Orleans; Savonia Univ. of Applied Sciences (Finland); Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Univ.; Erasmus University Rotterdam; Cambridge (UK); Massachusetts; Central Washington; York (UK); Ball State; Helsinki Univ. of Technology; Curtin Univ. of Technology (AU); Univ. of Durham (UK); Montana State; Central Florida; Univ. of Michigan School of Dentistry; Sheffield (UK); Tufts; State Univ. of New York Health Science Center; New Mexico State Univ.; Shawnee State Univ; The Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem; Trent; Creighton; Golden Gate; Mississippi State; Northeastern; Tri-State (IN); Univ. of Cologne (GER); Iowa State; Gallaudet; St. George's; Memorial Univ. of Newfoundland; La Verne; Pontificia Universidade Catolica Do Rio De Janeiro; Wilfrid Laurier; California Polytechnic State Univ; Guelph (Canada); Leeds(UK); Universitaet Oldenburg (GER); The Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong; Kent @ Canterbury (UK); Hanbat National (KR); Universitaet Bonn (GER); Leicester (UK); Yonsei (KR); DePaul University; NE School of Law; Adelphi; Geneva; Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich); Essex; Kagoshima; Hope International; National Univ. of Science And Technology (Zimbabwe); Willamette (OR); Long Island (NY); Surrey (England); Gyeongsang National (KR); St. Catherine (MN); California State Univ. @ Long Beach; Illinois @ Chicago; Swiss Media Institute for Education and Culture; Avans University of Applied Sciences / Avans Hogeschool (NL); Wilmington (DE);Saarland (Germany); Trinity Washington; Michigan Business & Finance Division; Rennes-1; European U. of Brittany; Lindenwood; Nebraska Central Admin; Campus De Beaulieu, Avenue Du General Leclerc; Texas @ San Antonio; Portsmouth (UK); John Hopkins SAIS (IT); The New School; South Dakota; Lakehead (Ontario); Nova (FL); Edgerton (Kenya); Waikato (NZ); Univ. Corp. For Atmospheric Research; Thomas Jefferson School of Law; Upper Iowa; Tokyo University of Foreign Studies; Whitworth; Marquette; Universite Catholique De Lyon; Dalarna (SE); Nebraska @ Lincoln; Nebraska @ Kearney; Alberta (Canada); U. Cal. @ Hastings College of Law; Ben Gurion; Claremont University Consortium; Webster University; International Islamic University of Malaysia (MY); Universitaet Muenster (DE); Eastern Washington; Western Washington; North Carolina @ Chapel Hill; North Carolina @ Charlotte; Florida @ Gainsville; Colorado State, Pueblo; Colorado@ Boulder; Uniformed Services Univ. of The Health Sciences (military); Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum; Ghent; Andrews (MI); Quinnipiac; Bergen (NO); Rhodes (South Africa); UNISA (U of S.Africa); Massachusetts @ Lowell; Ateneo De Manila; Friedrich Alexander Universitaet Erlangen Nuernber (FAU); Pretoria; The Witwatersrand; Konkuk Univ. Chungju Campus Computer Center (KR); Zurich; Tarleton State; Newcastle Upon Tyne; Sunderland; Bristol (UK); Sheffield Hallam (UK); Massachusetts @ Boston; Universitaet Bayreuth (DE); Waseda (JP); St. Louis; Universidad Industrial De Santander - UIS; Catholic Univ. of Leuven; Valdosta State; San Diego State; Tasmania; Lawrence; Phoenix School of Law; Illinois Wesleyan; Stuttgart (DE); Johannesburg (ZA); Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul (BR); Technical University of Crete (GR); Catholic Univ. of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt (DE); National Autonomous Univ. of Mexico; Florence (IT); Universidad Nacional Autonoma De Mexico; Seoul National Univ. (KR); U. of Michigan Medical Center; Northern Kentucky; Medical Univ. of South Carolina; Glascow (UK); Canterbury (NZ); Clark; Auburn; Idaho State; Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg (DE); Florida International; California Baptist; Oklahoma State; West Virginia; Stevenson; Cameron (OK); U. of Sydney (AU); Fujita Health Univ; Universitas Negeri Semarang (Indonesia); Universidad Nacional Autonoma De Mexico; St Mary's Univ. (CAN); Old Dominion; Linkoping (SE); Universitat De Barcelona (ES); Syracuse (NY); Universidade De Sao Paulo(BR); Univ. of York (UK); Gazi Universitesi (TR); Ruprecht-Karls-Universitaet Heidelberg (DE); Washington State; Ferris State (MI); Goteborgs Universitet (SE); Bloomsburg (PA); Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko Univ. (Ukraine); Sussex; Middle East Technical Univ. (TR); East London; Fairmont State; Rijks Universiteit Groningen (NL); Universite De Poitiers (FR); Seokyeong (KR); San Jose State; Bharathidasan @ Tiruchirappalli (IN); New York State @ Albany; Florida Gulf Coast; Universiti Malaysia Terengganu; Winneba (GH); Carleton (CAN); Maharishi Dayanand University Rohtak (IN); Nebraska Wesleyan; University of the Western Cape (S. Africa); North Carolina Central; Uppsala (SE); Oregon; Virginia Union; Texas Tech; Western Michigan; Point Park (PA); Oklahoma Christian University of Science and Arts; Oregon; Brighton (UK); Universite Catholique De Louvain; Memorial University of Newfoundland; Norwegian University of Science and Technology; The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Chang Gung (TW); Tampere University of Technology (FI); Jacobs (DE); Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (MY); Goldsmiths, University of London; Soon Chun Hyang (KR);  Facultes Universitaires Notre Dame (BE); Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universitaet Hannover (DE); Fayetteville State; Northern Kentucky; Universidade Federal Do Rio Grande Do Sul (BR); Universidad de Navarra (ES); Aleksandras Stulginskis Univ. (LT); Universidade De Tras-os-montes E Alto Douro, UTAD (PT); Korea (KR); Freie Universitaet Berlin; Columbia; St. Thomas (MN); Universidad Nacional De Buenos Aires; Rush Univ. Medical Center; Lausanne (CH); Coastal Carolina; Universiteit Utrecht (NL);
Victoria of Wellington (NZ); Bridgeport (CT);
Washtenaw Community; Clayton; Suny Herkimer Community; Suny College @ New Paltz; Suny College @ Cortland; Shanghai Information Technology; Vassar; Los Angeles City; Virginia Community System; Gongxueyuanxi College; Lauder; Coastal Bend; Occidental; Metropolitan Community; Mount Saint Mary's; Savannah, Art And Design; William & Mary; Guilford; Queen Mary & Westfield; Colin County Community District; Nazarene Bible; Victor Valley Community; Aquinas; Swarthmore; Claremont; Gustavus Adolphus; York College of Pennsylvania; Medical College of Wisconsin; Haverford; Davidson; Williams; Austin Community; God's Bible School & College; Augsburg; Carelton; Bloomfield; Santa Fe Community; Santa Rosa Community; Neo A &M Miami; Armstrong State; Augustana; Kenyon; Pikeville; New Rochelle; Joan & Sanford I. Weill Medical, Cornell; Collin County Community College District; The Evergreen State College; American College of Surgeons; Middlebury; Randolph Macon Woman's College; Boston; Hampshire; Marlboro; Miami Dade; Vermont State; Albert Einstein College of Medicine; Morningside; Texas State Technical College @ Waco; Tompkins Cortland Community; Whitworth; Howard Community; Thomas Edison State; California College of Arts & Crafts; Norwich City College of Further & Higher Education (UK); The College Board; University of Michigan College of Engineering; Medical College of Georgia; Laney; Trinity (Ireland); Abraham Baldwin Agricultural; Franklin & Marshall; Marist; Centennial College of Applied Arts & Technology; Central New Mexico Community College; Wheeling Jesuit College; John Jay College of Criminal Justice; Metropolitan State College of Denver; Macalester; Jerusalem (Israel); Utah Valley State; Hunter; Ramapo College of New Jersey; Kennesaw State; Iowa Lakes Community; Humber (Canada); Wabash; Amherst; Washington & Jefferson; Maricopa County Community College Dist; Peterborough Regional College (UK); Imperial College London; Simon's Rock College of Bard (UK); Saint Olaf; Ashbury (Canada); Grinnell; Connors State College; Okinawa Christian Junior College; Baylor College of Medicine; Hobart & William Smith Colleges; Lees McCrae; Oberlin; Raritan Valley Community; Ferrum; Sweet Briar; Community College of Rhode Island; Westchester Community College; Laguardia Community College; St. Olaf (MN); Cumberland County (NJ); Baldwin-Wallace (OH); County College of Morris; Lewis & Clark College; Huddersfield New College (UK); Canisius (NY); Ithaca (NY); Eastern Iowa Community College Dist; Neosho County Community College; St. Petersburg Jr. College (FL); Cheltenham & Gloucester College of Higher Education; City College of New York; Dartmouth; Wooster; Mills; Bennington; Havering; Portland Community; Colorado Mountain; Mary Washington; Burlington County (NJ); Wharton County Jr. College (TX); Delgado Community College; Union (NY); Ivytech Community College of Indiana; Reigate (UK); Earlham (IN); Wilson College (PA); Atlanta Metropolitan; Bard(NY); Farmingdale State (NY); Hull (UK); St Dominic's Sixth Form (UK); Colby; San Juan (NM); Georgia Perimeter; Wakefield; North Warwickshire and Hinckley (UK); Campbellsville; Reed; Selkirk; Kirkwood Community; Riverside Community College District; LA Community College Dist. (CA); Bridgewater State (MA); Montgomery; Eastern Utah; Nicholls State (LA); Jackson State Community; Afan (UK); Northampton Community (PA); Dartmouth (NH); Ellesmere (UK); St. Joseph (IN); Lincoln (UK); Bowdoin (ME); Wheaton (IL); Dept. of Physics, Monmouth College (IL); Sauk Valley Community;
Institutes, Institutions, Academies, Etc:
Georgia Institute of Technology; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; New Jersey Institute of Technology; The Brookings Institution; New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology; Fashion Institute of Technology; Royal Institute of Technology (SE); Colorado School of Mines; Stevens Institute of Technology; National Cancer Institute; The Arts Institute At Bournemouth; The Art Institutes International; Rochester Institute of Technology; Scripps Research Institute; Florida Institute of Technology; Bristol Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute; British Columbia Institute of Technology; The Jane Goodall Institute; Institute of Applied Technolgy (UAE); Open Society Institute; Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago; Univ. of Tennessee Space Institute; Smithsonian Institution; American Enterprise Institute; The Urban Institute; Virginia Polytechnic Institute; National Academy of Sciences; Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers; Southern Polytechnic Institute; Warner Babcock Institute For Green Chemistry; Estonian Academy of Arts; Roehampton, UK; Okinawa Institute of Science & Technology; National Institute of Nuclear Physics (IT); Dana-Farber Cancer Institute; Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology; Battelle Memorial Institute; Association for Psychological Science; American Psychological Assoc; Max-Planck-institut Fuer Mathematik; Woodrow Wilson International Center For Scholars; The Waikato Polytechnic; Academic & Research Institutions (Norway); Schering-Plough Research Institute; Wageningen Univ. & Research Centre (Netherlands); North Carolina Research & Education Network; Illinois Institute of Technology; Northern Alberta Institute of Technology; Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory; International Center For Research On Women; SETI Institute; J Craig Venter Institute; Otis Art Institute; York Technical Institute; California Institute of Technology; City & Guilds of London Institute; Institute of Mathematics of The Polish Academy of Sciences; USA Wu Chi Kung Fu Academy; Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy; Institute For Defense Analysis; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute; Logistics Management Institute; Lincoln Center For The Performing Arts; Institut De Recherches Cliniques De Montreal; Indian Institute of Technology (IN); Indian Institute of Science @ Bangalore (IN); Massachusetts Maritime Academy; Cato Institute; Hollywood Academy of Arts & Sciences; National Radio Astronomy Observatory; Harvard-Smithsonian Center For Astrophysics; School of The Art (SAIC); National Science Teachers Assoc; Peace Corps; Jozef Stefan Institute; Institute For Defense Analyses; Forensic Fluids Laboratories; Holy Family Institute; The Escal Institute of Advanced Technology, Inc; American Association For The Advancement of Science; Battelle Memorial Institute; Cern - European Organization For Nuclear Research (Geneva); The Heartland Institute; Space Telescope Science Institute; Institute of Mathematics & Computer Science, Univ. of Latvia; Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions; Industrial Technology Research Institute (TW); Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KR); National Library of Scotland; Parkview Junior High School (RI); Information Sciences Institute; Education & Research Consortium of the Western Carolinas; Otago Polytechnic(NZ); Qatar Foundation For Education, Science & Community Development; Glasgow School of Art (UK); The Missouri Research and Education Network; The Nelson Gallery Foundation; Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory; The Anchor Foundation; Fullerton Community; Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute; Lamont Doherty Geological Observatory (Columbia U.); Commissariat A L'energie Atomique (FR); Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (IN); Hellenic Air Force Academy (GR);  IFSTTAR - Institut Français des Sciences et Technologies des Transports, de l'Aménagement et des Réseaux (FR); The Calyx Institute; Culver Academy (IN); Alfred-Wegener-Institut, AWI (DE); Passaic County Technical Institute (NJ);
IFSTTAR - Institut Français des Sciences et Technologies des Transports, de l'Aménagement et des Réseaux - See more at: http://www.udrive.eu/index.php/about-udrive/consortium/8-about-udrive/29-ifsttar-institut-francais-des-sciences-et-technologies-des-transports-de-l-amenagement-et-des-reseaux#sthash.iF3eG3g2.dpuf
IFSTTAR - Institut Français des Sciences et Technologies des Transports, de l'Aménagement et des Réseaux - See more at: http://www.udrive.eu/index.php/about-udrive/consortium/8-about-udrive/29-ifsttar-institut-francais-des-sciences-et-technologies-des-transports-de-l-amenagement-et-des-reseaux#sthash.iF3eG3g2.dpuf
Judson School District; Horry County Schools; Buchanan Co. 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Legal Services For New York City; Levenson & Hill; Paul, Weiss, Rifkind & Wharton; Marcus, Clegg, & Mastretta; Baskin Fleece; Quarles & Brady; Luce, Schwab, & Kase; Brooks Pierce Mcclendon Humphries; Dorsey & Whitney; Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom; Stites & Harbison; Fulbright & Jaworski; Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale; Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue; Ryan & Smallacombe PLLC; Sterne Kessler Goldstein Fox; Berliner Cohen; Rivkin Radler, LLP; Lehman Brothers; Plunkett Cooney Law Offices; Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue; Patterson, Belknap, Webb & Tyler; Fulmer Leroy Albee Baumann & Glass; Thompson Coburn; Wilke Fleury Hoffelt Gould; AECOM Technology Corp; Morgan Lewis Bockius; Mayer, Brown, Rowe & Maw LLP; Simpson Thatcher & Bartlett; Luedeka Neely & Graham; Munger, Tolles & Olsen; Cruse Scott Henderson & Allen; Sutherland, Asbill, & Brennan; Axiom Legal; Schulte, Roth & Zabel LLP; National Center For Law And Economic Justice, Inc; Gabriel Christian & Assoc; Rowbotham & Co; Lichtman, Trister, Singer & Ross; American Society For Engineering; Ogletree Deakins Law Firm; Venable LLP; Bingham McCutchen, LLP; Monaghan Leahy Hochadel Libby LLP; Debevoise & Plimpton, LLP; Cadwalader Wickersham & Taft LLP; Ungaretti & Harris LLP; Committee For Public Counsel Services; Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP; Sterne Kessler Goldstein Fox; Monitor Group; Howrey Simon Arnold & White LLP; Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue LLP; Shearman & Sterling LLP; Gensler And Associates Architects; Hogan Hartson; Booz, Allen, Hamilton (majority owned by The Carlyle Group); American Society For Testing & Materials (ASTM); F. Gerald Maples Esq; The Louis Berger Group, Inc; Gray Plant Mooty; Moses & Singer LLP; Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton LLP (NY); Cause of Action; McDermott Will & Emery; Customer Scott Wilson Holdings; Leydig Voit & Mayer; Turck Inc; Robert Bosch Gmbh; Ugotfico; Lexis Nexis; John A. Martin & Associates, Inc; Bryan, Cave, McPheeters & McRoberts; Southeastern Surveying and Mapping Corp; Reed Smith LLP; Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe; Reilly Johnson Architecture; Pension Corporation of America;
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Florida Power & Light Company; Austgen Electric; American Power Conversion Corp; Sun Company, Inc; Amoco Corp; Occidental Petroleum Corp; Commonwealth Edison Co; Saudi Arabian Oil Company; The Detroit Edison Co; Madison Gas And Elec; Cieco Energy Ltd; Enersys Delaware; Petroleos Mexicanos Pemex; ECS Refining LLC; New England Power Exchange; Delmarva Power & Light Co; Oakleaf Waste Management; Virgil C. Summer Nuclear Generating Station; Oceaneering International; Carter Ledyard And Millburn Llp; Emerson Electric Co; Marathon Oil Co; Exxon Mobil Corp; Sierra Club; S. California Edison; Halliburton; Columbia Energy, Inc; Ecos Consulting; Ontario Power Authority; Arcadis Geraghty & Miller; Clackamas River Water District; CIECO Energy; Consolidated Edison; Malcolm Pirnie; Chevron Corp; Apache Corp; Parsons Energy & Chemicals Group; Westinghouse Electric Co; Marubeni Oil Gas USA; National Oilwell Varco; British Petroleum (BP); Tesoro; Eaton Co; Alyeska Pipeline Service Company; Suez Energy; Canadian Natural Resources Limited; BP Europa SE; Lennox International; Conoco Phillips Company; The Southern Company; Salt River Project Agricultural Improvement & Power Dist; BP International Ltd (LA); Duke Energy Corp; Koch Industries; American Electric Power Co; DKRW Advanced Fuels, LLC; Savannah River Plant (SC); Oilmen's Equipment Co; Bonanza Creek Energy Operating Co., LLC; Eugene Water and Electric Board; Ice Miller Donadio & Ryan; Petróleo Brasileiro S/a - Petrobras (BR); Baker Hughes Inc. (UAE);
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Kinko's Service Corp; Ross Stores; Lifetime Brands; Sears Direct Response; The Procter And Gamble Co; Eastman Kodak Co; Costco Companies; General Motors Corporation; National Association of Realtors; Nordstrom; Bulbtronocs; Bose Corp; Eveready Battery Co; Sherwin Williams Co; Panera, LLC; Rite Aid Corp; Yamaha Motor Corp; United Parcel Service (UPS); Avery Dennison Corp; Nutrisystem; Staples, Inc; Best Buy Co; Big Lots Stores; The Home Depot; Nike; Wal-mart Stores; Federal Express (Fedex); Panera Bread Store; Lexmark International; Genuine Parts Co; Uhaul International; W. W. Grainger; Fedex Office & Print Services; S.C. Johnson & Son; Amazon Technologies; Advance Auto Parts; Massage Envy - Mooresville (NC); Imerys Pigments; Amazon.com;
Rohm And Hass Co; Fisher Scientific; Mr Nelson Tilling, Inc; Proactive Northern Container; Cummins Engine Co; Clover Partners; Open World; The David J. Joseph Co; Christiane Khan; Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co; Teacher's Insurance & Annuities Assoc; Aluminum Company of America - Amis; The Macerich Co; Meadowlands Regional Chamber of Commerce; Factory Mutual Engineering & Research; Barr Laboratories; K. Hovnanian Enterprises; Merrill Corp; Haynes & Boone, LLP; Idc Construction; Mitsubishi Cement; Beekman Marketing; Bromberg & Sunstein, LLP; Leo Burnett; Southeastern Freight Lines, Inc; Bridgestone Apm; Synectics For Management Decisions; The Home Insurance; Surf City Insurance; Jeffery J. Chang & Assoc; Abbott Laboratories; Peter Kiewit & Sons; USAA Life Insurance; Bridge Strategy Group; Vitro Corp; G & S Mechanical; The Sign Depot; Theta Industrial Products, Inc; Vision Critical; Economic Development Partners, Alabama; AARP; Teleflora; Dow Corning Corp; R. J. Grondin & Sons; Minnesota Mutual Life; Graham Windham LLC; Resolve Corp; Kentucky Farm Bureau Ins; St. Paul Travelers Co; McCormick Taylor & Assoc; Katun Corp; Independence Blue Cross; Hacin & Assoc; Volkswagen of America; The Shepherd Chemical Company; Beazer Homes; Laboratory Corp. of America; National Truck Leasing System; Parametric Technology Corp; Kunitz And Associates; McKinsey & Co; Kohler Co; John Hancock Ins; CNM LLP; Jewish United Fund; Measurement Inc; Citizens Property Insurance Corp; Hughes Research Laboratories (HRL); Dolby Laboratories; NCR Corp; 3M Company; Iowa Democratic Party; DNC Services Corp / Democratic National Committee; Ambridge Partners LLC; Vitro Co; Great American Insurance Co; W.R. Berkley Corp; Expedia, Inc; David M. Schwarz Architects, Inc; Johnson & Higgins; Metlife; American International Group (AIG); East West Ministries International; The Doctors Company; J.F. White Contracting; The Rand Corporation; Ford Motor Company; LL Bean; United Dairy Farmers; New York Life Insurance Company; San Diego Padres; Guardian Life Insurance Company of America; American Family Insurance; Mohawk Industries; Franklin Covey Co; American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME); Arcelormittal USA; Old Dominion Freight - Thomasville; Audio Visual Services Group, Inc. / Psav Presentation; Caterpillar; Xerox Corp; Sunlife Assurance Company of Canada; Entrepreneurial Advantage LLC; Ashley Furniture Industries; PGA Tour; Career Education Corp; Hartford Life Insurance Co; The Manufacturers Life Insurance Co (CA); Meeting Professionals International;  Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA); American Honda Motor Corp; The Cincinnati Insurance Co; Columbia Sportswear Co; Schweizerische Rueckversicherungs-gesellschaft; Genworth North America Corp; Asurion Insurance Services; The Interpublic Group of Companies; National Football League; Major League Baseball; Allen Bradley Co; Xchanging Global Insurance Solutions Limited (UK); Stock Building Supply; Lam Research Corp; Allen-Bradley Company; Management Science Associates; Swift Transportation Co; Dematic Corp; Estes Express Lines;
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Ontario Liberal Party;

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