Saturday, May 15, 2010

On The Loss Of Touch With Reality

We have discussed the issue of how MOMCOM deceit or propaganda is a deliberate program to remove reality from the trusting minds of the populace.

Deceit is a hostile act intended to result in a deceived mind, a mind detached from reality by way of that deceit.

The dysfunction in such official programs that are promoted by people who think they know best what others should know and not know, is that they even deceive themselves with such demented notions.

Anyone who thinks deceiving people has no consequences is demented, because the results are everywhere to be seen.

As an example, notice how MOMCOM fear-mongering affects educators in Atlanta, Georgia:
Shane Finn is 14 years old and a student at Ridgeview Charter School in Atlanta. His IQ is 75 and while an eight grader, functions at a third grade level.

Shane drew a couple of pictures of stick figures, one of them holding a gun pointed at the teacher stick figure.

One would think perhaps Shane Finn had issues with the teacher that likely could have been resolved with some counseling; however the mighty powers that be at his school have decided he should face terrorism charges — as in felony.


Shane Finn has now been suspended from school and faces a school tribunal as well as felony charges for making a terrorist threat.
(Child's Art is Terrorism). So now al Qaeda has autism? Or are the authorities off their rocker because of all the industrial grade deceit they traffic in, which they affectionately call "spin"?

A demented person burns his scrotum, a depressed individual takes his SUV to town with what looks like mobile home parts in it ("a bomb"), and a kid with the mentality of a third grader draws a picture and every ditto head freaks out?

Is this dementia limited to The Keystone Complex?


The foremost physicist Roger Penrose points out the widespread flights of fancy and deceit that now reach even into the scientific fields:
The greatest weirdness here is that it [quantum mechanics] doesn’t make sense. If you follow the rules, you come up with something that just isn’t right.
(Memes of Penrose). In the mental health field it has been pointed out that dementia is in fact contagious:
One tell tale sign of dementia is an inability to articulate or speak clearly.

This national speech impairment has not gone unnoticed by the scientific community. One professor calls this doublespeak, and has written a book "Why No One Knows What Anyone Is Saying Anymore". He points out:
With doublespeak, banks don't have "bad loans" or "bad debts"; they have "nonperforming assets" or "nonperforming credits" which are "rolled over" or "rescheduled." Corporations never lose money; they just experience "negative cash flow," "deficit enhancement," "net profit revenue deficiencies," or "negative contributions to profits."
(William Lutz, Rutgers University). What is forgotten is that this propaganda is not harmless but is toxic ...
(Etiology of Social Dementia). It can often spread easier in groups where "groupspeak" tends to be the norm (e.g. "conservative group", "liberal group").

Of course that is not to say that groups are ipso facto bad, it is to say however, that groups that are healthy do not promote deceit.

Somebody take a message to the government and tell them that ecocide is the result of a disease of the mind, and that they need to improve the therapy then take gobs of it before nothing is left of civilization except marks on rocks, layers of strata, and piles of bones.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Sanity Can't Win For Losing

I thought that offshore drilling had been put on hold pending a resolution of the cause of the Deepwater Horizon debacle that threatens millions of people, billions of fish, birds, and the entire Gulf of Mexico ecosystem.

Evidently not, since an appellate court yesterday gave the go-ahead for Arctic drilling:
A three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected a case that challenged federal approval of Shell's exploratory drilling plans in the Chukchi and Beaufort seas.

The expedited ruling followed oral arguments last week in Portland, Ore.

The court determined that the federal Minerals Management Service met its obligations to consider the potential threat to wildlife and the risk for disaster before it approved Shell's Arctic Ocean project.

Shell Oil, a unit of Royal Dutch Shell PLC, hopes to drill three exploratory wells in the Chukchi and two in the Beaufort this summer with a 514-foot drilling ship, the Frontier Discoverer.

(Huffington Post). The U.S. federal government is certifiably criminally insane to allow millions of people to be put at risk with these promiscuous dealings that are bringing on the demise of civilization, and the degradation of life as we know it.

If Obama does not intervene and stop this drilling we can say that the federal government is intentionally destroying the human habitat on behalf of the Oilstate.

Since the 1973 oil embargo and the 1956 validation of peak oil by scientists, the federal government as a lackey for the Oilstate MOMCOM has repeated the mantra "things can't change overnight".

Senator Kerry repeated the mantra a day or so ago when he unveiled and proposed toothless capitulation legislation misnamed and called a climate improvement bill.

That puts him of the list of federal goverment officials who are not as smart as a fifth grader.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Open Thread

Let me prime the pump, but you bring up anything we all need to consider.

Gulf Oil Leak 5 Times Greater Than Government Says

Kagan Nomination To U.S. Supreme Court (clerked for Justice Marshall, but believes in too strong of an Executive Branch?).

Tornado Outbreaks (in several states).

Are you in good hands with Oilstate?

Tennessee Floods (record breaking, heart breaking).

Oil Spill Criminals (gross negligence, no plan except to risk it all).

Tanker on Great Barrier Reef (What happened to that story?).

Here are some good environmental threads about environmental threats.

UPDATE: A professor of ecology said the the dispersants are far worse than the oil and are likely to kill the coral around parts of Florida and elsewhere when the "loop current" takes the chemicals and oil to parts unknown.

Anyone know about that?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Is Obama Dominated By MOMCOM?

Seymour Hersh was interviewed recently in Geneva.

He was asked about President Obama after his address to a convention of journalists.

His reply was:
At this point he's in real trouble. Because the military are dominating him
on the important issues of the world ...
(Moore, emphasis added). This echoes what Hersh has been saying for some time now:
The army is also “in a war against the White House — and they feel they have [President] Obama boxed in,” Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Seymour Hersh told several hundred people in Duke University’s Page Auditorium on Tuesday night. “They think he’s weak and the wrong color. Yes, there’s racism in the Pentagon. We may not like to think that, but it’s true and we all know it.”
(Herald Sun, emphasis added). If what Hersh and others are saying is true, then we have in effect a military coup that has not turned into a shooting war yet.

Some say that is because Obama has knuckled under to some type of pressure, whether political or otherwise, and may not be able to do what he wants.

Others say he was a phony from the beginning like other politicians, and will say anything to gain and hold power.

Yet others who lean toward social and psychological science feel that the toxins of power have become so strong in the U.S. that Obama succumbed to the toxins more rapidly than other presidents before him have.

I have no way of knowing for sure at this time, because he inherited an office that sits in the Oilstate of Religioustan, which is more and more becoming a puppet office, dominated by MOMCOM.

We know that there is a definite link between big oil, big military, and big media, which this blog characterizes as MOMCOM.

We recently noticed:
The 4th Fleet has been reactivated after 58 years of being moth balled, and has been sent to Central / South America where there is also lots of oil.

A website of the federal government tells us:
"Oil is the lifeblood of America’s economy."
(Department of Energy). Which is the same thing as saying you are economically dead without your blood, your oil.

The struggle for economic life then, would be the struggle for oil would it not?

Bush II put it in the cowboy language during a state of the union address to congress, saying that "America is addicted to oil".
(The Fleets And Terrorism Follow The Oil). As time goes on and civilization slowly dies, it would not be unthinkable for a military coup to break out into the open in the United States.

It has already happened to a large degree, however, the status of journalism concerning the MOMCOM coup now is "don't ask don't tell" (except for a few journalists like Hersh).

When will MOMCOM come out of the closet to declare that she-it is queen for a day?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

All Parties - Follow Utah GOP Example!

The Utah GOP has the most progressive, base oriented, and accountable political system in the entire realm of party politics within the United States.

At least compared to those I am aware of (wise me up and I will update this thread).

Forget constitutional term limits, these voters can remove an incumbent with a delegate vote:
With three rounds of voting, all but the top three candidates were eliminated after the first round. Delegates then voted a second time, whittling down the field again — that was where Mr. Bennett lost, coming in third with about 27 percent of the delegates’ support. A final round determines whether a primary election needs to be held. A candidate needs at least 60 percent of the vote to become the party’s candidate, and at least 40 percent to qualify for the primary election on June 22.
(NY Times). They removed an incumbent who had been in power for 18 years, following his father before him.

As I understand it, local voters choose delegates to a state wide convention, which then convenes to decide who will be the Republican candidates to take part in the upcoming Republican primary.

Incumbents are not automatically selected, and more than that, can even be rejected.

That incumbent, if voted out at that convention, then can't even take part in the primary in terms of being on the ballot.

Talk about smooth, quick, and complete accountability, this is the ticket.

Kudos to those who designed that brilliant system (even though I am not a Republican).

Monday, May 10, 2010

Republicans - The Kill Baby Drill Party?

Sometimes people wonder about who in the world are these "drill baby drill" people.

These loud mouths who become comparatively quite silent when massive oil spill disasters come to their republican governed states.

These slow talking loud mouths are quick to ask the democratic majority for chunks of the federal fisc to help clean up the deadly plague their republican oil baron friends have brought upon them.

They say they eschew "big government" because it is bad, but they don't want money from their republican cronies who did one disaster after another, but they will take it from the people's Treasury even as they vote against such things for others.

Likewise we sometimes wonder who these kill baby kill and torture baby torture people are who complain about deficits caused by endless stupid wars that destroy our most valued commodity, our reputation in the world.

A CBS poll gives the answer, it is the republicans.

For example, Republican Senator Inhofe says that global warming is the greatest hoax ever pulled on the people of the world in the entire 7,000 years of the flat earth's existence.

If you wonder where they get their ideas, check out the curriculum of the right wing war colleges and the right wing religious educational institutions.

Those places taught Bush II that he was High Priest In Chief, taught Nixon that he was better than others, and taught Inhofe that the earth is only 7,000 years old.

The republicans also initiated global warming denial as well as climate change denial.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Open Thread

Happy Mother's Day.

Enjoy this quote from a famous mother:

There’s a time when you have to explain to your children why they’re born, and it’s a marvelous thing if you know the reason by then.”

(Hazel Scott, American Musician, from the book Quotable Women, Running Press, 1989).

Earth Day 2010 Will Live In Infamy

The first attempt to use the metal box to stop one of the leaks at the Deepwater Horizon terrorist stronghold did not work.

In is more clear now that we are weeks into what appears to be the largest environmental disaster in American history around the Gulf of Mexico.

MOMCOM terrorists, enabled by the Obama Administration's lackey attitude of "can't we all get along" with these ecoterrorists, have hit and damaged Americans once again.

This Earth Day will be one that will live in infamy, forever changing the perception people have of government, "Beyond Petroleum", and the oil industry in general.

Their gross, criminal negligence mixed with an attitude of no care nor consideration for the lives of millions of people is a disgrace.

The Obama Administration, like others before it, ignored and ridiculed all the many warnings it received, and like its madmen friends, rushed headlong into this disaster.

The hollow and naive words of President Obama who bloviated a while back that oil barons don't do oil spills any more, then after the spill bloviated that "BP will pay for the clean up", shows that he and his mentors just do not get the fact that nothing the monopoly money printing presses can do will pay for these types of terrorist attacks.

This Earth Day marked a point in time showing that we have been taken coldly into The Criminally Insane Epoch.

Government policy now considers Triage to be the best it can do for those it has sworn to protect.