Ancient Boxers
The background is The Lagoon Nebula.

Welcome to a refuge.

Challenging ideas and concepts of all kinds (politics, science, music, art, life) is what this blog is about.

We have a sense that far too much time is wasted on that which does not matter.

To submit an article that you want to be considered for posting on the Dredd Blog System, email the text or inquiry to:
Any such text will be considered absolutely private until published.

But for those who submit articles for posting, or who comment, be sure to note that Dredd Blog does not suffer foolishness lightly, so please back up your contrary, or other assertions, with links to evidence which indicates that what you are saying is more than merely unfounded personal opinion (not that it would or would not be accepted for that reason).

For those who are wondering, this blog's theme song is:
Dredd Song, by The Cure.
Yes, I know, the Dredd Song notion "never, ever, ever give up" is kinda like the Black Knight in the Monty Python movie who had both arms and legs cut off by his opponent's sword, but nevertheless kept yelling for his opponent to come back so the now-quadriplegic could bite his opponent's head off (see video below).

"Never" in that context is a bit neoCon, to say the fraggin least, so the Dredd Blog motto is:
"Never give up (in moderation)".
Now get out there and do some good blogging my friendlies.

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