Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Warming Science Commentariat - 7

Fig. 1  SLC Nain (PSMSL stn #1029)
The graphic at Fig. 1 is from PSMSL (there is a link under the graphic).

Fig. 2
It is the nearest tide gauge station, in the PSMSL system, to Nuuk, Greenland, which the other graphs of today's post relate to.
Fig. 3

Fig. 4

Fig. 5

Fig. 6

Fig. 7
The graph at Fig. 2 shows the temperature of ocean water from the surface level down to a depth of about 3,000 meters (~10,000 feet).
Fig. 8

The other graphs (Fig. 3 - Fig. 8) show each relevant depth level as individual lines on individual graphs.
Those individual lines had been displayed as a combined whole (one bowl of spaghetti) in Fig 2.

This should tell us something about the thermal expansion myth (TEM).

In yesterday's post, I alluded to a software module that will travel each of the ups and downs in each of the depth levels, to determine what the net effect is, ultimately, of each change in temperature.

I mean, this is what we want to discern when analyzing the bottom line impact of all of the changes.

I developed a beta software module that works well enough, so, I ran the data on these particular graphs.

That beta module came up with:
warmer = 15 , warmer = 15 , warmer = 15 , warmer = 13 , warmer = 13 , warmer = 16
colder = 16 , colder = 16 , colder = 15 , colder = 14 , colder = 15 , colder = 11

warmer[87] - colder[87] = 0
That is, there were 87 temperature changes within the 6 layers, but, in the end, the net ups and the net downs equaled out.

Like I said, that is an hour's worth of (beta) work.

A few more hours of work, and the exact calculation of the net degree of temperature change (over decades) will be coded.

I am so charged up because they have spouted this stuff without ever having first taken sufficient note of the data foundation upon which such a magnanimous assertion rests.

So, while I am chastening the warming science commentariat, I will also clue them in.

NOTE: I am not directing this at scientists, I am directing it toward the warming science commentariat, or as the mob describes their commentariat, "da mouthpiece."

In this case I am addressing the one which claims to speak for the scientists.

Big difference.

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Monday, August 1, 2016

Proxymetry3 - 5

Fig. 1
Fig. 2

Today, we take a look at a strange island, in more ways that one (Questionable Scientific Papers - 8 , Don't Believe In Abrupt Sea Level Change - Know About It).
Fig. 3

Iceland is in the ghost-water zone of Greenland, where sea level fall is in general taking place as its gravitational footprint changes (The Ghost-Water Constant, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7).

Not being aware of ghost-water, the warming commentariat imagines that thermal expansion is causing "MOST sea level rise" for a century or so.

In this series, like several others, I have pointed out flaws in that thermal expansion myth (Proxymetry3, 2, 3, 4).


The WOD database has the temperature records of ocean water at different depths around the globe, which they categorize by zones.

WOD zones 7601 and 7602 cover Iceland (West and East) (Fig. 2, Fig. 3),  and Dredd Blog zone . AC.SE.SW deals with sea level change in that area (Fig. 1).

Notice the extreme volatility of ocean water at various depths as clearly shown in Fig. 1 and Fig. 2.

Notice the stark difference in thermal expansion and thermal contraction in Fig. 2 and Fig. 3, compared to the general sea level rise near the Iceland coast line.


Like all the other views of sea level change in many, many Dredd Blog posts (e.g. "SEA LEVEL CHANGE" on the "Series Posts" tab at the top of the post), these data make it incumbent upon those proclaiming that "thermal expansion is responsible for MOST sea level rise for a century or so."

I suppose that at some point I will have to write some code to factor the changes in depth to determine the actual impact these temperature neutralizations have.

That is, a rise in temperature of x is modified by a fall in temperature y, the result being z:
z = x - y
The accurate warming commentariat member will have done the math before preaching to his or her choir about the thermal expansion and contraction underneath the waters of Iceland being caused by Sunlight.

They might also want to research the ghost-water phenomenon.

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Sunday, July 31, 2016

On Thermal Expansion & Thermal Contraction - 3

Fig. 1
I. Remedies R Us
In terms of remedies, what are some of the significant walls preventing a civilization from a robust response to the threat of global warming?

Specifically, I am in reference to sea level change.

One member of the warming commentariat indicated that floating seaports would do the trick (reading too many Popular Mechanics articles and not enough science: Weekend Rebel Science Excursion - 44, Will This Float Your Boat - 12).

Another one said that better scientists and activists, in terms of being politically saavy, would do the trick (Druid Report).
Fig. 2

Neither mentioned switching to fuels that do not cause global warming.

Which is typical of those suffering from the blame-the-victim and similar types of cognitive degeneration now abounding within "The Warming Commentariat" these days of daze (The Psychology of the Notion of Collective Guilt - 2).

Since the deceit that overcame some of the senses of the warming commentariat has been calculated and intentionally induced for decades, this is not a recent problem caused by those who want to stop anthropogenic global warming (The Private Empire's Social Media Hit Squads - 2).

I recognize the problem as a mass-murder-suicide problem, a criminal psychology problem (MOMCOM's Mass Suicide & Murder Pact, 2, 3, 4, 5).

II. The Bernays Factor

Studies show that American Propaganda inspired the NAZI propagandists of old (Exceptional American Propaganda Inspired NAZI Goebbels).

That deceit began in the US just before WW I, and was taken up and embraced by Oil-Qaeda (Epigovernment: The New Model - 11).

Oil-Qaeda has been embedded in US government, leading the world down the road of fossil fuel addiction since that policy coup became institutionalized (The Authoritarianism of Climate Change).

III.  The Graphs

Oil-Qaeda has convinced the lame and naive minds of The Warming Commentariat that thermal expansion is the MAJOR cause of sea level change (The Warming Science Commentariat, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).

Fig. 3
I have been exposing the fallacy (On Thermal Expansion & Thermal Contraction, 2) using data available to the publoc.

Today's graphs concern WOD Zone 7311, which is Southern California.

The graph at Fig. 1 is the temperatures of ocean water layers at six different depths, down to 3,000 meters (9,842.52 feet).

Conforming to previous graphs and data, these also reveal that there is no robust scientific foundation for the statement that "thermal expansion is a MAJOR factor" of sea level change.
Fig. 4

The graph at Fig. 2 shows the appropriate understanding of thermal expansion and contraction, i.e., that is is a minor factor.

In that same vein, a portion of the New England area of the East Coast is shown in Fig. 3 and Fig. 4.

This area is especially interesting, since it is where the south to north flowing Gulf Steam begins to interact with some of the north to south flowing waters from the Greenland Ice Sheet.

The changes in water temperatures shown in Fig. 4 allude to some of the volatility generated by those contrasts.

Here again, the main thing to note is that the sea level change "has a mind of its own" and is only persuaded by the MAJOR factors shown in Fig. 3.

IV. Conclusion

When you encounter those few in the echo chamber who are spouting off about TEM, give them some links to Dredd Blog.

I will set them on a better course, which will be good both for them and for their readers.

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