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Federal Court Crisis
Wisconsin approves ex post facto criminal law against Democrats there ...
MOMCOM minions rush headlong into the abyss
Wiggy Leaks did it says MI6 operative ...
Beck says Hillary is crazy for saying Al Jazera is good source
for news (better than MOMCOM) ...
The evolution of voting machines ...
Indiana Secretary of State Indicted for Election Fraud ...
review a Dredd Blog post of the past on the issue.
The evolution of scientific doctrine may soon include alien microbe studies ...

Friday, March 4, 2011

When The Truth Is Found To Be Lies

The DNA of MOMCOM has been discussed on Dredd Blog (which gets you on the FBI list BTW), and the bottom line has been well said by the lyric "when the truth is found to be lies, and the joy within you dies, don't you want somebody to love?"

Well, it would seem so, yes it would seem that love would be something to be sought by everybody everywhere, but Dredd Blog declares that MOMCOM's main business is about killing, MOMCOM's main business has little if anything to do with love, yes, Dredd Blog declares that MOMCOM's main business is about the full implementation of hatred.

In short, MOMCOM has zero to do with love.

Not real love anyway.

Love does not lie, so it is not insignificant that Dredd Blog equates truth with love, lies with hatred.

It boils down to MOMCOM promoting the very opposite of the reality it knows about:
Rightwingers say they hate big government. As their current campaigns show, it’s not true.
(Monbiot). If we learned anything of Adolf Hitler's gang, it was that when they lie, and that is most of the time, they lie like their "life" depended on it, because it did and does, so always expect the Whopper.

But you must realize, don't you, that this is a mystery, that this does not meet the requirements of logic, that this does not make common sense?

Wanting to hate, wanting to kill, yes wanting to die is not healthy, it is sicko.

Dredd Blog wants the good earth to live, the good people to live, the cosmos to live, and while living to love, to love somebody, and ultimately to love everybody.

Like I said, that gets you on the FBI "list" just like robotic loyalty gets you on the FBI "list".

One list exalts hatred, the other list exalts love.

But what of the fact that there have been Five Mass Extinctions on this planet?

What of the fact that MOMCOM is bringing on the sixth such mass extinction:
Palaeontologists characterize mass extinctions as times when the Earth loses more than three-quarters of its species in a geologically short interval, as has happened only five times in the past 540 million years or so.

Biologists now suggest that a sixth mass extinction may be under way, given the known species losses over the past few centuries and millennia. Here we review how differences between fossil and modern data and the addition of recently available palaeontological information influence our understanding of the current extinction crisis.
(Journal Nature). Mass extinction is an attribute of hatred, not love, so this planet seems to be infected with the hate virus.

So what is your choice, hatred or love?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

War - Great Stimulant - Let's Invade US - 2

Secretary Gates recently talked at West Point.

During his talk there he declared how any future "Defense Secretary" should have his head examined for placing US ground troops into countries in the east, mentioning also that it was General Douglas McArthur who first said that.

Douglas said it about six decades ago (just before we did exactly that in Vietnam).

Here we are a few days after Gates' speech putting troops on the ground in and around Libya, which is in the east isn't it?

Anyway, two years ago we asked: "When are we going to invade ourselves so that our money is spent here?" (instead of there):

The Iraq war "stimulates the economy". But most of it is not used to stimulate the US economy.

Unfortunately it stimulates the economies of foreign nations. For example, Iraq has billions and billions in budget surplus in their economy.

There was a case where the bushies took a military cargo plane with 13 tons (5 or so billion) of new $100 dollar bills to Iraq to "make payroll".

Yeah right:
In total, more than 281 million individual bills — including more than 107 million $100 bills — weighing 363 tons were shipped to Iraq.
(Official Congressional Report [now missing, italics added, Ron Paul Report]). It disappeared like 3 or so trillion dollars of the pentagon budget in 2001. No one knows where it is (wink, wink).

The costs of the Iraq war are projected and tabulated as follows:
* $341,400,000.00 per day.
* $14,225,000.00 per hour
(Cost of War, [cf. this and Wayback Machine]). That doesn't include war in Afghanistan. But hey, what's a few dozen military cargo planes full of your cash or your money going to matter?

Your money is being pumped into foreign lands, like the money we spend on oil. How many economically destroyed Americans here at home would that help?

If we just invade ourselves and spend the hundreds of tons of cash and other money here, that would stimulate our economy.

How far we have fallen under the bushie regime these past 8 years, and how far we have to climb to get out of the republican hell-hole.

We recently discussed the fact that wars actually do cause US job loss, as well as causing a transfer of wealth away from the middle class and poor.

On this date a year ago we discussed MOMCOM science, a subset of modern warmongering.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Natural Economy vs National Economy - 2

Two years ago today we were talking about natural economy, and the plight of California:
We have discussed the reality that the fate of California (and other states of course) can determine the fate of our national economy. California's current natural economy is troubled because they are running out of water.

The natural economy can "fail" and destroy the state economy. "This ain't no party. This ain't no disco. This ain't no foolin' around" goes the song.

Yes, this is stone cold for real:
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger declared a state of emergency Friday because of three years of below-average rain and snowfall in California, a step that urges urban water agencies to reduce water use by 20 percent.

"This drought is having a devastating impact on our people, our communities, our economy and our environment, making today's action absolutely necessary," the Republican governor said in his statement.

Mandatory rationing is an option if the declaration and other measures are insufficient.

The drought has forced farmers to fallow their fields, put thousands of agricultural workers out of work and led to conservation measures in cities throughout the state, which is the nation's top agricultural producer.

Agriculture losses could reach $2.8 billion this year and cost 95,000 jobs, said Lester Snow, the state water director.
(Breitbart, emphasis added). Everyone knows that jobs are the fundamental player in our national recovery plans at this time.

The fact that environmental failure in California is already causing job loss shows us that the natural economy is already impacting the state and national economy.

One of the reasons that global climate change must be taken seriously, then, is the fact that it can damage or destroy national economies.

Nations printing more money or borrowing more money won't start or stop the rains, droughts, storms, and rising oceans.

It will take the greatest of efforts to keep damage to the environment down to current levels, but we are not going to be able to make that goal.

Saving civilization may be the only option remaining to us.

The continuation of Beavis & Butthead national policies will guarantee both natural and national economic collapse at some point in our future or our children's future.

The notion that economy can prevail over environmental concerns is a false notion at the macro level. When the environmental penalty comes it is too late to avoid its impact on economy.

Even though someone turned on the faucets in California and they got record rains with floods following on the heals of those drought conditions, the principle of that post two years ago holds true today.

Likewise, their drinking water comes from afar, so the "water everywhere but not enough to drink" bleep goes on.

Global weirding marches on.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

You're Doin' A Heckuva Job Browner - 3

In the previous post in this series we discussed some of the White House history that led to the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

An ecological, governmental, and propaganda disaster which continues to kill people, to severely damage the environment, and to damage the reputation of government to this very day.

How much has deep water technology improved since the disaster?

In real terms: none, nada, zip.

In fact there is still dispute over the reasons or causes of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, even as The Peak of Oil Lies has been passed or is just around the corner.

Nevertheless, the federal government is plunging headlong and blindly into the foggy future it says it wants to protect:
The U.S. government has approved the first deepwater drilling permit in the Gulf of Mexico more than four months after a moratorium on all deepwater offshore drilling in the country was lifted.

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation & Enforcement (BOEMRE) on Monday approved Noble Energy Inc.'s application for a permit to continue its work on a well in Mississippi Canyon Block 519, approximately 70 miles south east of Venice, [Louisiana].

The Texas-based oil and natural gas explorer started drilling the well on April 16, 2010, four days before BP's Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded unleashing a massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
(RTT News). Perhaps Browner has stepped down, but this catastrophic policy has stepped up to take her place by drilling in deeper water than the Deepwater Horizon site.

We recently looked at the key factors of the demise of this current civilization in the post Embryonic Look At Civilization's Future - 3.

The headlong plunge into the world of oil drug addiction, coupled with the concurrent slavery to the oil drug peddlers of MOMCOM, has guaranteed the demise of civilization as we know it.

The infamous weak response to the Katrina catastrophe in New Orleans will seem like a gargantuan effort when compared to the paltry triage episodes that will happen in the future.

Meanwhile the global warming catastrophe train rushes headlong toward the fanatical drill baby drill train, and vice versa.

The station where they will meet really can be named "Civilization's Demise".

The next post in this series is here, the previous post in this series is here.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Entitlement: Entitled To Endless War? -2

I was surprised to find the acronym "MOMCOM" contained within a Dredd Blog post a year ago.

I thought that was created a month or so ago.

Time is moving very fast my friends.

Yes, a year ago today Dredd Blog was talking about MOMCOM in a way that is as much or even more true today than it was back then.

Much of the reason for our usage of "MOMCOM" and its continuation is because the bloggers here get it and support the notion advanced by that acronym.

Credit where credit is due (thanks for the help and support bloggers)!

Anyway, here is the post made on this date one year ago today:
It is easy to tell when neoCons are going after more money from the Treasury.

It is also easy to tell which programs they think that budget money should come from and be transferred to them.

One word says it all: Entitlements.

When I hear a neoCon use that word I immediately realize that MOMCOM feels entitled to endless spending on the implements of war, together with endless incursions into the pockets of the middle class and poor to fund their largess.

We discussed how they morphed the words "liberal" and "conservative" to destroy the meaning of those words in order to deceive the public.

It is clear that they have used the same technique to destroy the meaning of the word "entitlements".

That word now means social security and other socially beneficial portions of the federal budget, but excludes their own biggest portion, which is the weapons of war budget.

MOMCOM feels entitled to more guns, more WMD, more nukes, more ships, more planes, more drones, more soldiers, and more military bases around the world.

In her demented mindset, she is a warrior who brings us freedom, so she is special and above the rest of us who feel entitled to Social Security, Medicaid, or Medicare.
Stay thirsty my friends.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

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DNC pressures Obama to accelerate Afghanistan withdrawal ...

Libyan "government" goes Brand X nuts ...

The Pentagon, in propaganda mode on steroids, inspires pseudo science that threatens the lives of billions

Is the Obama Administration reading the tea leaves?
(now open to prosecuting war crimes?)

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