Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Age Of Disastrous Triage Is Upon Us

From day one of the Obama Administration this blog has hoped for a good and successful presidency for Barack Obama, because on the heals of the Bush II debacle the nation sorely needed one.

This blog kindly reminded him and his team what the election had been about, musing that it would not be good to forget that signal because it expressed the will of the people.

Before Obama took office this blog criticized those who were criticising him as president before he had even entered office by taking the oath.

Dredd Blog declared that he deserved a fair chance and a fair amount of time, after being sworn into office, before any serious criticism could be in good faith and fair.

This blog criticized the media for jumping the gun concerning the wars.

Once Obama was sworn into office, and this blog then saw who he chose for his team, expressing a philosophy of government, our eyebrows were raised and this blog began to sense a short term vision, stuck in the mire of the status quo, thus this blog felt the need to gave a fair warning.

Obama's cabinet and other choices for his federal offices seemed to say that he wanted to stay in the rut of Bush II on many issues that are fit for a king of sorts.

We finally asked, possibly even becoming apologists, just how good of a president can anyone be any more, and then trying to avoid being overly critical, this blog compared our criticisms to others, one of which emoted quite a prescient statement:
Consider the president's leadership style, which has now become clear: deliver a moving speech, move on, and when push comes to shove, leave it to others to decide what to do if there's a conflict, because if there's a conflict, he doesn't want to be anywhere near it.
(So Obama Thinks I Am Critical?). That is another way of saying that Obama has not bridged the gap between campaign management style and leadership of the federal government.

Now the wheels of criticism have come off, and some faithful active democrats are pulling no punches, saying the Obama Administration is in titanic catastrophe mode for itself and others:
Democratic strategist James Carville and MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews, two reliable supporters of President Barack Obama, have issued withering critiques of the administration's handling of the Gulf oil spill.

Carville, the famously outspoken Louisianian who was a chief political aide to Bill and Hillary Clinton, told CNN's Anderson Cooper on Thursday that the administration's response to the spill has been "lackadaisical" and that Obama was "naive" to trust BP to manage the massive clean-up effort.

"I think they actually believe that BP has some kind of a good motivation here," he said. "They're naive! BP is trying to save money, save everything they can... They won't tell us anything, and oddly enough, the government seems to be going along with it! Somebody has got to, like shake them and say, 'These people don't wish you well! They're going to take you down!'"
(Carville Disses Obama, emphasis added). In that light and in no uncertain terms this blog saw this disaster coming about a month before it happened, knowing that trusting MOMCOM would tear the wheels off of this presidency, and harm the nation once again.

Open Thread

Have we missed any news stories?

We all hear of people using fake identification to sneak into institutions or fake professional papers such as doctor, airline pilot, university professor, etc.

Now someone has used fake papers to get into the military, even getting secret clearance.

Evidently an oil rig in the North Sea went rogue and mavericky, so they are trying to shut it down to avoid a disaster.

It is difficult for a government to grasp the truth once it comes untethered from the truth. If I remember correctly, a while back federal regulators were caught in sexual escapades with oil people they were regulating.

President Obama stated "It seems as if permits were too often issued based on little more than assurances of safety from the oil companies. That cannot and will not happen anymore. To borrow an old phrase, we will trust but we will verify."

The reality is however that "The people will trust and the government will verify". Thus, nothing has changed and this will be repeated.

Should oil rig permits, if drilling offshore is allowed in the future, be approved by a panel of local citizens (a jury) in areas that could be damaged?

One model for real property evaluation has been blogged about here on Dredd Blog, so we wonder why that would not be beneficial in other scenarios too.

Also, in all poison oil disasters, if the oil company executives did wrong should their personal wealth go toward paying for the damages?

The idea is to protect at both ends of the equation, during permitting and after wrongs have been committed.

Currently both ends are open to negligence and intentional wrongs without personal accountability.

Much of the Gulf Coast population is now beginning to come out of shock to cry about the Gulf Oil Disaster says a good NY Times Article on the real-life devastation ongoing there. One can't help feel for the innocent who the drill baby drill leaders have virtually destroyed.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Robin Hood <-- Stabbed In The Back

The movie "Robin Hood", starring Russell Crowe & Cate Blanchett (2010), is a classic portrayal of a society back-stabbed by its government.

You know the story of Robin Hood? I have noticed that the establishment reviewers do not like this version very much.

As the story goes, promises are made in public by the sovereign to the entire nation promising them more freedoms in order to garner their support; then a blatant and open repudiation of those promises takes place once the danger passes.
Movie Poster - Wikipedia

The heroes who saved the establishment are then declared outlaws to be hunted down along with any of their supporters.

It was a one-time occurrence in the movie, but when we think about it, our political system has become the institutionalization of that very infidelity.

For example, it is a regular business for politicians to take the money of MOMCOM while promising the voters their needs will be taken care of, not MOMCOM's.

Then once in office they back-stab the public in the form of opening the people's Treasury to MOMCOM while closing it to the people (except for deposits).

See the movie whether or not you see the reality yet.

You will.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

National Parody Writers File Suit

[Guest Post By blogger disaffected]

May 20, 2010 (FAUX News) - The National Parody Writers Association filed suit today in Washington D.C. district court claiming an unspecified amount of damages against both the Democratic and Republican Parties as well as yet to be specified members of the main stream media (MSM) and their "associated sycophants in the blogosphere."

Industry spokesman Fred Snodgrass said that the suit had been under consideration since "at least the beginning of the Bush XVIII administration," but that "recent events on the part of both parties, as well as the willing complicity of the MSM and the members of the blogosphere," had pushed member parody writers to the "end of their ropes."

"There was a time when parody writing was a fine and honorable profession, and in a normal society where some sense of truthfulness and decorum ruled the day, parody served a useful purpose as a comedic interlude and pointed commentary on those who would deem to take themselves too seriously.

With the advent of the Bush XLIII administration in 2000, parody writers the world over began to feel their livelihoods threatened, as it became increasingly difficult to distinguish parody from genuine, normal, day to day news events, especially here in the U.S.

Unfortunately, the election of Barack Obama has only intensified this trend, as both major parties have apparently enlisted the full time help of the MSM and large swaths of both the conservative and liberal blogosphere in declaring all parody, all of the time. We believe it is time for this ugly trend to stop and for parody writers to return to their rightful place as the purveyors of the nation's parody."

Conservative commentator Newt Gingrich immediately denounced both the suit and the Parody Writers Association as "a symptom of the vast secular, liberal, atheist, communist, socialist, fascist, Stalinist, Hitlerist, gay, drug-taking, sex-having, baby-killing, minority-loving, god-hating, granny-killing, U.S.-hating, defeatist, conspiracy [pausing for deep breath] that threatens freedom loving Americans' rights everywhere to go to their local WalMart dressed only in the made in China shower shoes and bath robe of their choice to buy cheap, unnecessary, plastic shit from fat, sweaty, junk food addicted, drug-smuggling, too many baby having, illegal Mexicans who no habla the ingles."

National Tea party representative Harvey Windbagger replied, "The Tea Party is the new parody. We represent nothing less than the parody of an actual political movement based on another political movement, which is in itself a parody! We are the parody of a parody that the Parody Writers Association would like to parody if they were only up to the task. When I first set eyes on George W. Bush back in 1999 – whose entire life was a parody by the way – my parodic political course was set for life. But when Sarah Palin came along in 2008, breathing new life into the term farcical and teaming up with John McCain, who is also one of the great parodies of the late 20th century in his own right - I knew political parody would be the dominant force in world affairs for the entire 21st century and that I was destined to be a part of it."

Obama Press Secretary Robert Gibbs dismissed the suit as "a well meaning but short-sighted attempt at publicity from a group that stands to eventually benefit from the Obama administration's continued efforts at global military conquest, the ongoing quest for cheap oil, environmental degradation, unlimited debt, and corporate welfare, designed to appeal most especially to our growing constituency on the Republican corporate bankster right, and who we will continue to shower with benefits and gifts as long as they keep lining our pockets, not only while we hold public office, but especially after we transition to the even more lucrative private sector."

Court officials are expected to conduct a parody of a legal review of the issues in the case, before dismissing it out of hand and announcing it to an openly skeptical press and disbelieving public on a farce of a news broadcast.

The Shellfish Society

The shellfish society along The Redneck Riveria has met the selfish society from The Propaganda Riveria (a.k.a. Pentagonia, Capitol of Bullshitistan) where the palace of MOMCOM dwells amid the oil derricks with the dominoes.

The governors, state legislatures, and the voters tended to support MOMCOM because she was prosperous.

They evidently did not know how selfish MOMCOM has been, nor did they have any idea how utterly selfish she-it can become.

They all watched faithfully when the Mr. Smiths of the MOMCOM elite went to Washington to give those congressmen a mouthful of crude.

It was terribly disappointing for the rednecks to see their heroes pass blame to each other in an ever widening circle of irresponsibility, spewing poison swirling spin upon all, as they had with their poison swirling oil the Gulf of The Redneck Riveria.

These kinds of societies are the spawn of MOMCOM, who dutifully drink her truthiness from her plastic bottles spread far and wide upon the oceans of the Earth:
What is it that drives people to be brave and good? Psychologists set out to explore this intriguing question by studying a group of Holocaust “rescuers” who, at great risk to themselves, had saved the lives of Jews.

This group was compared with the “bystanders” living in the same area or even the same street who didn’t help or refused to help when asked.


In The Selfish Society, psycho therapist Sue Gerhardt cites this 2005 study, published in the Journal of Personality, as an example of how individuals with a high degree of emotional development – as exemplified by the rescuers – are a force for good in a society corrupted by a didactic ideology.
(The Selfish Society). A society that deceives itself sick to the point it seems to think it is not really attached to the planet it lives on.

The British Petroleum Society spawn of MOMCOM treats the planet Earth as if it was an alien life form, violating the tenets of ecocosmology, thus becoming unfit to survive in the cosmos at this point in time.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Most Deceitful Month On Record?

A voodoo environmental management agency or two have evidently been told to not look too deep into the gulf of news reports about vast plumes of oil floating beneath the surface of the Gulf of Mexico.

Dredd Blog has been pointing out from close to day one that this would be another episode of government lies trying to cover up.

We pointed out that in so doing they are continuing a catastrophic partnering with a catastrophic MOMCOM oil drilling misadventure. Here are some quotes and posts:
Start up the word grinders Press Secretary Fibbs (successor to Snotty and Snow Job) and see if you can out do the neoCons with propaganda. (Spill Baby Spill - 2).


But when an administration will not consider sound foreign or domestic policy, it is bound to blunder into situations where that administration's best friend is propaganda. (The Bleep Goes On ...).


Sugarland, Texas makes killer chemicals that hide oil from you like banksters hyde your public money from you.

These chemicals, made in Sugarland by Nalco, are worse for the ocean environment than the oil is, but what is important to MOMCOM is that the oil disappear from your sight yesterday.

The U.S. government has also gone into panic propaganda mode because MOMCOM can not keep a lid on this one. (May Day! May Day!).
So the article I found today confirming "hear no oil plume evidence, see no oil plume evidence, speak no oil plume evidence" is not a big surprise, even though it is a disappointment:
The Obama administration is actively trying to dismiss media reports that vast plumes of oil lurk beneath the surface of the Gulf of Mexico, unmeasured and uncharted.

But the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, whose job it is to assess and track the damage being caused by the BP oil spill that began four weeks ago, is only monitoring what's visible -- the slick on the Gulf's surface -- and currently does not have a single research vessel taking measurements below.

The one ship associated with NOAA that had been doing such research is back in Pascagoula, Miss., having completed a week-long cruise during which scientists taking underwater samples found signs of just the kind of plume that environmentalists fear could have devastating effects on sea life of all shapes and sizes.

Meanwhile, the commander of the NOAA vessel that the White House on Friday claimed in a press release "is now providing information for oil spill related research" told HuffPost on Tuesday that he's actually far away, doing something else entirely.
(Government Remains Blind, emphasis added). But they are choosing to remain blind, because the ugly reality lurking below the surface is evidence that they were fully unprepared for reality:
Today Barak Obama convinced me completely!

He made a pronouncement that drilling for oil in the waters near the coast of the Atlantic and other places is the right thing to do.

In effect, Sarah Palin and the oil barons are right he said, reversing yet another campaign talking point made not long ago.

Offshore drilling has been banned in those areas for decades, but is coming to an end, even though he said he would not do that when he asked for our votes.
(The Extinction Clock Nears Midnight). Little wonder why the elections went the way they did yesterday, pointing out that Obama rhetoric is not as loud, not as listened to, as Obama's bushism is.

The picture from the cosmos, taken from a NASA orbiting satellite, makes one wonder about ecocide and the criminal insanity of governments that would allow the destruction of what civilization must have to survive.

Don't shit where you eat fools.

MOMCOM take note, it is time to start spreading the news and stop spreading the disease.

The Coast Guard is the better source at this time, so it would be good if they could get the ok to monitor the underwater islands of poison oil looking for victims.

UPDATE: Some within the Coast Guard have succumbed to the panic and have threated to arrest journalists if they keep spreading the news about the spreading poison oil disaster.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Most Poisonous Months On Record?

The dementia of global warming / global climate change deniers continues as the environment dangerously degrades each day.

This Earth Day saw the beginning of what will ultimately be the most harmful single poison oil spill in U.S. history.

It already boggles the mind when we see the absolutely incompetent federal agencies at work.

It is without a doubt "Brownie you are doin' a heckuva job" on steroids.

Meanwhile the criminal minds who have engineered the debacle seek to shift blame to someone else.

That should be applied to the criminals at BP as well as the criminals in the federal government who violate both their oath and their duty.

Meanwhile, as this poison oil spews into the environment in the gulf, and from our internal combustion engines each day, March and April of 2010 were both the warmest months on record since NOAA and others began keeping such records:
The combined global land and ocean surface temperature was the warmest on record for both April and for the period from January-April, according to NOAA. Additionally, last month’s average ocean surface temperature was the warmest on record for any April, and the global land surface temperature was the third warmest on record.

The monthly analysis from NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center, which is based on records going back to 1880, is part of the suite of climate services that NOAA provides government, business and community leaders so they can make informed decisions.
(NOAA, emphasis added). Well I guess we can conclude, then, that since the MOMCOM kids make anything but informed decisions, they could care less about records or reality.

Oil tar balls have been found in the Key West area of Florida, tens of miles of beaches in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama have now been poisoned with oil.

Oxygen depletion is rapidly occurring because the MOMCOM kids sprayed deadly chemicals into the plume to make it sink or stay below the surface.

Large continents or islands of poison oil goo, miles long and miles wide, float ominously below the eyes of the public like a deadly monster looking for victims.

How is that modern oil drill baby drill technology working out for you Mr. President Obama?

How proud are you for having the wool pulled over your eyes, your cognition, and your credibility?

You wanted what you call "bi-partisan", but instead you got all they have to give, bi-poison and bi-addiction.

Hey, records are made to be broken, gonna go for the biscuits?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Gates Big Bucks The System

The economic madness surfaces like the BP oil in the Gulf of Mexico, but most of it stays under the surface.

The convergence of two realities is causing the rhetoric to swirl around the Potomac river zone today, illustrating a conundrum of sizeable proportions.

Secretary of Defense Gates has been throwing out some rhetoric about lowering the military budget.

This has inspired the warster Ferengi types in the congress to go into hyper status quo mode:
Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates has vowed to impose fiscal austerity at the Pentagon, but his biggest challenge may be persuading Congress to go along.
(Washington Post). Meanwhile the IMF says our deficit, our debt, will be 110% of GDP in the foreseeable future.

The IMF graph estimates that the 100 percent ceiling will be reached in a short five years, because the climb has now become very steep:
The IMF predicts that the U.S. would need to reduce its structural deficit by the equivalent of 12% of GDP, a much larger portion than any other country analyzed except Japan. Greece, in the midst of a financial crisis, needs to reduce its structural deficit by just 9% of GDP, according to the IMF's analysis.
(The Hill). The red line marks the date in 2006, during the Bush II regime, when the out of control event kicked off and headed skyward.

That was when everyone was saying the economy was fundamentally sound, especially John McCain, who said that up until a month before the 2008 election.

Some people around the internet, including Dredd Blog, and Bill Maher on HBO, are beginning to point out the 800 lb. gorilla in the Treasury.

I think the question is "can Gates be serious?" or is it only some more rhetoric designed to take some of the heat off the issue?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Democracy School & Too-Big-To-Jail - 2

An ex-prosecutor and now environmental lawyer, Mike Papantonio of Florida, was discussing the current BP Gulf of Mexico pollution when he offered the notion that BP officials, perhaps, could be tried and convicted of negligent manslaughter because of the deaths of 11 workers in the Deepwater Horizon explosion and sinking.

His theory rests in the law that when behaviour is so egregiously negligent that it equates to reckless indifference, the criminal law, including manslaughter statutes, may apply:
We have — when we look at this case, we have to treat BP just like they‘re a person, just like me or you and we were in trial. When I‘m trying this case, the first words out of my mouth is we‘re dealing with a convicted felon that killed 15 people and injured 170 in Texas because they were wanton and reckless. And they haven‘t changed.
(MSNBC, Ed Show). He was in reference to another case where 15 died. There is an article in a Texas newspaper that supports the notion that BP of MOMCOM has not changed:
Meanwhile, the rest of the world bases our country's image on their history with us. But, because we have such a mythic view of our own history, we are continuously stunned and shocked when other countries fall out of our orbit or attack us directly. And nowhere is our misunderstanding of past events greater than in the Middle East.

So: On what date did America go from being seen as the protector of the people in the Middle East, the great balancing partner against the former colonial powers' oppressive treatment, to their seeing us as potentially their biggest problem?

That date would be August 19, 1953, and it too was a direct result of the worst mismanagement of an oil disaster in British Petroleum's history. But, unlike today's Gulf oil spill, which in 60 years won't rate even a footnote in the history of oil, we still deal with the reverberations of BP's oil disaster of 1953. After all, we helped them create it.
(BP - No Stranger To Disaster, emphasis added). The "oil disaster" this article is in reference to is when MOMCOM's CIA and BP (big petroleum) got together and began to abuse the nations and people of the Middle East, converting them from what we then called "allies" into what we now call "enemies".

Yes, MOMCOM turned them against "us", but like cocaine "she don't mind, she don't mind" because the war industries make out like bandits anyway.

A million deaths have happened since that "oil disaster", but much more is to come if we follow the criminal insanity of MOMCOM.

UPDATE: Evidently our concern that the "dispersants" designed to weigh down the oil so it could not be seen was accurate.

Giant tar conglomerations miles long and miles wide have been discovered underneath the surface.

Also as we feared and predicted, the dead zone of zero oxygen and zero life is beginning to expand.