Saturday, August 13, 2016

Humble Oil-Qaeda

Fig. 1 Humble Oil-Qaeda (They knew in '62)

In recent posts I have been looking both under the sea and on top of the sea.

I found that waters off the East Coast are cooling at various depths, and I also found the reason (Fig. 1).

The humble Oil-Qaeda (Oil-Qaeda: The Indictment, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) is responsible for these cooling trends in some of the deeps (Will This Float Your Boat - 12).

"The Humble" melted away, to become the not-so-humble Exxon, about four and a half decades ago (Humble Oil Morph).


They now supply cool water all the way down to the Bermuda Triangle because the icebergs they used to send down turned out to be a Titanic Mistake (The Titanic Iceberg, Titanic Mistakes Using The W Compass - 2);
Fig. 2 Humble Iceberg Sightings

The Coast Guard evidently informed them that sending icebergs all the way down to that part of "their bathtub" was not welcomed.

Notice the two cyan colored squares where the Coast Guard has in the past sighted icebergs  (Fig. 2).

Yes, Humble Oil-Qaeda is so humble that  way back in once-upon-a-time-ville they clearly realized that they would be cooking up an "advanced" planetary scene.

Known for being warming folks, they were gifted with an idea furnished to them by Dr. Salacious "Sammy" Spin (The Authoritarianism of Climate Change).

He suggested that they chill the warming waters all the way from the big apple (Hard Times2 In New York Town) down to the yellow submarine (Zone In On Sea Level Change - 3).


Fig. 3 Cooling Waters of Humble Oil-Qaeda
So, taking Dr. Spin's advice, they did what they do best, and warmed the planet some more.

The idea was to melt those pesky icebergs while they were still way up north, so that only the iceberg residue (cooler water) could make it down to the sunshine state (Fig. 3).

"We will be heroes" they sang and shouted.

Some of them even bought their 5th estate on the shores of Miami Beach.
Fig. 4 Stairway to Hell

Then the cool water, which they were so proud of, began to lap at their doorsteps there (Fig. 4, Fig. 5, Fig. 6).

They were then told that their melting of the ice sheets was also a no-no (Why The Military Can't Defend Against The Invasion).

Some of them hit the trail called Highway 61, hoping that it would cause a distraction.

Even more of them went back to Dr. Spin for another dose of hopium, and he "gave them the business" (The Deceit Business).

Fig. 5
Fig. 6

They began to pay the warming commentariat to spin humble oil yarns, to pay the warming trumpeters to rise up above science and fib about the warming Sun being the source of the "rising seas that were getting fat from eating too much sunshine" (The Warming Science Commentariat, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).

They began to pay the magi to mass produce exquisite smoke, mirrors, and tom foolery because the hoi polloi did not appreciate their cool water (Smoke & Fumes).

The rest of the story is an unfolding mystery (Why?, Attorneys General).

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The Humble Oil-Qaeda Anthem

Friday, August 12, 2016

Hard Times2 In New York Town

Fig. 1 New York Tide Gauge Record
I have expected acknowledgment of error, but I hear nothing but crickets from the TEM (thermal expansion myth) commentariat.

Today, let's take a look at "New York Town."
Fig. 2  WOD Zone 7307

The WOD data show cooling trends in the subsurface Atlantic ocean waters off the coast of New York (Fig. 2).

Yet, the PSMSL data show that a robust sea level rise trend has been taking place (Fig. 1).

Note that the vertical line that I drew on Fig. 1 represents the date (~1968) when the WOD data in Fig. 2 began.

These data provide another example of the lack of robust logic, argument, and evidence for the notion that "thermal expansion caused MOST sea level rise" over the past century (The Warming Science Commentariat, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).

I suppose no blogger in the warming commentariat is going to own up to their error?

If not, that gives the deniers ammunition.

Don't Trump on me.

New York Town

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Zone In On Sea Level Change - 3

Fig. 1 Depths & Temperatures
"In a white room with black curtains at the station" - Cream

Today's PSMSL stations show robust sea level rise off the U.S. East Coast.

I am writing specifically about Key West, Miami Beach, and Charleston, SC.

Yet, the World Ocean Database data from WOD zones 7207 and 7307 do not show evidence that thermal expansion is "a MAJOR cause of sea level rise" in the area.

Fig. 2 Depths & Temperatures

Fig. 3 Charleston
"Go figure."

Fig. 4 Key West

Fig. 5 Miami Beach
Before my recent computer "crash of 2016" I had mentioned in a post, that I was writing a module which would do just that ("go figure").

It would figure the thermal variations in a WOD zone from the surface down into the depths.

The OS upgrade program trashed my hard drive and my backup drive, so that was the end of that code epoch.

We are in a new cod epoch now, because I keep my backups in "an offshore account."

Anyway, as I said, I rewrote the WOD zone analysis software, which makes csv files from millions of WOD data values.

It then populates an SQL table from which I can then "go figure" out the thermal ups and downs for Dredd Blog readers..

The screen shots at Fig. 6 and Fig. 7 are printouts of the report which that module (which is still in beta mode) generates.

What it does is average out the temperature changes over the years at seven depth layers, then it averages out all of those layers into one figure.

When you compare that figure to the PSMSL graphs of sea level rise (Fig. 3, Fig. 4, and Fig. 5), you can determine without a calculator that the TEM (thermal expansion myth) should not have been perpetuated and/or promulgated by The Warming Commentariat (The Warming Science Commentariat, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).
Fig. 6 "Go Figure" Zone 7307

These graphs (Fig. 1, Fig. 2) are each made from four WOD files as follows: 1) log onto the WOD zone selection menu (WOD menu), 2) select a zone, 3) download the "CTD0nnnn", "CTDSnnnn", "PFL0nnnn", and "PFLSnnn" data files, 3) write software modules to extract the data, separate it into years, levels, and measurement types (temperature, salinity, and 30 or so other types of data), 4) generate a mean average for each year, each depth level, and each data type, 5) write the results to CSV files and an SQL database, 6) blog about it, 7) take heat from The Donald Gang for being scientific.

(I kid my editor about the data being "a slice of PI").

Fig. 7 "Go Figure" Zone 7207
Remember that these WOD files have millions of measurements.

Measurements which are placed in them by scientists (oceanographers, etc.) from around the world.

They are then reviewed by WOD technicians of various sorts.

Finally they are made available for download.

The adventurous folk who use the data, like me, enjoy having a hands-on experience with the science.

In closing, I should mention that I may have one design bug in the module that generates the mean averages (Fig. 6, Fig. 7).

Notice that there was no data (in the WOD files) for depths and temperatures below 3,000 meters (9,842.52 ft).

The software will calculate any measurements from any depth of any ocean, but when there is no data provided at the deepest level, what should I do?

While I know that the ocean water below that depth exists, and that it is probably colder than the water above it, should I use seven or six as the divisor?

When those deepest depths have not been reached by the expedition scientists, there is no measurement data, so should I extrapolate?

Using 7 instead of 6 assumes it is the same temperature as the water above it (even though it is more likely to be colder), but using 6 means. in effect. that it does not exist (unless there is no water below 3000 m).

If any readers see any problems, errors, and the like, please let me know and I will make corrections as needed.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Proxymetry3 - 6

Fig. 1 Source of data
The Gulf of Mexico, in places, has had upwards of 90 degree F surface temperatures of late.
Fig. 2
Fig. 3

I thought that it would be a good place to examine the TEM (thermal expansion myth).

So, today let's look at a surprising result from the new WOD program I have finished, save for two modules.

(I hope to finish those two modules today.)
Fig. 4
Fig. 5 Galveston, TX

Fig. 6 Pensacola, FL
For a quick introduction, notice Fig. 1 and Fig. 3, which deal with the eastern portion of that gulf (WOD zone 7208).

The graph at Fig. 1 is the mean average of millions of data values, from the surface down to the deepest depths.

The graph at Fig. 3 is the same graph as Fig. 1, except that I have placed two trend lines for the 0-200m and the 200-400m depths.

As you can see, surprisingly, the temperature trend is not up.

Yet, the sea level rise (SLR) graph for a tide gauge station in that same region, Pensacola, Florida, is definitely showing a relatively steep SLR (see Fig. 6).

You regular readers get my drift.

The exact same scientific data sources reveal that the same is true for the western gulf.

That is, Fig. 2 and Fig. 4 concern the western Gulf of Mexico (WOD zone 7209).

They too show a decline over the years, in mean average ocean temperature, while Fig. 5 shows strong SLR in the same zone.

Thus, a large swath of warm ocean water, in terms of mean average, is not warming sufficiently to cause the sea level rise recorded in that well-known area by tide gauge stations.

Sea level rise and fall, first and foremost, is a function of melting ice sheets and glaciers (Proof of Concept , 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8).

Secondly, it is a function of ghost-water (The Ghost-Water Constant, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7).

Last, and certainly least, sea level rise is impacted slightly (in comparison) by thermal expansion (The Battle of the Bulge).

The previous post in this series is here.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Global Sea Level Rise In A Bathtub Myth

Fig. 1

 I finally said "ok" to an upgrade of my operating system.

The damn upgrade destroyed the contents on my backup drive and the main drive too.

All the software was lost.

I have spent the last three days re-writing the WOD file processing software.

It works better than before.

I don't think I will rewrite the PSMSL modules.

Instead I will use PSMSL graphs directly.

We have covered that ground anyway.

The WOD data has not been focused on sufficiently, so that is what I will focus on.
Fig. 2

It is an incredible story that is unfolding concerning the TEM (thermal expansion myth).

The scientific papers were questionable, but the warming commentariat went nuts over a hypothesis that is not supported by the available data.

These two graphs  (Fig. 1, Fig. 2) are zone averages in zones way out in the middle of the Pacific, and Atlantic oceans.

They are near enough to the equator to be warmed more than many other places.

Yet they have that same see-saw pattern.

Millions, and I do mean millions, of individual values were averaged to make these graphs.

More to come, as well as the module (destroyed along with the others) that analyzes the results of the ups and downs, in terms of net expansion / contraction.

The warming commentariat has not helped us with their silly millimeter thermal expansion of the hot air in their heads:
"It is very, very depressing that politicians and the public are attuned to the threat of climate change even less than they were 20 years ago when Margaret Thatcher sounded the alarm. CO2 levels are rising at a faster than exponential rate, and yet politicians only want to take utterly trivial steps such as banning plastic bags and building a few windfarms," he said.
( Guardian). The kids are doing a better job of it (Jim Hansen and kids vs federal government).

Climate change is not the only place in scientific discourse where sloppy practices are perpetuated (Obscurantism).

It is true that current civilization is exceptional, in the sense that it is the one that has brought extinction to the evening dinner table conversation:
If we are to believe Hegel – or Collingwood – no age, no civilization, is capable of conceptually identifying itself. This can only be done after its demise, and even then, as we know too well, such an identification is never certain or universally accepted. Both the general morphology of civilizations and the descriptions of their constitutive characteristics are notoriously controversial and heavily loaded with ideological biases, whether they express a need for self-assertion by comparison with the past or a malaise in one’s own cultural environment and the resulting nostalgia for the good times of old. Collingwood suggests that each historical period has a number of basic (“absolute”) presuppositions which it is unable clearly to articulate and which provide a latent inspiration for its explicit values and beliefs, its typical reactions and aspirations. If so, we might try to uncover those presuppositions in the lives of our ancient or medieval ancestors and perhaps build on this basis a ” history of mentalities” (as opposed to the “history of ideas”); but we are in principle prevented from revealing them in our own age, unless, of course, … we are living in the twilight, at the very end of an epoch.
(Sources of Totalitarianism). This has all been done by the pirate rich folk of Oil-Qaeda, their vassals, and of course the serfs (Discipline for the Benefit of the Rich).

I hope to be back in the saddle again soon.

Interesting Papers


Contribution of ice sheet and mountain glacier melt to recent sea level rise
"Comparing the two over the seven year period this study looked at, the authors found that meltwater from glaciers and ice sheets contributed more to sea level rise than thermal expansion"
(Carbon Brief).
"Water is weird. It’s one of the only liquids that expands as it freezes, at 0 degrees Celsius, yet contracts as you warm it up to 4 C. (This is why water ice floats while most other types of ice sink.)

But if you warm up water beyond 4 C, the molecules violently push on one another, expanding the total volume of liquid and making it take up more space."
(Tech Insider).

Accord U. of Calif.

Newspaper Mattress Sidewalk Blues

Ever Been?


where the LAPD
is a criminal enterprise;
where what you see
is in someone else's eyes?

where two sisters apart
is not measured in metrics;
where distance in the heart
is something we rejected?

where you mention dylan
but no one says which one;
where you mention freedom
and they all say which one?

Savant Lighthouse


Once I took a close look within
only to find savant energy
encircling in lighthouse beams
looking out and looking in;

The beam would shine upon faces
of sea captains in a fog;
bearing down upon the reefs
between life's ups and downs.

My emotions changed shapes
as I watched the faces go by;
until at once my face appeared
as did yours, theirs, and ours;

We wept within the stormy wastes
as we navigated toward land's end
or was it the sea's beginning?
where all journeys and candles halt.

Newspaper Mattress Sidewalk Blues


A teary eyed man now spreads the news
while a young man does the same;
newspaper mattress sidewalk blues
wraps with lies the free and the lame.

Some say the long and some say the short
As the chilling winds in shallow waters howl;
Some say the sea and some say the port
As secure men stagger and weak women growl.

We've got to read that soul map again
and sing all the fading songs of freedom;
we've got to lose and we've got to win
on the east side of the western kingdom.

It seems to me and it seems to you
that the western winds blow east;
so there is nothing more now to do
except the most and except the least.

Lay on the news and pull it around you
sleepily wondering about life's gone byes
newspaper mattress sidewalk blues
wraps lies around free-for-all skies.

Two or so Befores


She withered my storms
as I weathered her earth;
we searched for norms
and other forms of worth;

Our after our passed us by,
mine upon mine flowered haze;
the wonder of wondering why
unearthed naked revealing plays.

We sweated softly and we built
blue forts from cold blue prints;
minions of love cared not to admit
or be concealed in windy hints.

I went running to where I began
and she went dancing in the winds,
once or twice and once again,
as we sang the words of friends.

So I mixed the milk with the wine,
while she mixed some metaphors;
ever so sweet and ever so kind
in the glass of two or so befores.

(poems (C) 2008, by Dredd)