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The Pardon Virus: Time For States To Provide Antidotes

Alt Love
The magic wand of President Trump's pardon of Sicko Sheriff Arpaio is an infection upon the nation.

One that will fester and grow, unless an antidote is fashioned (Arpaio, 85, hints at return to politics after pardon from Trump).

The creepy pardon is a warning shot that has been fired across the bow of equal justice and the national character of our ship of state:
"We should hope that (Trump) aspires that he does some self-reflection, that he does what is necessary to demonstrate stability, to demonstrate competence, to demonstrate that he understands the character of our nation and works daily to bring out the best of the people in our nation."
(Bob Corker just went there on Trump's 'competence'). In other words, Trump likes Russian government more than he likes American government (The Shapeshifters of Bullshitistan, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9).

The antidote is clear:
"Under the Constitution, only federal criminal convictions, such as those adjudicated in the United States District Courts, may be pardoned by the President. In addition, the President's pardon power extends to convictions adjudicated in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia and military court-martial proceedings. However, the President cannot pardon a state criminal offense. Accordingly, if you are seeking clemency for a state criminal conviction, you should not complete and submit this petition. Instead, you should contact the Governor or other appropriate authorities of the state where you reside or where the conviction occurred (such as the state board of pardons and paroles) to determine whether any relief is available to you under state law. If you have a federal conviction, information about the conviction may be obtained from the clerk of the federal court where you were convicted."
(U.S. Dept. of Justice, emphasis added). Thus, it is crucial for the Attorney Generals of the various states to charge appropriate officials in the Administration under state criminal statutes wherever and whenever possible.

The president plans incestuous pardons to family members and "special" others who know of, and/or participated in, his high crimes and misdemeanors.

The House of Representatives is the only federal government entity that can impeach the president.

But, they have been compromised by fear and intimidation:
"This is not 1974. People will not stand for impeachment."
Stone added that any politician who voted in favor of any such motion "would be endangering their own life." - Politico
(Trump adviser Roger Stone warns any politician who votes to impeach him would 'endanger their own life', emphasis added.)

Thus, it is time for THE (united) STATES to step up and make America great again, since the federal government will not or can not.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Secret Afghanistan Underground - 3

Could "we" really be in a historical trance?

A trance where "we" don't know where "we" are anymore because "these maps" are not for "us" (You Are Here) ?

Why "we" are still "in" Afghanistan is said to be a mystery to Blind Willie McTell News (Blind Willie McTell News) and to "our" government officials, who are more concerned with their towering emoluments.

"Using a geology-based assessment methodology, the U.S. Geological Survey–Afghanistan Ministry of Mines and Industry Joint Oil and Gas Resource Assessment Team estimated mean volumes of undiscovered petroleum in northern Afghanistan; the resulting estimates are 1,596 million [actually 270 billion] barrels of crude oil, 15,687 billion cubic feet of natural gas, and 562 million barrels of natural gas liquids. Most of the undiscovered crude oil is in the Afghan-Tajik Basin, and most of the undiscovered natural gas is in the Amu Darya Basin."
(Assessment of Undiscovered Petroleum Resources of Northern Afghanistan, 2006). Like climate change, and Jim Crow laws, you just don't talk about these things, now get back to work at your minimum wage labor (Blind Willie McTell News).

Once again, why "we" are "in" Afghanistan for 16 or so years is material:
"Afghanistan has abundant mineral resources, but modern technical data and information are necessary if they are to be developed successfully. Previous mineral-resource studies from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and its Eastern European allies provided Afghanistan with large amounts of technical data. The USGS has added new interpretations of the mineral resources of Afghanistan and has provided quantitative classifications and new data that are designed to help in the development of the mineral resources of the country.

A wide variety of nonfuel mineral resources is known, including important deposits of copper, iron, gold, chromium, silver, barite, sulfur, talc, magnesium, salt, mica, marble, rubies, emeralds, and lapis lazuli. In addition, USGS-TFBSO surveys have also delineated potentially extractable deposits of asbestos, mercury, lead, zinc, fluorspar, bauxite, beryllium, clays, limestone, and lithium.

Newly created databases permit an assessment of the potential for near-term economic mining of different mineral, commodity, and mineral-deposit types." - p. 2 PDF Report
(Summaries and Data Packages of Important Areas for Mineral Investment and Production Opportunities in Afghanistan & report PDF). For additional information, see (USGS Projects In Afghanistan, Afghan Oil & Natural Gas, Wayback Machine History - Afghanistan Resources, A lot of mapping going on, Oil and Gas, list of documents, Afghanistan For Sale, Oil Info, Assessment of Undiscovered Petroleum Resources of Northern Afghanistan, 2006 and  PDF Report) and follow the money.

"We" have religiously spent thousands of lives, a trillion dollars of taxpayer money, years of USGS snooping for oil and other resources, etc., to do what in Afghanistan and WHY?

Why? ... To take back our resources that somehow got underneath their land:
"The enemy aggressor is always pursuing a course of larceny, murder, rapine and barbarism. We are always moving forward with high mission, a destiny imposed by the Deity to regenerate our victims, while incidentally capturing their markets; to civilise savage and senile and paranoid peoples, while blundering accidentally into their oil wells or metal mines."
(As We Go Marching, by John T. Flynn, 1944, p. 222; p. 241, PDF). This includes mines of lithium for green vehicle batteries (U.S. Identifies Vast Mineral Riches in Afghanistan, Wayback Machine copy).

People of the world take note that "we" keep an eye out for our lost resources that have somehow been spread all around the world, and that we are very busy reclaiming them (MOMCOM: The Private Parts, 2, 3, 4, 5; MOMCOM 2.0).

Or, is it because Oil-Qaeda and the other horsemen of the apocalypse (Apocalypse: The Domestic Enemies) are our real enemies and because "we" are too unaware of it ?

The previous post in this series is here.

"Because something is happening here
But you don’t know what it is
Do you, Mister Jones?

Guest Post by GiGi

by GiGi

These are stunning, trying times.
This is a time of instability.
It is a time for an awakening of civility;
a time of revisiting civics and caring for humanity.

It is a time to wright the ship.
In this sea of challenge, we are tempest tossed.
This is no time for "NOT paying attention."
We must arm ourselves with facts that lead us to reality.

May the scales fall from our eyes.
Courage and caring for country are needed
to face our fears and disappointments.
It takes courage to look at truth.

It takes courage to grapple with responsibility.
It takes citizens armed with facts that lead us to knowledge.
All of these are needed to gather wisdom.
All of these are needed to be a patriot and to save our humanity.

The four following songs tell a story.
I suggest listening to all four of them.
See where they take you.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Doing The Alt-Right Thing - Mithraism - 5

An Old Sign of the Oil Wars
A once-well-known journalist wrote: "The enemy aggressor is always pursuing a course of larceny, murder, rapine and barbarism. We are always moving forward with high mission, a destiny imposed by the Deity to regenerate our victims, while incidentally capturing their markets; to civilise savage and senile and paranoid peoples, while blundering accidentally into their oil wells or metal mines." - (As We Go Marching, by John T. Flynn, 1944, p. 222; p. 241, PDF).

As has been pointed out often over the years here on Dredd Blog, there are religious, corporate greed, and propaganda reasons we do not understand Afghanistan, "America's longest war" :
Since the first oil field was discovered in Afghanistan in 1959 ...

The USGS has previously conducted broad regional oil and gas resource assessments of northwestern Afghanistan as part of the Amu Darya basin, most of which is located in Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. These assessments were published by Kingston (1986 and 1990), Masters and others (1995), and Ulmishek (2000).
As the war in Afghanistan unfolds, there is frantic diplomatic activity to ensure that any post-Taliban government will be both democratic and pro-West. Hidden in this explosive geo-political equation is the sensitive issue of securing control and export of the region's vast oil and gas reserves. The Soviets estimated Afghanistan's proven and probable natural gas reserves at 5 trillion cubic feet - enough for the United Kingdom's requirement for two years - but this remains largely untapped because of the country's civil war and poor pipeline infrastructure.

More importantly, according to the U.S. government, "Afghanistan's significance from an energy standpoint stems from its geographical position as a potential transit route for oil and natural gas exports from central Asia to the Arabian Sea."

To the north of Afghanistan lies the Caspian and central Asian region, one of the world's last great frontiers for the oil industry due to its tremendous untapped reserves. The U.S. government believes that total oil reserves could be 270 billion barrels. Total gas reserves could be 576 trillion cubic feet.
(Secret Afghanistan Underground, cf. here). A war which the media calls "the Afghanistan war."

"The longest war" is actually another war still riding the roller-coaster of a hundred years of time, and is properly called the oil wars (The Universal SmeSummaries and Data Packages of Important Areas for Mineral Investment and Production Opportunities in Afghanistandley - 2; The Peak Of The Oil Wars, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; The Fleets and Terrorism Follow The Oil - 2).

Religious leaders of mithraic persuasions, such as Jerry Falwell Jr., have always followed the tenets of mithraism by overlooking war, so long as some trumps sound out during the mayhem ("It is forbidden to kill therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets." - Voltaire).

The shape shifter in chief (The Shapeshifters of Bullshitistan) has cast off his non-affinity for endless war, and now embraces them (Trump Calls For a Troop Increase in Afghanistan).

So, the beat beat-down of the public goes on, because like the mithrah worshiping Romans, on Doomer Tuesday we are only allowed to elect surrogate Romanovs (The Elections of Pontius Pilots, 2, 3, 4, 5).

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