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Open Thread

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  1. I am a proser not a poser. My growing list of detractors are probably thinking whoa nellie, that I am a prozer who needs to find some prozac.

    proser {n}

    1. an amateur intellectual not affiliated with any university, corporation, government entity or other such institution.
    2. someone who seeks out truth through a combination of research, reflection, and free form writing.
    3. one in a constant battle between articulation and diction.

    There's no link to the above, because that came out of my brain. :)

    I was around when the Tony Krvaric story emerged in the zeitgeist. I agreed with you that it seemed like something right up Mr. BradBlog's alley. It was organic for the unwashed masses attempting to be the media to wonder if perhaps this had anything to do with the idea of black box voting. The guy had been a top-notch hacker who was also the Chairman of the Republican Party of San Diego. No one was saying this was a holy grail. But the realistic question was pondered aloud of whether this could mean something. When the crickets arrived, it had to be frustrating for Mr. Dredd.

    There are always degrees of evidence. Some stuff is the gold standard. Some stuff needs to be looked into further. This was the latter.

    No one was saying with full confidence or anywhere close that this was a huge breakthrough in figuring out election fraud. The same cannot be said for the Clint Curtis and Mike Connell stories. Those have been presented as big time finds despite the appearance of more holes than Swiss cheese.

    A strange discovery has been made by a friend who works in the computer hosting industry. He would take a ptr and then plug that number into the ip figuring out machine. The ptr is basically an ip number reversed or backwards.

    Many when confronted with such an idea profess that this is not possible, that a backwards ip does not correlate with the original one, that to attempt such an endeavour is to defy the physics of computer technology.

    I am not so sure. At my friends place of employment, strange phone calls were received. All of which originated from untraceable originations. Eventually someone presenting himself as a 52 year old ex-intelligence worker from the Northeast reached someone at the office to have an extended conversation. He spoke of how the NoSuchAgency cannot be beaten, that they can crack anything.

    I believe that rogue intelligence is all over my ass. My friend says that outside forces have been trying to get into his files, that attempts are being made to have complete access to everything on his computers.

    I believe that both of us have been victims of a sophisticated psychological operation. These people somehow got my friend to believe I was some form of intel disinfo or whatnot. I won't blab on about this, but it appears that the plan has been to isolate me and attempt to steer my emotions for the worse. In short, my idea is that the dark side does not want honest people to work together and gain any kind of traction with the development of grassroots.

    But back to the backwards ip thing. If you take and crunch the numbers, you will find a mysterious third server listed in addition to the standard ones to be expected. When you reverse the ip of that one, it leads directly to a military ip.

    The same can be done with my humble forum. This is not something that can be easily reproduced with most websites. I've tried it. By recreating the same steps, I have found that with most domains there is no match found, that one is led to the ip number assigner in California.

    The holy grail question is whether an ip number can be reversed for the purposes of redirecting a domain to a third party server. It's that simple a question.

    I can prove the cyberstalking and smearing. If those involved with that can be connected to rogue military/intel, then presto, it will be proven that psychological operations have been illegally conducted on American citizenry.

    I am good at researching the open source information. I have proven that time and time again. Case in point was my finding the link to Lori Grace, the tantric sex teacher who claims to have been the one who brought Arnebeck, Spoonamore, and Kimberlin together.

    But I do not have a background in computer science.

    I have found one source which seems to back this new theory of backwards ip's having potentially significant applications.

    Proxies cache UA rewrites?

    Frank Rizzo: "The 403 logging script I have was for some reason putting the CLIENT_IP in backwards! I thought the address was faked, but putting it backwards..... traces the exact client back to the NTL Brentford proxy."

    jdMorgan: "Wow - Backwards IP logging? I've never heard of that kind of problem before!

    The problem with all of these "URL controls" is that you never know what kind of script is using them. Putting a Disallow in robots.txt will only stop the "honest" users who may have written their own spider, but DO abide by robots.txt. Most of the page scrapers will ignore robots.txt, or even use the Disallows as a "shopping list", figuring that you have something on those pages that you may wish to protect. So, I think robots.txt is realy only useful for telling bona fide spiders that the content of the Disallowed pages is not really worth indexing. It certainly won't keep malicious agents out!"

    My thinking is that this goes beyond the idea of a ptr record which always includes My theory is that rogue intel could be using a program based on backwards ip's that enable them to redirect whole domains to their third party servers. Thus, perhaps they have the cover excuse that a ptr record cannot be run through whois and mean anything, since the has been left out.

    But as I have admitted, I am a newbie about the insides of a computer, and I have been and always will be a civilian nobody. I can prove the psy-op. My friend appears to be able to prove the attacks on his computers which by this method do lead to the scary ip's. Throw in that bizarre phone call, which has been recorded, and the question remaining is, why are a couple nobodies interested in open-source information being stalked and receiving head games?

    I'm tired Dredd. I'm not a genius. I'm not a hacker or multi-personality troll. I am actually no longer worried about my real identity being revealed. I haven't been for a long time. I just want the truth. There appears to be rogue elements who refuse to play fair. I am calling their bluff. I don't want them to get away with this. The bill of rights say that we have the right to freedom of speech and association. They do not say that any of us have the right to terrorise anyone else.

  2. socrates,

    " ... it will be proven that psychological operations have been illegally conducted on American citizenry ..."

    The best way to protect yourself is to find some way for them to be able to "prove" you are a kook. They have no problems with kooks because they can be discredited.

    Post something about the 9/11 attacks being a false flag op with a following cover up. They will leave you alone cause they think everyone believes only kooks believe that. So you will be safe.

    If you can't be discredited by them in today's slander world then your information can't be discredited. Then you are endangered.

    The best way to develop a story is to leak it to a press source that can't be discredited. And work out a deal where you can stay anon. Whistle blowers anon.

  3. the definition of "proser" has already been taken: Urban Dictionary - proser

  4. I agree Dredd. No one seemed to have a problem with me when I was side by side with the chemmie veterans. It got really tough for me, when myself and this guy the_last_name_left went after Michael Rivero, and when I debunked something called the Deep Sky hoax.

    One of my professors got through to me that repetition can be good. Because once we see something clearly, we can then move on to greater levels of comprehension.

    This backwards ip thing might be no good. It's similar to your approach to Krvaric or myself with Hertzberg. We weren't saying these things were proof of anything. But they did appear to be worthy of looking into.

    Yes, I have refused to appear as a kook. I admit to being eccentric. But I do care about appearing logical and sincere. That is my achilles heel that the detractors have used to provoke me into getting too emotional at times.

    I have actually changed my approach of late. I am trying to branch out into the real world by touching base with reporters. Last night I wrote to Mark Singer of the New Yorker and filled him in that Kimberlin is up to his old tricks. Unfortunately, he is unable to go after Brett again, since to do so would make him appear as promoting his book and also open himself up to unfair criticism of being a hack. But the good news is that I am not the only person who has written to him. A print journalist is also curious about the Speedway Bomber's recent incarnation.

    The true story will eventually be told. A key part to figure out are the rumblings that Kimberlin was perhaps behind the murder of Julia Scyphers after seeming to have had sexual relations with her underage granddaughter. Singer says he had no idea that the internet was around the corner. I told him that he is a hero, that without him, there would be next to nothing known about BK's true history. People need to realise that Mark Singer is an accomplished journalist having written for many year, notably in the Talk of the Town section. He was duped by Kimberlin into thinking he was a political prisoner. That was around the time BK claimed to have sold Dan Quayle the nickel bags at the Burger Chef. That never added up. A guy smuggling tons of weed is going to be selling nickel bags at fast food chains? Anyway, Kimberlin did then the same mistake he is making now. He doesn't know when to quit when he is ahead. Kind of like with my blog entries. :)

    Kimberlin and Singer went on to work together on the book. Then Singer's journalistic instincts kicked in, and he found out about the heinous activities BK was involved in. I was ready to forget about all this too, but when the Mike Connell story came out, it was another opportunity to check out wtf is really going on. It's as if the Speedway Bomber and the others are asking for the few of us to finish the job off for Mr. Singer.

    I don't think anyone even has to reinvent the wheel. To me, the story has been already figured out. It's just being buried. One other good thing that is emerging is that people are figuring out who his donors are. There is apparently a woman in Washington D.C. who he has shmoozed. I told Mark about Lori Grace. Perhaps they are one and the same.

    Even if BK is not part of a disinfo racket, it appears that at a minimum, he is a scammer raising huge amounts of dough for EI campaigns that were doomed for failure from the start. And you are playing a good part here, too, as for someone who had been one of the original BradBloggers, you have been able to fill in some big pieces of the puzzle.

    Mark Singer is the elephant in the room. The EI people who continue to cover up Kimberlin's seedy past will someday be getting cold water splashed on them.

    Thanks for that link Anonymous. That take says proser is a combination of poser and preppie. So I have figured out how to define a word with its antonym.

  5. socrates,

    I watched a Nova on PBS tonight about the NSA, called "The Spy Factory".

    Good investigative journalism. Catch it if you can.

    I think the last 8 years were a time of studying massive numbers of folk to develop demographics for psyops.

    On another thread you know we were talking about how contextual psyops must be. You can't run the same routines on someone in San Francisco as you run on someone in Selma, Alabama for example.

    And I do not mean that the psyops being conducted are harmful in the sense of doing damage to anyone.

    No, like a good bee keeper they do not want to harm their honey bees. But they do want to know how the bees will react to stimulus.

    It is a control thang not a kill maim destroy thang.

    I resist them because of my belief that power corrupts and they have been exposed to power and want more of it. That is one of the DNA which indicates a sure sign of having been corrupted by the exposure to power.

    I resist because they are corrupt, not because they want to destroy the honey bees.

  6. Thanks Dredd, I saw someone mentioned that at DU.

    Nova and Frontline rule. I've gotta watch more PBS, but most of the time have felt the need for gentleness found in the likes of The Andy Griffith Show, ones that remind oneself of better days when we were better people.

    I don't think anyone has ever been at risk for posting on the internet. I agree that it does come down to the dark side formulating how to steer the mass psychology.

    The psy-ops may not pose physical danger, but they do harm our psyches. Mark Singer was definitely damaged by what he went through with BK. He was embarrassed, and it must have caused himself to develop doubts in his instincts.

    There is a reason I sense people like Friedman and Kimberlin may be practicing psy-ops. I could be completely wrong. Brad is a co-founder of Velvet Revolution. I thus assume whatever donations VR receives, he gets a big chunk of that into his own pocket. Thus, why is he so often crying poverty and looking for donations?

    Then he came out with that carpal tunnel syndrome problem. Maybe it's true. But maybe it was a psychological ploy to have folks think of him as a martyr for the keyboard commandos.

    And then there's this:

    I do not know the posting history of Bemused. He or she wrote, "This whole kerfuffle and the subsequent expense could have been avoided if you had preferential voting in the U.S.."

    Brad responded with an absurd evoking of authority. Maybe preferential voting is bad. But I always thought it was a good idea. It seems to work in other countries in allowing different voices to compete in the political sphere.

    "Wrong. And this drives me nuts.... Sigh. So many moles. So little time for whacking."

    A mole? As in Wally O'Diebold or AnonymousArmy? That crap again?

    You ever see Brad go nuts whenever someone praises voting by mail? It seems to work in Oregon. It also blows me away that his friend and former campaign manager for Andy Stephenson, Gentry Lange, has a whole website devoted to attacking voter by mail.

    Again, I may be out of my element. The innards of election integrity theory are not something I profess to be an expert on. But why call someone a mole?

    Then there's Carol T. Wallitt further down doing her best Phil watch out I am so mad impression with the cap locks. I too have had cap lockitis at times. But let's save that for just once in a while.

    Then on a blogpost before that one, Brad linked to a group called

    "Disclosure:, co-founded by The BRAD BLOG, is a financial contributor to TheUptake."

    Maybe there is a way to find out exactly how much revenue VR is taking in. But here we see that Brad's VR has cash to spread around.

    Here's an idea for another disclaimer he could use. If Brad or one of his syncophants is reading here, this one is on the house.

    {Disclaimer: Brett Kimberlin, co-founder of the Velvet Revolution, was paroled from a 51 year sentence for drug smuggling and violence that led to Carl Delong's death. It makes perfect sense how he has rose to power on the internet just a mere few years from getting out of prison. If interested in how he was suspected of having sexual relations with a minor and in how he was charged with the murder of the youth's relative, Julia Scyphers, you won't find much info about this on the internet. If you have any problems with this, read Larisa Alexandrovna's take on Brett. She vouches for him. She says he is an exonerated, ex-political prisoner. She has had every opportunity to retract, but don't worry, that Socrates guy is over the edge and was probably part and parcel of Yeah, that's the ticket.}

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    I would like to make a comment.

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    I think it is destructive to our society to think that we can find perfect people to fill all cabinet seats for

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