Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Perfection: The Enemy of The Essential?

What does that mean? Words take on meaning from the context in which they are spoken.

Today it was spoken in the context of taking care of little children. Of denying them care or stopping their suffering.

Bush II refused, twice, to sign the bill President Obama signed today. The bill was not perfect as far as Bush II was concerned, and thus his demand of perfection was the enemy of the essential care some 8 million American children need.

Instead, his war in Iraq was more perfect in his analysis, and therefore required more attention and much, much more money than the suffering children here at home.

Thus, Bush II's perfect war was the enemy of the children's essential needs.

Which led to the perfect political storm we now call the '08 elections. A storm that blew the republican presidency away, blew control of the House further away from the republicans, and blew control of the Senate further away from the republicans.

Undaunted, the republicans still seek a perfect bill, while the nation's economy cries out for essential stimulus. As it turns out, we have "progressed" toward economic death these past 8 years, and now we need some essentials to stop the "progress". So please don't demand perfection now.

Demanding perfection should never send any one person or any nation to the hell of depression. Depression a la 1934 according to England's Gordon Brown.

Yes, President Obama was spot on, all too often in republican political gamesmanship, perfection is the enemy of the essential.


  1. 4 avid music loversFebruary 4, 2009 at 7:38 PM

    The only way that the 'republicants' will win against the economic stimulus package is if the people who elected them 'couch-potato-by' and don't call their Senators, don't let their feelings be known to their reps. by calling or emailing and asking for the stimulus pkg. or their vote! We can always add more rules if we need them later. If the voters let their republican reps filibuster in the Senate, everyone's profit/benefit goes down. Even the most baulking (as in baseball) republicans can understand the simplicity of that!

    Operative word here, is filibuster in the Senate, this would be a costly giant waste of time. People get ready and tell your Senators you can't wait any longer. Don't filibuster, buster! Tell them to play ball or you'll play hardball with your vote. [Hi, Chris.]

  2. 4 avid music loversFebruary 4, 2009 at 10:32 PM

    I probably would be wise to clarify that by "don't let their feelings be known to their reps.," I do know that only (repeat ONLY) the Senate can filibuster. In the case of the stimulus pkg that American voters and American entrepreneurs (biz owners)so urgently need, a Senate filibuster by "republican stubbornors" could be political suicide in 2010, if today's savvy voters remember in the next election their pussyfootin' around. If voters remember the severe tally of daily job losses under Republican under-advisement of the previous 12 years. In the land before voters began "the change we need" revolution in the leadup to President Obama's historic election, the glorious momentum that grew by leaps and bounds, to the electoral landslide of 2008, 2 to 1, when voters said enough of your "take the money and run" tactics of the no-sensible regulation era of Congress.

    Is this over the top? No. Our economy, in its present state is a risk to our national security. We are pissing-off the rest of the world while we fiddle with perfecting the obvious solutions. Europe long ago realized that enormous societal cost prevention is wise investment and huge future cost savings is smart economic stimulus. Duh!

    If "we saw the light," when will we act on the light we see?

    Voters don't let the Senate repubs think that,now, we the people are no longer engaged, involved in our well-being. Let them hear your voices once more and know that you are still paying attention to the urgent affairs of our nation.

  3. 4 avid music lovers,

    Last year the republicans broke the all time record for senate filibusters.

    This comes a short two years after they threatened every year they had control of the senate to do away with the filibuster.