Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Irony Is Not A Vitamin

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  1. Over at Big Dan's, they created a fake Dredd called Dumbro. They think they are being clever, since Dredd likes to call people Bro. If there's anything Dredd isn't, it's dumb.

    There are a lot of coincidences with the internet. But sometimes they seem to only appear as such. Agent99 says that Dredd is stalking her. Now what are the odds that at the same time the Larisa Alexandrovna crowd is referring to me as a stalker? Would this have anything to do with me linking to this blog at DailyKos, that I have been making a number of posts here?

    Reality Closing in on Speedway Bomber Brett Coleman Kimberlin

    I have written three diaries, two of which have centered around Kimberlin, Michael Connell, and Alexandrovna. She is a public figure. She is today's version of Jason Leopold. Anyone with an inclination to search forum archives can find a lot of reading material. The fake progressives are getting away with things because they know there are only a few chumps like myself who have had an interest in such a thing. Or perhaps I am simply one of the few trying to get the word out.

    I've tried to find posts on my diary to respond to, but when nearly all of them are 100% trolling, they need to be ignored.

    Dredd has rightfully articulated the hate that has come out of the bloggers whose paths he has come across over the years, the Agent99s, the BigDans, etc..

    Their hatred is way over the top.

    Larisa alleges that Michael Connell was a source of hers, that he was scared and ready to talk about being threatened by Karl Rove. Is any of this believable?

    Agent99 says Dredd is stalking her. Larisa is saying I am stalking her. Coincidence? I don't think so.

    More hate speech, this time from Alexandrovna's buddy Jason Leopold:

    Jason Leopold thinks I'm ugly

    I admit that my new diary is creepy as pointed out by one of the peanut gallery. Yeah, Brett Kimberlin, Larisa Alexandrovna, and Jason Leopold are creepy. Someday a real reporter or journalist is going to expose them. That time may be sooner than later.

    Check that. All of them have already been exposed. However, that isn't gonna do any good for the newbies and fence-sitters. Are they gonna know anything about Ben Burch? What about all the historic meltdowns coming out of this crew?

    Larisa Alexandrovna is an outright liar who not only lied about Kimberlin's true history, she went after a respected journalist named Mark Singer. She said he wet himself. She calls anyone garbage who dares to question her "reporting" and have had the nerve to ask her to back up so-called facts. She truly has taken over the helm for Leopold in astroturfing lefties and the blogosphere as unsubstantiated hate.

    I was reading through this Anonymous Army thread, SHATTERED: TO: Rove Still Indicted, Thanks to Us

    Someone posted, "I have searched trying to find her comment history here in order to cite her complete meltdown in the Gannon crap when OMG! YOU"RE TALKING ABOUT THIS IN PUBLIC??? went down."

    AA cleverly responded,

    Plame leaked by fake news source?
    My nsa dod dia software spit that link out."

    You see, Larisa and Leopold had, cough cough, outed AA as being a DoD mole.

    Maybe I have been wrong about AA. Maybe he was who he said he was, some kind of kindred trollbuster spirit. Sometimes it is just impossible to know for sure. He was either a kindred spirit or part of a script. There is no other alternative.

    For the second time, the tag "Larisa Alexandrovna" has been removed from my diary. These people must be getting very nervous about Alexandrovna being well-known as a hack or worse.

    Ironically, Valerie Plame ended up doing an interview with Jason Leopold. One time at DU, William Pitt posted that Joseph Wilson was one of or was Leopold's source for the Rove indicted crap. He deleted it minutess later, but not before someone did a copy and paste.

    But don't listen to me. I'm just a stalker chemmie not to be taken seriously. Just ask Larisa.

    [sarcasm] She has plenty of credibilty. [/sarcasm]

  2. socrates,

    There is an article about Kimberlin at Time, which says:

    "In the belly of the voting-reform movement is a man who personifies this paradoxical lack of credibility in the service of a credible cause. Brett Kimberlin was convicted in 1981 of a series of bombings in Indiana. By his own account, he dealt "many, many tons" of marijuana in the 1970s. Most famously, he is the man who from his prison cell alleged that as a law student Dan Quayle bought marijuana from him. Quayle repeatedly denied the charge, and it was never substantiated. In e-mails and Web postings from Kimberlin's two organizations, Justice Through Music and Velvet Revolution, he intersperses occasionally useful pieces of information about the problems of e-voting with a hefty portion of bunk, repeatedly asserting as fact things that are not true. Kimberlin, in short, is an unlikely candidate to affect an important issue of public policy."

    (The Wizard of Odd, emphasis added).

  3. socrates,

    I have a suspicion that BlueBear at Big Dan's, Neuf Neuf, VR, and Brad Blog could be Kimberlin.

    My suspicion, and it is only a suspicion that he is welcome to post and oppose here, is because BlueBear is into music. Justice Thru Music is what caught my attention.

  4. socrates,

    I looked at the circus thread you mentioned.

    The "dumbro" post, since they have reading comprehension problems there, was interpreted as being from their own "drumbo" evidently and they were all afire because big drumbo would "git" anyone who messed with his name (Jeb n Jeb bidnits).

    Then someone who is as smart as a fifth grader realized Agent 99 was wrong and it was not "drumbo" but "dumbro" who had posted and they then figured that was a slight anyway I guess.

    Big Dan, the biggest blogger at Big Dan's Big Blog, then went on to say "fucketh" is in the bible and that is why he quoted it and it should not have been censored at Dredd Blog.

    He missed the point of Dredd's Article that he missed the holocaust thingy even though that is what the whole world was talking about instead of his take on catholic schools in NEPA.

    He mis-quotes Israel's bible but condemns Isreal all day long too.

    I swear Barnum and Bailey should hire that whole crew as the circus form of blogdumb. It is a regular riot.

    And Agent 99 who has a blog of "its" own (it is the Saturday night Live version of "Pat", the one no-one could figure out what gender it was) claims to be female and claims that dumbro is stalking by posting at the big blog in the sky.

    That would be like a newspaper saying someone is stalking them by reading their newspaper. Ignorant or what?

    All ya gotta do is go to its blog (Neuf Neuf) to see that it is infatuated with itself no matter what gender it is.

    Those at bigdom did not mind Dredd's Article about big blogs, so I guess they figured that was complimentary.

    LOL Funny.

  5. Thanks guys for the responses.

    Dredd, the Wizard of Odd is a good one. It shows that we do not have to reinvent the wheel. Mr. Singer is sending me out a copy of his book. Since he wrote it before the internet took off, I am looking forward to having access to information that is tough, if not impossible, to find in cyberspace.

    Specifically, I am curious about Julia Scyphers and the possibility that Kimberlin was a pedophile. During the time period right after Scyphers was murdered, bombs were placed near the Speedway High School. Carl Delong had just watched a game.

    If I make any mistakes, I apologize. The dark side likes to get us spinning and reinventing wheels. One thing I think we are missing is the ability to hash things out, as if we were hanging out in a cafe, to just let the ideas out and see if there is any consensus. The nagging feeling that we need to provide so many links and substantiate every comment we make, I feel, can be a hindrance.

    Mr Delong came across one of the strange objects, kicked it or something. The thing ripped apart his leg. This led to depression and suicide. The theory police were going with was that Kimberlin placed the bombs to be a distraction for their murder investigation. I believe Brett was actually charged with that murder but do not know how that part of the story turned out.

    I do not believe that Kimberlin is a serial killer. His actions did lead to Mr. Delong's death, and I do think he may have killed Julia Scyphers. Then there is how Brett used to go on trips with Julia's granddaughter, aged nine to twelve. Yikes.

    As a Sociology undergrad, I had the opportunity to meet prison lifers. They had no chance of getting out. Most of them had done a crime of passion. There was no talk of anyone getting railroaded. Their goals were to find some peace and try to do something positive with the rest of their lives.

    The only reason I ever looked into this story was because Brad Friedman taunted me to do some digging on himself. I was sick of getting mixed messages. Bozos and Brad were giving me completely mixed signals. An obvious choice to research was Ben Burch. There are still plenty of things to research about him that show he is most likely a fake progressive.

    So on one hand, Brad was vouching for Ben, saying he was a sweet guy. But then Bozos was telling Brad that Burch was bad news and fully integrated in the Bash Bev crowd. The three of us had been doing emails with cc's.

    Bozos also told me that Anonynmous Army got some things right. He told me Larisa had been completely wrong in reading the ip's of AA saying they proved he was DoD.

    My only question for AA would be, why did he attack a sick man so much? But then again, now I am thinking that someone having a terminal illness is no excuse for milking good-hearted people out of donations.

    Someone at Randi Rhodes told me to look into Ben and his relationship to Violet Blue. Violet is a modern day Dr. Ruth Westheimer. A porn star out of Washington State had stolen her name and was causing reputation problems for the real Violet Blue. I read about this porn actress at Wikipedia {grain meet salt}. It looked like she had been in with a scary crowd from the early age of fifteen.

    For me, there are just too many dots that can be connected for them to be random coincidences. Kimberlin's parents seem to be from Washington State. Same as Andy. Andy and Ben were close. I then saw connections could be made to Jeff Wells, Seventhson, and various other suspicious usernames.

    One thing that stands out is the attention that was given to the Jeff Gannon story. Ron Brynaert of RawStory was involved in that one. He flipped out on-line, there was that anger thing again. I guess he was mad that someone was stealing his scoops on Gannon.

    I think Stephenson might have ended up on tv discussing Jeff Gannon. Wells, I believe, went to the hometown of a Johnny Gosch and then started to spread a rabbit hole that Gannon was Gosch.

    The link above to an old Kos thread, in which Larisa freaked out, is a must read. She was definitely cuckoo bananas, a putdown someone laid on me recently at DailyKos.

    Jason Leopold has had meltdowns of epic proportions. He has been nailed on multiple occasions with sock puppets and sending out hate email.

    There is simply too much evidence of strange internet activity to easily put it all together in a coherent manner. Anonymous Army was exceptional at doing that, but I mistakenly started to think he was part of a controlled opposition. I sent him an email last night apologising, asking for forgiveness, and offered to correct anything I have messed up on.

    Maybe he can find his way over here, and we can start an epic thread of our own putting things together for newbies and fence-sitters.

    I agree with you Dredd that Agent99 and those other names could be Kimberlin. They might also be Leopold. They could be Larisa. There's no way to figure that out for sure, imho.

    It's like we can sense that this is organised psychological operations, but then it's impossible to prove it. We can make strong cases for the high probabilty of such. But then we run the risk of starting to sound like them, with their cockamamie, amateur, internet sleuthing.

    None of these characters {unlike AA} seemed to mind looking crazy or illogical. This is why I think they are paid to post with the intention of discrediting the left and the blogosphere. If they did care about their image, then Leopold, Larisa, and people like Burch wouldn't have been so over the top with their hatred. I also agree with Anonymous, that these are public figures. It is not stalking to critique or cover any of them.

    As for Kimberlin, it makes no sense that his name has become so prevelant with the EI movement. That's why I think his name should be Brett Strawman. This crowd does not like third party analysis. When it is done, extraordinary efforts are made to circumscribe such people into the convolution.

    Last night at Kos I updated my diary. If I am not going to be allowed to post in the comments section, then my only alternative is to update the diaries. The opposition has the ability to get such posts hidden. There is also something called a trusted Kossack. They have the ability to edit tags.

    In the update, I made concessions about my own mistakes. I said that I don't believe the DailyKos is controlled by intelligence. I actually have never said that they were, or if I have anywhere, it has been a mistake. My big thing was calling them DailyCIAKos. Well, Markos Zuniga did come within a hair of joining the ci&, so I wasn't that far off base.

    I also publicly apologised to AA. I mentioned how I had been a regular at BradBlog for a period, and that looking back, it now seems that BradBlog is some form of cult. I even came right out and said that I don't believe in chemtrails. One of my nutty cyberstalkers, who goes by the name of Aubuchont, might find that and say it is proof that I am a debunker. But I was simply saying that the word chemtrails has been turned into a joke. I believe in the concept of weather mitigation and believe that there are two primary reasons for the abundance of white-outs, the intention to block out uv-b rays and the idea of taming severe weather. I am not a conspiracy theorist. I also hate how I must always talk in the first person rather than belt out ideas and thoughts like a real writer. But eventually I will improve on that or at least try to diminish the influence of my ego on my blogging.

    "They" do not mind any of us writing about them. That way it is easier to astroturf that we are part of the overall script, that this is all some kind of nutty blog war and whatnot. Or with the case of Dredd or AA, that as soon as they are too articulate, some type of counter move is made to discredit them.

    People should check out the link above concerning Valerie Plame. Alexandrovna came completely unglued in a most ridiculous manner.

    One thing I am pretty sure about at this point is that these people can be beaten at their own game. It becomes obvious over time, that they are in the business of provoking. It's as if they are reading from a psy-op manual with the following pointers to keep in mind:

    *** Make deliberate mistakes in logic, spelling, etc. that will confound your opponents.

    *** Provoke such people into emotional outbursts.

    *** The gadflies are trying to make sense. Make them feel that they are not. Make them feel isolated, that although they may have figured a lot out, that no one is listening, and no cares.

    There is a guy out of Washington State named Robert Taylor of AONN Records who somehow had a controversial .gov website with crazy disinfo on it. Perhaps he is Mr. X. As Dredd has shown, there seems to be a connection to music between Kimberlin and BlueBear.

    Feds pull suspicious .gov site

    Thanks for the insights, Anonymous. One thing the {paid?} trolls like to do is blur the lines between their own usernames and those who try to expose them.

    I notice that Dredd had put up a link to Chemtrails 911. That is one of the few websites I haven't found much wrong with. Hopefully, there isn't some crazy stuff in there I have missed. The cybersmears and stalking against myself have revolved around the idea that I use sock puppets. These people have portayed myself as an internet friend named may41970. They have also made it seem that myself and this dude out of Utah, Lophofo, have been the same person. Perhaps most outrageous has been having this guy "Aubuchont" making it seem that he and myself are on the same disinfo payroll. I totally torched that guy, and for over the last year, he has been trying to drive me nuts. But this ploy hasn't worked. It has only motivated me to try harder to get to the bottom of it.

    Recently, Lophofo's office received a phone call from someone purporting to be ex-intelligence. He said that the NSA cannot be beaten, that they can crack anyone or any computer. I have tried to let these forces know that they'd be better off leaving me and others alone. For quite a while now, I have no longer feared having my real world identity exposed. The sophisticated cyberstalking campaign has immunized myself from any forms of attack. It's like, what else can be said that could make me look any worse?

    The phone call was recorded. The person spoke of intelligence, even went into discussing chemtrails, HAARP, and other things. The person was trying to scare off Lophofo, to perhaps make him worry about losing his job. Lophofo has had outside computer attempts trying to hack his files. I realise this sounds like heavy duty cloak and dagger akin to the outrageousness displayed by Alexandrovna on that old Kos thread. My point is, when one is attacked so much, when their username is so brutally demolished, there is no other option than to try to take that experience and expose it in the real world.

    I am not sure I will be able to do so, but I am not dismissing the possibility. "They" want the spotlight on my usrname and all the search results it now provides. There does come a point where one needs to stop banging their head against the wall. But that doesn't mean that the war is over. It just means that the game needs to be taken to a new venue.

    These people have messed up in a big way. It appears that myself and Lophofo have figured out chemtrails. Otherwise, why all the sophisticated attacks to drive a wedge between us?

    Revenge is a dish best served cold, and he who laughs last, laughs best. If it can be proven that psychological operations have been conducted on American citizenry, these people are cooked. I hope someone can get through to Lori Grace and anyone else who is providing a cash flow to the Speedway Bomber and his associates. I feel tremendous sympathy for her. She appears to simply want to help save the planet. I may have an aversion to New Age stuff, but who am I to judge?

    Sorry for rambling, sorry for sounding off-the-wall, but thank you for providing the opportunity to tell my story. To quote Rage Against the Machine, "All of which are American dreams....."

  6. socrates,

    "I agree with you Dredd that Agent99 and those other names could be Kimberlin. They might also be Leopold. They could be Larisa. There's no way to figure that out for sure, imho."

    Agent 99's profile lists it as a resident of Mauritius but it says it drives in California all the time, and BlueBear2 lists his residence as Sacramento and lists Agent 99 as a partner on his music and/or ecoblogs.

    The BradBlog, Velvet Revolution, Neuf Neuf, and Big Dan's Big blog are tied together in mythology mixed with movement rhetoric. Brad sought stardom and software development but became an actor in the EI movement instead when the former did not pan out.

    We became at odds when he attacked Oregon State's mail ballot system, attacked Holt and his bill, and attacked me for pointing out that Strider had some code on his blog (after Strider had been outed as a famous hacker and republican treasurer in Ca and head of San Diego's republicans).

    And after Silvio his brother, another famous hacker, had been outed as president of the federal bar in DC and who was rubbing elbows with big military brass.

    They both evidently became US citizens in 2003 ... suddenly ... after living their lives in another country.

    Getting caught like that was just too much for Brad's cultish leader ego and his cultish fans stayed with him. I do not hang with ditto head types whether republican, democrat, progressive, green, or other.

    "I also agree with Anonymous, that these are public figures. It is not stalking to critique or cover any of them."

    Me too. Agent 99 claimed to have been or to still be a legal assistant but does not understand basic first amendment jurisprudence, which makes we wonder if it is lying or is just an incompetent. Lotsa bad lawyers and legal assistants out there.

  7. Thanks for the response, Dredd.

    I remember those last days at BradBlog. I even have some webpages I saved called DreddSocrates, for real. It is a slam dunk that Brad was illogically ignoring us, that his be the media slogan was a scam to make us feel important and part of something big. It's like the ad line they used to have for Taxi Driver, that on every street corner, there is a nobody who dreams of becoming a somebody.

    We were prime grade A small fish for the BradMeister to try to become the handler. Cults are bad. As the great philosphoser George Costanza once said, "We are living in a society." Then again, George also said, "Water. I need some water over here." But I digress with some off the cuff blogger diarrhea of the mouth. Apologies.

    I remember during that Strider thing, that you were right, that when typing into the comments section, it did seem that there was some kind of spyware going on.

    Just like with the old Kos thread on Gannon where Larisa was acting strange, a lot of these people seem to have been overtly motivating us to become amateur sleuths. I still have some of those Strider things saved on the desktop. I remember trying to help you out and located some of those Washington D.C. connections of the hacker's family.

    It seems to be a general trend that nobodies have emerged out of nowhere. Agent99, Biggie Big Dan, WinterPatriot, Jeff Wells, Wayne Madsen, Larry Johnson, Brad, Bozos, Tinoire, the list is kind of endless of how many have gone from no name to internet player.

    There are contradictions galore. Alexandrovna is a writer but can't spell. She is a sleuth but can't back up her stories.

    Brad is a software developer but has one of the worst designed websites on the internet. He was an actor and director, but then he became perhaps the biggest internet name for election integrity. That was excellent phraseology you used, people and blogs tied together by mythology and movement rhetoric.

    This is why I kind of hate Brett Kimberlin. Remember the line you stole my destiny Gump? That's how I feel with all of these people. These are not lefties, hippies, or anything close to those ideals. Peaceniks are not full of hate. Or at least not so over the top with it. It's like with the debate over cap lockitis or overuse of exclamation marks. Those who forget the art of subtlety are doomed to be seen as emoters and hacks.

    Agent99's moderating was all over the place. Myself and Bozos told Brad that we thought Agent99 was a plant. He laughed it off. He'd say stuff like Agent99 was a character from Get Smart. Duh, you think so, Brad? I think he fakes ignorance for wiggle room.

    I found a thread where Agent99 ripped into Cindy Sheehan. One time she ripped into me for equating Alex Jones with conspiracy theory. She altered my post. But she had no trouble with Phil saying he could control the weather with his mind.

    She slammed me for questiong Phil. But then she allowed my cyberstalker and disinfo agent Lou Aubuchont to go after me as {Agent}Mike. At that point, I rolled the dice and asked Brad if Mike had the same ip as Lou. Brad confirmed it.

    Anyone who looks into "chemtrails" will eventually run across that person. He was the cornerstone of a Will Thomas book, having something to do with a hoax called Deep Sky. Yet as {Agent}Mike, he spoke of chemtrail conspiracy bs and referred to me as one of the chemtrail believers. Wha, wha, wha, what?

    It's all about being organic. When we're not, and we get called on it, how we react tells whether we are sincere or fake.

    Brad has been way over the top attacking the Oregon voting system. He acts like it is some kind of Red Scare, that voting by mail is going to take over the world. Run for the hills.

    Have you any opinion on Kathy Dopp? I was trying to tell Brad that Democratic Underground has a very unfair moderating system. He went on to say that all these people who were banned deserved it. But DU scrubs and cleans so much, that one can never find out why someone was banned.

    Brad then sent me a private email from Kathy to him. Maybe it was just to him or to one of those group mailing things, but it was about the Holt bill and how Kathy felt Brad was holding up the opportunity to make some improvements with election reform.

    I tried to figure it out. But I have been late to this party, and it is tough to learn new tricks. I think there is something very fishy going on. And now a reporter is trying to contact me about Larisa.

    It seems that my Prepostericity username has become something of a factor. Should I let him reveal my real name? I don't want to spill too many beans, but people of importance have taken notice of things we have experienced on the internet.

    By the way, Brad had the gall to link to Jason Leopold the other day. These people never learn. Brad thinks Ben Burch is a swell guy and links to Jason Leopold. Did you know that Brad knows how to do foreign dialects? Now that's pretty freaky. How many people can speak as if they are from various foreign countries? But Fintan Dunne said BradBlog is intel endorsed or whatnot, so it mustn't be true!

    I think you were the prize kingfish for BradBlog. These places are most effective when they have some real people, those who are decent at research and writing. If you saw that reality show Joe Schmoe, you know what I mean. Take away the real people, and they are left with their ham and cranberry sauce screenplays.

  8. Wow, a conservative seminary with more sense than the so- called progressives who are the subject of this thread.

    They threw the holocaust denier out of their ranks.


    Faux progressives take note.

  9. It flatters itself:

    "I do not bill myself as a progressive, since I feel my heart is more advanced in its intension even than that" (Gollyum).

    So now it is "billing" itself ... like a movie ... or a ho ho ... 'bill myself'?

    Looking down from its heart on all those little faux progressives ... wait til big Big BIG finds out about that invoice thingy ...