Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gregg (R-NH) For Commerce Secretary

Obama has gone and done it again. Provoked the edgers on the left and the right.

"He's gonna steal another senate seat and make it filibuster proof" opine the edgers on the right. "He's sold out" opine the edgers on the left.

Those not on the edge and not yet paranoid wonder if it is a ploy to take away their gadfly polemic proclivities to blame the other party no matter what.

What strikes me is that there are a lot of people who feel that no politician can be sincerely concerned for their country enough to put competence first when putting together a team to try and fix what the Bush II regime broke.

Read about Judd Gregg at Wikipedia.

Gregg withdrew after being pressured, by his fellow republicans, not to be bi-partisan.


  1. My problem isn't with Obama selecting some Republicans. If a person is honest, then fine, bring him or her aboard.

    My problem is with the lack of true lefties being added on. I like Bernie Saunders, Robert Reich, etc.. Ann Richards would have been a good choice if she were still alive. Making Howard Zinn head of Education, now that would be a historic choice.

  2. Blacklisting Progressives: The Untold Story Beneath the Daschle Headlines

    by: David Sirota
    Tue Feb 03, 2009


    "And that's the big story here: Leo Hindery, one of the few business leaders to use his wealth to challenge deregulation, corporate trade deals and anti-worker policies was blacklisted by the Obama administration well before the Daschle flap ever happened - and he was blacklisted because he dared to clash with the same Wall Street Democrats whose corporate-backed policies destroyed the economy."

  3. Yes, by rights at this time they should all be democrats, progressives, and green in the cabinet. From the left and middle, and perhaps one blue dog.

    I think Obama sees us being in grave danger, a danger so real that he feels we must hang together or be hung.

    That is not being spoken, nor are the dynamics of bailouts ... and the republican congressmen are so soulless that they use his bipartisan efforts as an advantage to prey on the public distaste for the bailouts.

    The Obama folks have not adjusted from campaign to governing yet.

    The republicans will only deal when the kid gloves are taken off IMHO.

  4. More than a tax problem ... scandal rising on some of Gregg's staffers concerning Abramoff.