Tuesday, February 3, 2009

For Real - Iran Launches A Satellite?

If this is true what does it portend?

Israel must be very nervous, Secretary of State Clinton must be very nervous (because Israel is trigger happy), and the rest of the Obama Administration does not need these distractions at this time.

I can't believe at the moment that a country which fought eight years with Iraq when Saddam Hussein was Iraq's emperor (neither gained one foot of territory, not one village was captured, and not one victory either could point the world to as a sign of its glory) did this satellite thingy "homegrown".

Iran vs. Iraq in their last war killed each other for eight years, during that war, while standing in place. They are not the brightest bulbs in the chandelier you know.

So what is up with this? Was it Russia, China, North Korea, or all of the above, who gave Iran the gadgets to pull this off (assuming it happened)?

Are they all getting a little "jiggy wid it" because of our post Bush II woes these daze?

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  1. Hey Dredd, spot on. It's like the Iliad where you have two sides with neither being able to claim having a clue.

    Not to throw you off-topic, but I wanted to link to my new DailyKos diary in which you the Dreddster is actually mentioned, and in which people will be able to reach the Dredd Blog via your EI essay.

    If anyone wants to help out, please do. Kos makes you wait a day before allowing posts.

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