Monday, February 2, 2009

Don't Misunderinvestigate Me

Today the full senate is expected to vote on the matter of Eric Holder.

He is likely to be the Attorney General of the United States after that vote. He was recently approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee by a vote of 17-2.

Some believe that Bush II spoke his mind when the photo above was taken.

Some believe Cheney spoke Bush's mind when he told Senate Judiciary Chairman Leahy to go f**k himself; when presidential aids refused to even show up after congress subpoenaed them; and when Bush's Attorney General Mukasey refused to present them to a grand jury after congress held them in contempt.

Thus, the vote on Eric Holder is the most important event to date in addressing those concerns.

That vote is presently scheduled for this afternoon.

Holder was confirmed 75-21, with three senators not voting.


  1. A crack may have appeared in the dam. Rove's lawyer now says that Rove will co-operate with the grand jury looking into the political firings of US Attorneys.

  2. Some numbers are being reported. The MSM talks about 4,000 dead concerning the Iraq war.

    The real number is over a million, with millions more having to leave their country. This is American democracy? Not on you life.

  3. I agree with Anonymous about the ethnocentric underreporting of deaths due to the Iraq War. All life is sacred.

    Another way to go after Rove would be to prosecute them for starting an illegal war. The White House Iraq Group is a smoking gun.