Monday, February 2, 2009

Gaddafi elected as next AU leader

Once an outcast of sorts, and even accused of harbouring terrorists, Muammar is moving on up in today's post Bush II world.

Not as the leader of Arabs, but as the leader of the African Union. His lives on a very important continent.

He even has a vision of a United States of Africa. Is this a sign of what the African nations now think of US foreign policy?

After all, the US has been on his case for years. The US even conducted a missile attack on his nation of Libya during the Clinton Administration.

Is this a sign of the results of the last 8 years of bushie foreign policy?

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  1. A United States of Europe with its Eurodollar, a United States of Africa, and a United States of America.

    Sounds like competition or co-operation ... depending on what they think of us.