Saturday, January 31, 2009

Let's Party - We Got Our Bailout Money!

The robber barons of the US in our time purportedly first raised their ugly heads during the great depression long ago.

But their progeny, still at "work" today, have the same genetic disposition to look at the rest of us as the little people.

We are pests who bring up that constitution thingy and all that other quaint jazz that irritates them so much.

They are so brazen in today's great depression that they really do not try to hide it.

They fly in to beg for champagne and campaign money in personal or corporate jets when their PR people have not gotten the "don't do this and don't do that" memo to them yet. After wards they may be chided with "you gotta know how to deceive the little people fool" by their handlers.

It got so bad that their base had to feign righteous indignation and feign being against giving them our money.

Well, actually they all give it out like they think it is their money don't they?


  1. Some people, including Soros saw it coming a year or so early, but the majority did not.

  2. The power of money corrupts just as political power corrupts.

  3. Finally a Barney that means something.

    Chairman Franks tells the truth in the midst of cacaphony:

    Iraq is the largest spending bill in history

    nuff said.