Monday, February 2, 2009

War - Great Stimulant - Let's Invade us

The Iraq war "stimulates the economy". But most of it is not used to stimulate the US economy.

Unfortunately it stimulates the economies of foreign nations. For example, Iraq has billions and billions in budget surplus in their economy.

There was a case where the bushies took a military cargo plane with 13 tons (5 or so billion) of new $100 dollar bills to Iraq to "make payroll".

Yeah right:
In total, more than 281 million individual bills — including more than 107 million $100 bills — weighing 363 tons were shipped to Iraq.
(Official Congressional Report, italics added [original link 'lost', Another Link]). It disappeared like 3 or so trillion dollars of the pentagon budget in 2001. No one knows where it is (wink, wink).

The costs of the Iraq war are projected and tabulated as follows:
* $341,400,000.00 per day.
* $14,225,000.00 per hour
(Cost of War, [cf. this and Wayback Machine]). That doesn't include war in Afghanistan. But hey, what's a few dozen military cargo planes full of your cash or your money going to matter?

Your money is being pumped into foreign lands, like the money we spend on oil. How many economically destroyed Americans here at home would that help?

If we just invade ourselves and spend the hundreds of tons of cash and other money here, that would stimulate our economy.

How far we have fallen under the bushie regime these past 8 years, and how far we have to climb to get out of the republican hell-hole.

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