Friday, February 6, 2009

"You Are For Us Or Against Us" - Bush II

By the time Bush II high tailed it back to Texas, the "against us" movement around the world was building up an incredible head of steam.

The once unthinkable "against us" side of the Bush II equation is now beginning to clearly, openly, and resoundingly get to the point where it increasingly effects our national security:
Kyrgyzstan says its decision to close a US base that serves as a vital supply route for US and Nato operations in Afghanistan is "final".
(BBC News). They said this as US officials were saying it was still being "negotiated". If countries will defy us in critical military necessities like this one, it would take next to nothing to defy us economically.

We have asked the question about how Bush II policies have weakened our standing in the world over the past eight years.

We have to keep asking these questions and get on to resolving and reversing the damaging acts of Bush II and his cronies who got us to this unfortunate place.

A place where world leaders see little to lose when they harm us.


  1. Bush II gave new meaning to "you are for us or against us" when he applied it to the press:

    AP CEO: Bush Turned Military Into Propaganda Machine

  2. Ecuador seems to be against us or is getting there, citing "imperialism" as the reason.