Sunday, February 1, 2009

News Weak

For those who do not know Fahreed Zakaria, I used to watch him on "This Week", the Sunday morning MSNBC pundit parade.

Fahreed was delighted in the Iraq war and the Afghanistan war at the onset, but tried to mask his glee. Sometimes. He was all "yes we can". In that sense he was a friend of the early Bush Administration following 9/11.

He had changed his tune along with just about everyone else four or so years into it.

Just about everyone else except President Obama, because he did not need to change his tune. In 2002 before the Iraq war began President Obama said he was not in favour of stupid wars.

Everyone knew Obama was talking about the mistake he thought it would be to invade Iraq. Everyone except perhaps Bush II.

Anyway, now Fahreed and the not-at-all-liberal Mainstream Media, who extolled the bushie invasions, are doing the bushies a big favour now by calling the aftermath "Obama's Vietnam".

Fahreed opines less than two weeks into Obama's administration. What a crock of weak news based upon a convenient amnesia. Since articles and magazines take a while to get ready for press, this was probably written before Obama took office.

The reality is that Afghanistan is obviously Bush's Vietnam, but hey, the right leaning MSM always says what they want to say. They make the facts since they are legends in their own minds.

I urge President Obama to end that war with all due haste, just as he is trying to do in Iraq.

After all, Afghanistan proves nothing about democracy, it only proves why the bushies call Bush I "poppy".


  1. Thanks for the clever use of the word poppy.

    Record opium harvest in Afghanistan threatens new heroin crisis in Britain

    {off-topic, but it really pisses me off that the Taliban destroys Buddhist statues. Not cool.}

  2. As to poppy, Mike Ruppert outed some bushie family ties to that realm, and I picked it up there.

  3. The LA Times does not want to be outdone by Newsweek it would seem.

    The eloquent Scott Horton of Harpers has an article now showing that the LA Times suffered the same fate as Leopold over at Truthout.

    Somebody set the LA Times up with a phoney story that Obama was going to continue the rendition practices of the Bush II regime.