Friday, February 5, 2010

Economists - Aliens From Cygnus?

Bubble in Cygnus: NASA
There is an emerging bubble theory that is developing quickly.

It concerns the origin of U.S. economists who gravitate toward government "service" in order to "service" the people.

Scientists have discovered a bubble in space, which it could be argued, was first theoretically conceived by a scientist named Dyson.

That was before an actual bubble, about the size of our solar system, was discovered in space by an amateur astronomer verified by NASA (see photo) in the Constellation Cygnus.

My theory is that the bubble is a very ancient runaway economic system developed by the ancestors of our current bankster species, before some of them migrated to our planet.

They are constantly talking about bubbles, constantly making them, constantly trying to keep them from popping by putting more and more "bubble stuff" into them.

Think about it, an expanding bubble gets thinner and thinner as it gets bigger and bigger.

To keep the skin from getting popingly thin, more must be pumped in.

Sound like our government's theory of bankster economics?

Told ya, there are bubble aliens among us.


  1. Dredd,
    You must remember that government economists (and economists in general) are actually the genetically altered and specially trained offspring of wealthy industrialists and finacialists (an alien species as well). They are separated at birth and placed on a nutrient- rich formula of advanced calculus and semantic double-speak. They begin their schooling early at the Academy of Bureaucracy and spend their summers interning at the Hall of Mirrors. Their only allegiance is the wealthy class from wence they came (and which many will return after mission accomplishment), and their means is government infiltration and/or influence from the academic ring of "official knowledge." Many can legitimately claim innocence (or better, ignorance), in that outside their very narrow scope of "knowledge" (aka idoctrination), they simply have none. Finally, as you have rightly noted, their primary purpose is to encourage bubble economies, as they know what their wealthy benefactors know: the wealthy insiders who create and facilitate bubble economies have enough information and control to get out ahead and take enormous profits from them. Futher, in the small eventuality that they don't (such as, hmmm, 2008?), they have enough inside influence within the government to get paid handsomely anyway. It's a good racket, but it's only for those of the elite wealthy alien race. Regular U.S. citizens need not apply.

  2. disaffected,

    I hope the woman owned business, Cygnus, does not take offense that I used a constellation by their name.

    Bubbles are where you find them.

    And as you pointed out, economists of the Paulson - Geitner kind are where you find bubbles.