Monday, February 1, 2010

Rain of Terror In The Land of Jesus

The land of Israel known as the Gaza strip had fire rain down on them causing widespread damage and death, according to one observer:

Human Rights Watch, the New York based rights group, said Israel's use of phosphorus weapons was more widespread and many people had died as a result of burn injuries.

Its report concluded that the Israeli military "repeatedly exploded white phosphorus munitions in the air over populated areas, killing and injuring civilians and damaging civilian structures, including a school, a market, a humanitarian aid warehouse and a hospital".
(Israel Reprimands Top Officers). As a result a general and another officer were punished.

What a concept.

Prosecute the ones who ordered wrongdoing (e.g. Generals) instead of prosecuting those who followed the orders (e.g. PFC).

Obama, Holder, are you listening?

The real side of the problem is that they were not given the punishment they deserved, because Israel was too soft on that terror.

However, at least the principle set forth is better than U.S. policy.

The U.S. does nothing to the top people who orchestrate the terror the ground troops do in obedience to criminal orders.

MOMCOM is such a looker, but the public is such an ugly little thang.

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