Sunday, January 31, 2010

Obama Beats Neocons - Defeating Himself

Barack Hussein Obama had his way with the entire cadre of neoCon fools who have infested the once Grand Old Party (GOP).

They got a thrashing so bad that Fox "News", the obvious propaganda arm of the lunatic right, had to cut the visual off during the broadcast because it hurt them so bad.

MSNBC, in the form of Rachel, Keith, and Chris, meticulously went through the episode frame by frame.

They detailed convincingly the shellacking neoCon braindead congress members took from a far more intelligent Obama than they could have ever imagined.

Which infuriated many of us in the center, and in the left.


Because Obama showed how milqtoast the right wing neoCons are, how phoney they are, and how easy they are to deflate in a fair and open discussion.

Leaving some questions, then:

Why does Obama carry their "W" compass, and follow it to where it leads, to do the right, nay, far right thing?

Why does he cut domestic spending while increasing MOMCOM spending?

Why does he not prosecute war criminals?

Why has he been in the same room with the bankster plunder barons of Wall Street?

If the neoCons are so wrong, as Obama showed they are, why succumb to their wants?


  1. Well said Dredd. Only three options come to mind:

    -He honestly believes that bi-partisanship is gonna work in spite of the events of the past year, which case there must be a bit of faulty programming rattling around in that head of his. A Christ complex maybe - aka Obama the uniter as Bush II first claimed to be?

    -It was all staged for the benefit of the American sheeple, in the hope that by continuing the illusion of division and strife in Washington, we won't notice that we essentially have one party rule, on all the issues that really matter at least.

    -He's actually smarter than us all, and this was just part of a carefully crafted strategy to lure in the GOP rubes and lay waste to their cynical political strategies. This - essentially wasting the first year of his presidency while providing the GOP's core constituency with an historic payday - was the masterfully timed screen pass meant to exploit the GOP's headlong and mindless rush to the Qb.

    The optimist in me says that maybe#1 could be true, the cynic in me says probably #2 is true, and the grown realist in me who gave up marijuana decades ago says no way that #3 is even plausibly true.

    Obama suffers from the same political handicap that Clinton did. He's considerably too smart and calculating to ever assume that the "dumb answer" applies whenever something goes wrong, a handicap that his predecessor GW most certainly did not share (NOW we know why those wily Repugs picked him, and further, why they nominated McCain/Palin as his intellectual and morally bankrupt heirs)!

    Nope, sorry Obama. Much as I might believe that he would fancy himself as the second coming (I'm sure that might be a secondary issue), I'm far more sure that the current shenanigans in old DC are just more political theatrics - probably engineered by the GOP itself - to make sure we Americans take our eye off the ball, while whatever nefarious agenda these rascals have in mind gets safely implemented behind closed doors. Meet the new boss, same as the old.

  2. disaffected,

    We may just have to wait and watch to figure it out.

    The GOP is an open book, Obama is yet a mystery to me too.

    Neither one is what the people want, in terms of policy, but Obama is a better civilian than the GOPsters are.

  3. What can he do? The Grand Old Party has the Indies spinning in their own tracks afraid to cross over them fearing they might be lead astray even though it is the only way to get on a new track with some footing. Did that make sense?