Sunday, January 25, 2009

Country Last

Have you noticed how Rush Limbaugh is like the marines at gitmo in the movie A Few Good Men, starring Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson?

They had a chain-of-loyalty code: "unit, corps, God, country" ... in that order.

Here is the disgusting article entitled Country Last, about Rush saying he wants Obama to fail.

Hey, it is a gitmo thang ... country last.

Would you think that God is glad to have not come in last for a change?


  1. Vice President Biden has mentioned how the negative publicity of gitmo has really put our country last in the eyes of many nations.

    And it has helped terrorist organizations in their recruiting.

  2. I see Limbaugh wrongly refers to the "Democrat" Party. To me, that's akin to people calling election fraud, voter fraud, or when so-called "election integrity" activists can't even spell Arnebeck correctly.

  3. socrates,

    Yep, "Democrat Party".

    Reminds me of the president of the south, the rebel states, who said "It is a damn poor mind that can figgur but one way to spell a word" (J. Davis).

  4. Hey, it is probably good news that not all conservative republicans worship at the feet of Rush Limbaugh.

    Bill Bennett, for one, does not approve.

  5. A new article just out indicates flak from conservative republicans against Limbaugh's rhetoric, implying that Rush is all hat but no cattle.

    The article also quotes one commentator saying that Obama is playing Rush like a fiddle.

    It would be to the lasting benefit of the Democratic Party if Rush could be seen as the leader of the conservative republicans goes this theory.