Friday, January 30, 2009

Habemus Papam or Steely Don?

Well, some thought it could never be. An African American at the head of something republican.

I mean there are zero republican members of the US Congress who are African American Right?

Now Michael Steele is chairman of the RNC after a hard-fought battle in that beleaguered party.

It took many votes, but finally the main contender, the one who sent out "Barak The Magic Negro" CD's to those voting in this election of their chairman, lost to the good Mr. Steele.

It remains to be seen whether or not this is like Bush I appointing Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court. You know, just another time the republicans steeled themselves against real America. Or whether they are in the process of returning to the sand box with their toys.

The sand box called America that they know oh so well has begun to reject them with steely determination.

Yes we can hope.


  1. Bush Senior nominated Clarence Thomas. It looks like Obama said he wouldn't have done that. Ooh, good for you Obama, I guess.

    I don't buy anything at all out of the Republicans, never have. Some may think I am racist for saying the following, but I believe any African-American who is Republican is a form of Uncle Tom.

    All of the world's problems can be traced to the conservatives. By the way, liberals are also conservatives, always have been.

    All schools should be equal. Everyone should be provided with the opportunity for work. Astroturfers blab on about how it is the rich who create jobs. That is only to appease their consciences. The meek shall inherit the earth. That's what we should strive for.

  2. socrates,

    I corrected the post, removing "Nixon" and replacing it with "Bush I". Thanks.

    I wonder sometimes if Justice Thomas attained his jurisprudence from his life experience of not having a regular family structure.

    That lifestyle has had a far greater influence on many whites who end up in the juvenile justice system rather than on the Supreme Court.

    Who knows. All I know is that I, like Obama, do not like the jurisprudence of Justice Thomas.

  3. The guy just sits there, right? He never comments or gives his opinion? And what was up with the pubic hair on the coke can with Anita what's her name?

    As for your typo, the unwashed nobodies who read unwashed nobodies like ourselves need to realise blogging is not as easy as it looks. There's always the constant need to check for diction. And it would be easier if the good lurkers joined in. But it sure should be fun. And this place seems to have the right balance of fun and serious. Hopefully, I'm not annoying anyone starting sentences with and, or talking about Uncle Toms.

    I actually had to google to figure out who nominated Thomas, and who he replaced.

    {Anyone on dial-up, you need to cough up ten extra bucks or the internet isn't worth it. Dial up? Visit a friend or the library instead.}

    Hey, one thing that I always disliked about BradBlog was the lack of a pop-up new window for clicking on links. If that costs you extra money or whatever, I understand. But you may want to think about that. I like to go to a website and not have to leave it when clicking on links.

    How can anyone not like Obama? Sure I see him as Republican lite. But I'm a lefty from Massachusetts. That's gonna happen. But he seems genuinely nice with a beautiful family.

    This may sound harsh or racist, but Clarence Thomas was a token choice. He was selected to replace Thurgood Marshall.

    The thing is, the ptb's always take a good idea and corrupt it. Martin Luther King was about equality. He wasn't saying African-Americans should have the right to join a small elite of haves over have-nots.

    Was Geraldine Ferraro a token choice? I think so.

    Is Brian Scalabrine a token? No, the Celtics have never thought that way, regardless of the team's makeup in the 80's.

    I think the best way to defeat racism is to talk it out.

    The problem is that it's the President who selects the SC choices. From Nixon up to Clinton, thinking, uhm, 20 out of 24 years were Republican. That decided Florida 2000.

    I never heard of Thomas having a tough upbringing....going to the googler.....

    Nice, a NY Post article, chewing gum for the mind.

    Ok, gotcha.

    This reminds me of when Tip O'Neill explained what went wrong with Ronald Reagan, that he had forgotten what it was like to grow up on the wrong side of the tracks.

  4. socrates,

    BTW, is this really a photo of you? If so you kinda remind me of a cross between Bob Marley and the defensive linebacker Troy Polamalu of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

    Way cool.

  5. socrates,

    To avoid exiting you can right mouse click over a link and then select "open in new tab" or new window in the pop up.

    I will write a routine (so bloggers don't have to right mouse click) myself and use it ... between grog so it will take a while.

    The code does not allow "target=_blank" which does it within the HTML statement ... go figure ...

  6. The Answer to the question this thread's article asks is "Steely Don", according to a Huffpo piece on Steele.

  7. Thanks for the tip to open up new windows. I knew that already but have had some kind of brain cramp with it.

    I asked Brad about that and got no response.

    There are a bunch of things about BradBlog that threw me off. One time Bozos showed up and Agent99 asked him wtf was up with his name. If you think about it, if bozos are not for Bush, then that implies that clever people are for Bush. Brad totally missed her point, and retorted that he is not the Watergate J0hn De&n guy

    Uhm, on another thread I messed up and perhaps made it seem like we are the same person. I am sorry. I am used to forums where I can correct my brain cramps. With all the astroturfing done that I use sock puppets, I need to be more careful.

    As for the Bob Marley avatar, I have used that since 2006. I love that guy, and I love weed. I also respect those who don't smoke it. Some are against it, some get paranoid with it. For me, it is my medicine.

    I am thinking with the decriminalisation of weed in Massachusetts, I am gonna smoke up some kaya in front of a cop. I will only get the equivalent of a speeding ticking. Then my plan is to get rid of the ticket just like one can do with speeding ones. Usually the cops issuing those don't even show up.

    So my defense will be that it was rolled up tobacco.

    Sorry to hijack the thread.

    Unless you have an ounce or more on you, it's only a ticket. There might be increasing penalties with more tickets, I am not sure.

    But as long as you are not Robert Parrish, things should be ok if you smoke weed in the only state that voted for George McGovern against King Nixon. Hey, if I was a rich athlete, I'd get the stuff in bulk too, buy myself one of those fancy refrigerators....

    Uhm, I'm not sure about that other dude you mentioned, but it reminds me of one of my favourite Patriots growing up, Mosi Tatupu. You gotta love unique names.

  8. Sorry to be the blog police, but that's CNN not HuffPo. I'm betting it was a link you found through Ms. Daaahlinng's website.

    Anyway, what a joke this guy is. He's joking about the need for people on opposite sides of the aisle to work together?

    Then he seems to be going with the propaganda that Obama is some form of communist.

    The only thing that can save this world is the redistribution of wealth. No one's saying that capitalism has to be completely dismantled. But the hypocrisy of this country being about "fair play" just cannot be justified.

    You need some fair play. You need some planned play. Who wants a box of cereal costing $17 a box? What's so ridiculous about having equal schools, which means education would no longer rely on a town or city revenue? Why should college cost over $20,000 a year and more? What's so funny 'bout peace, love, and understanding? oops, that's Elvis Costello.

  9. socrates,

    Yeah, Thurgood Marshall was a most excellent Justice of the Supreme Court.

    It don't get no better than that!

    I have listened to Steele many times, and he is going to run the right wing party line at base. But he is going to try to pull others in to win elections.

    The republican governors are rebelling, not because of Steele, but because the republican rhetoric still does not get the message that our ship is taking on water. They keep saying "your boat is taking on water" not realizing they are in the same boat and it was them who put the hole there.

    Obama is trying to plug the hole for all of us. Obama would have danced all night to be able to appoint a Thurgood Marshall to the Supreme Court.

    I don't know if we have any more like him.

    I just got thru watching that documentary about Mandela, the greatest statesman of our time.

    Now I gotta go watch the super bowl.

    Good talking to you. Later bro.

  10. Looks like Steely Don ... he fired the entire staff.