Saturday, January 31, 2009

"Progressives" v "Zionists" is A Ruse

Even in the face of history the blogs of self righteous indignation are against "Zionism" I guess.

Whatever they think that ism is.

That ism to their way of thinking seems to be synonymous with "Isreal", which is equal to "Jew" I gather.

So Zionism = Isrealism = Jewism?

These blogs of self righteous indignation and racism have progressed about sixty years backwards to another time when their self assessed righteous ancestors ran amok after being infected with the same meme such blogs are infected with.

One difference that throws them off, in terms of identifying what it is they stand for, is that the meme infecting them sixty years ago had a host wearing a NAZI uniform.

The host today dresses and acts differently. The host today also claims to be chic and cool and wise and intelligent and sophisticated.

As if the old host did not claim the same.

Try peace for a change and drop the loser meme.


  1. Good job Dredd exposing that crowd with their hypocritical ties to neo-nazi ideology.

    I remember Plunger and NoMoreWarsForIsrael spamming the HuffingtonPost back in the day.

    This is actually the thing that got me interested in the concept of right wooing left. It makes sense that you have psychological operations for one of the tags.

    My trouble with cyberstalkers started when I looked into Michael Rivero. There's a dude named the_last_name_left who has done good work in this area showing how Rivero has linked to a dirtbag named Curtis Maynard and participated at a convention named No More Wars for Israel.

    Run for the hills!! It's the jooos!!!!

    I have no problem having civil conversations with conservatives. They don't happen often in my life, but some of the best conversations I had were with a rightwing Economics teacher who showed respect for my lefty leanings.

    One of the most shocking finds I can think of is that Tinoire of Progressive Independent is an associate of Michael Rivero. In addition, PI is part of the election something with Velvet Revolution. That means that VR can be linked to Michael Rivero.

    These people are the Palestinians' worst enemies. When fascism festers, it is the progressives who get pushed to the fringes of political debate.

  2. They chant that stuff over and over again, like hypnotized zombies with no senses.

    I called them on it big time but they could not handle the real story.

    I didn't like seeing more decent folk being pulled down into the hate mire but I could not pull the rescue off. They were too far gone.

  3. The enablers of holocausts of all kinds live everywhere. A famous NAZI was recently discovered to have lived in Egypt until his death in 1992.

  4. Not only British princes are racially challenged, their diplomatic corps has some blind spots too.