Friday, January 30, 2009

I Can See Redoubt From My House

Most Alaskan people can see Mt. Redoubt from their house.

However, not many of them would advance the notion that such proximity to Mt. Redoubt is tantamount to being a volcanologist. And you surely would not want to bet your life on one who did.

I was building a horse barn to hold thirty or so horses for a municipal authority, in 1986 I think it was, when a volcano further south and near Homer, Alaska blew its top.

Saint Augustine volcano's contributions that day looked like the mushroom cloud a nuclear explosion makes. I was less than sixty miles from the volcano but there were no negative results.

But it was a small volcano compared to Redoubt, which in a worse case scenario could distrupt Anchorage just like Mt. Rainier could disrupt Seattle. Significantly.

One thing is for sure, the people of Anchorage do not need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. But if Redoubt blows lets hope the winds are not blowing from the direction of Russia.


  1. You know, when Mt. Pinatubo blew, sulfur was sent high into the stratosphere. There was cooling.

    Fo the longest time, it was common knowledge that geoengineering was the preaching done by FrankenScientists. Nowadays, they prance around as if that sentiment has changed.

    There's now been ten years of crazy zaniness circulating on the internet about kooky chemtrails. That was the point. They got kooky, kookier, and then kookiest.

    Climate change is considered an issue of national security. National security means keep your mouths shut.

    Commercial airliners do not create white-outs. Specific aircraft are dispersing plumes with the deliberate intention of spreading them out into a sunscreen.

    But they are not high enough to be geoengineering. These plumes are witnessed in the troposphere, some as low as 10,000 feet which defy the pure physics of the Appleman contrail chart.

    Barium has purplish, greenish qualities accounting for much of the freaky looking skies. The HAARP station along with all the other similar ionispheric stations around the world manipulate the jet stream giving the Dr. Evils the ability to literally move weather.

    Why is it being done? If too many uv-b rays hit the earth's surface, photosynthesis goes amok.

    What about the weather mitigation bills on the table? You haven't heard of those? Why not?

    It's because of the aliens! Or the mind control. Or because of every other conceivable made-up bull spread to make the real seem like fiction.

    Gel Tech Solutions boasts the ability to take a bit of the zip out of hurricanes. Zip it! Z... Zip... Zippi Longstockings

    It's really easy to prove that weather mitigation is a reality. Chemtrails? Not a chance.

    The controlled opposition has been established. Either join the JREF debunker cult or become the crazy dude on the street corner.

    I tried. I tried my darndest.

  2. socrates,

    "Climate change is considered an issue of national security."

    And also international security.

  3. Dredd, thanks for the response.

    That's a great point, because the white-outs are being reported in all the NATO countries.

    I've tried to make sure that I haven't fallen for a hoax.

    A few months ago, I wrote to Patrick Minnis of NASA. He confirmed that he wrote as Canex at Chemtrail Central. But he never made it clear that it was him. He let the others says it for him.

    NASA has gone to the trouble of creating a webpage to debunk this. What I want from them is clear cut evidence that commercial aircraft are involved. With all their money, that shouldn't be so difficult to do, unless it is impossible to do.

    I started writing about chemtrails in 2002. I didn't have a clue, I just knew that I had witnessed something fishy going on. I see through one available cache page that I endorsed the Rense website. There is a learning curve to the internet. I have referred to figuring it out as being too goofy or esoteric to explain. It becomes a conspiracy theory to debunk conspiracy theories in the proper manner.

    So one starts out with what can be proven, such as the Rendon Group, Advantage Consultants, Netvocates, et al.

    But to go the step further would be to prove something quite shocking, that psychological operations are being played on the American people through the web.

    I can't give you the number of how many times I have apologised to folks for my interest in this. But I can tell you that every time this has happened in real time, I have been able to articulate to the unaware the possibility that those aren't contrails.

    I see many similarities between this topic and election integrity. Chemtrails have now hit the ten year anniversary of being discussed in cyberspace. What should have been debated with logic and common sense has been turned into unsubstantiated rabbit holes, many of which have simply been outlandish. There has been Deep Sky, Deep Shield, and the Mechanic. With EI, there has been Clint Curtis, Mike Connell, Wally O'Diebold, the Bev Harris stumbling onto the Diebold source code.....

    With both there have been plenty of hoaxes along with enigmas, crazy on-going seemingly scripted fighting.

    And all the way, normal dialogue, normal flow has been cast aside. People have been shamed into not even discussing it.

    This Deep Sky thing for example. It was written up by Will Thomas. The claims made were that 370 chemtrails were witnessed. But the most I ever usually see is around 25-50 for a busy day. Now why aren't any photos or videos available for that? This hoax also alleged to have a whistleblower from air traffic control, hence Deep Sky, a take on the Watergate name.

    I know it is not concrete proof that chemtrails are real based on the disinformation. But to me, in my gut, it is. Why all this trouble? Why all the talk about aliens, mind control, depopulation, chembusters and orgone? Why not the more legitimate theories to do with weather and uv-b ray mitigation?

    On a side note, myself and this person named Lophofo are working hard to prove that we have been under attack by folks working out of military ip's. My premise is that why are the only few people left who survived the major chemtrail forums and who try to articulate the realistic theories garnering so much negative attention? If this is such a crazy hoax, why bother?

    Here is a second Kos thread I started. Only a few days ago, I could find it through googling my username, Huffington, and Daily Kos. Now the only thing I see coming up for me from Kos is one obscure post I made on a thread with 663 comments. My bookmarks no longer work. So I use google to find web pages I want to return to. But now I need to log in to find them.

    These threads may as well no longer exist. You saw the thread I had on Brett Kimberlin. If you try to find it right now, you will not be able to without the url or the exact tags I used.

    Why if I am such a crazy f&*#!@, why are such steps being taken to bury what is claimed to be ridiculous? Tryy finding Brett Kimberlin Exposed by Prepostericity at DU. It had around 90 posts and 5,000 page views. All gone even from the cache. Try finding these without having them bookmarked:

    Is Former Huffington Affiliated Domain Apparently Being Monitored By DoD

    Is Brett Kimberlin Really an Exonerated, Ex-Political Prisoner?

    Yes, my humble forum's reverse ip leads to a military ip. The know-it-alls came up with a wikipedia source and one other and said those explained that my source has it all wrong. But my friend Lophofo works for a hosting company. He admits he wants to verify some more whether the reverse ip's mean anything. He has asked that folks try to duplicate the steps he took and find other reverse ip's leading to military ip's. Now it seems near impossible for anyone to get to the new thread, unless they had it bookmarked.

    You wouldn't believe the crap we are going through. And I admit it is convoluted and tough to work through. The bottom line is some group of people are working hard to make me appear to be part and parcel of all the other crazy "chemmies" who have been around for about ten years.

    But he who laughs last, laughs best.

    The message being sent to people like me is that yeah, you figured some stuff out, but no one is listening and no one cares

    There is a chance I get a huge break with all this. I have been through too much to give up now.

    I just copied and pasted the following from the Kos Kimberlin thread you looked at into google.

    "What is the real connection between Brett Kimberlin and The Raw Story? Has he perhaps had a significant role in the creation and rise of that alternative, internet newspaper?"

    You'd think there'd be a result for the exact post, correct?

    It returns no direct hits as of right now. Bizarre.