Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Stimulation or Skimulation Package?

To many politicians "service to country" means getting an "earmark".

Ear mark like what Sister Pure or Sista Solja gave me when she came upside my head when I misbehaved?


Nor the earmark beatniks get, a hole where an earring hangs.

No, they mean pork: Grade A, Establishment Sweet, and Pure American Pork (PAP).

It is no wonder then that porky and the pigs have all shown up to "save America" from what they, porky and the pigs (some call them bushies), have done these past eight years. So now they are going to save us from them?

And have they all shown up to bring us back from where they have taken us? Singing their same tired 'it is uneconomical dude!' anthem?

These skimulators think that, since they caused the problems, they are the only ones qualified to stimulate the economy according to "principle"? But isn't their rhetoric really the mantra of a bad symbiont ... just another bad political leech?

These skimulators want to skim off the cream, the credit, for fixing what they did wrong, what they have done these past 8 years. Like Rush Limbaugh, they want to take it away from the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party at any cost. They don't care if our economy does not recover?

These republican skimulators want glory instead of shame. But they do have their shame. So I think they should now wear it for 8 years.

One year of blame for each year of shame.

The House and Senate republican members are all over television land extolling the virtues of their republican plans to save us. We are not buying it.

Couldn't they have saved us long ago by simply resigning?


  1. Meanwhile the growing ranks of the homeless need hope.

  2. The republicans in the House voted unanimously against the stimulus package today.

    They caused the problems over the past 8 years which led to the collapse, and now they demand that their ideas be used to fix their disaster.

    Psychotic I would say.

  3. There are banks that are being very skimulated.

    A recent article asks What Recession?, pointing out that banks who received bail out money issued billions in bonuses.

    Bonus out is a better term than bail out it would seem.

  4. Gulfport is doing a heckuva skimulation job. One of the bushie "Katrina Ambassadors" and his wife were just indicted on 16 federal charges related to Katrina.

  5. JPMorgan is suspected of doing a heckuva skimulation job ... it pulled out of Madoff land just before Madoff was arrested on his ponziness.