Sunday, January 25, 2009

Beware of The Military Oil Complex

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  1. With oil running out ... since nations are addicted to it ... do you think the addicts may fight over their drug of choice?

  2. I think the peaceniks are the most abused form of blogger on the internet. That's why you have those neo-progressives spouting their hate. I bet many good bloggers have been driven off of the web by such bullies.

    It's tough to compete with "bloggers" working out of military manuals. Oh to prove this so, because it is illegal for psy-ops to be conducted on their own citizenry.

    My mechanic was talking up hydrogen but that it takes a decade before such changes can be instituted. Something's got to be done. The atmosphere and environment can't handle all the junk emissions accumulating from the centuries since the onset of the Industrial Revolution.

    We need to grow trees and use hemp for paper. What a shame to have had to wait all these extra years until Bush's Presidency ended. I still don't understand why impeachment was taken off the table. At least get it on the public Congressional record that attempts were made to stop the crimes. How many issues have stagnated or gotten much worse for eight years- the environment/energy issues, Middle East peace, the economy....

    But hey, it looks like we will be seeing some justice for Roger Clemens being on the juice.
    {mad smilie}