Monday, January 26, 2009

The Cavemen Did It

There are some comical ads on television about cavemen who do not see themselves in a negative light.

Those cavemen recoil at the stereotypical image they think society has of them.

It seems that those cavemen on TV commercials seem to be saying "hey, we cavemen are sophisticated".

The 9/11 Commission was of the same opinion that cavemen were sophisticated enough to orchestrate hijacking and flying airliners into the tallest buildings in the world, thereby destroying them. Organized from caves in Afghanistan no less.

Many architects, airline and fighter pilots, fire fighters, and thousands of other professionals are not so sure.

On TV pundit shows like Hannity & Colmes these folks have consistently been ridiculed, diagnosed as insane, and made fun of for thinking anyone but cavemen pulled off the destruction of the World Trade Center.

One of the "cavemen did not do it" members, thinking the FBI could care less about their concerns, wrote the FBI to complain about the lack of respect they were getting.

Wonder of wonders, the FBI did not make fun of them, but instead wrote:

Agent Hemlock
This letter is in response to your correspondence, dated November 7, 2008, to Director Robert S. Mueller, III in which you urged the FBI to consider the work of Mr. Richard Gage, founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, and his supporters in the on-going federal investigation into the World Trade Center attacks. The Director's Office forwarded your letter to the Counterterrorism Division for direct response to you.

First, let me thank you for offering to provide information to the United States Government. The information the FBI receives from concerned individuals is critical to its mission of protecting the U.S. and its citizens against terrorism. As with all cases, the FBI will continue to examine the 9/11 investigation from every angle as new evidence develops, utilizing all leads available. Mr. Gage presents an interesting theory, backed by thorough research and analysis. The case agents in charge of the investigation will undoubtedly review all relevant information before making an unbiased decision.

Please be advised that your observations and concerns have not gone unheeded. The FBI is committed to identifying terrorist threats at home and abroad, and using the full force of the law to prosecute these individuals.

Thank you for your time and efforts regarding this matter.

Sincerely yours,
Michael J. Heimbach
Assistant Director
Counterterrorism Division
National Security Branch
(Get Copy of Letters). I note at least two very interesting statements in the FBI letter.

First of all the Assistant FBI Director used the language "the on-going federal investigation into the World Trade Center attacks", which indicates that the investigation is not over.

This is made more clear with his language "the FBI will continue to examine the 9/11 investigation from every angle as new evidence develops, utilizing all leads available".

Additionally, he compliments Mr. Gage by using the language "Mr. Gage presents an interesting theory, backed by thorough research and analysis".

The talk show pundits have always tended to dismiss professional architect Mr. Richard Gage as a wacko along with anyone else who would question the official conspiracy theory that cavemen in Afghanistan conspired to do it and then did it.

Are things getting "curiouser and curiouser"?

A major skyscraper fire in China, in a steel structure building about the size of WTC 7, just became a raging inferno.

That raging inferno was far, far worse than the WTC 7 fire, however, the building in China did not collapse into its own footprint in 6 seconds.

It did not collapse at all nor did it deform.


  1. PBS has an interesting take on the cavemen ... the NSA was monitoring their calls ... but thought they were sophisticated enough so as not to be suspicious.

  2. Sometimes the whole story is the psychology of whether or not someone has the capacity to believe something or whether they must instead protect themselves with the drug of denial.

    I mean admit it, we all take pain pills from time to time. Denial is a form of pain pill for us.

    None of us can handle all of the truth because of all of the pain.

  3. At the elite word a thon, Davos, the bushies are blaming the financial meltdown on the cavemen of the world:

    “No banker or businessman wants to take responsibility,” said Dilenschneider, who counts 40 Davos delegates as clients, their identities shielded by confidentiality agreements. “It’s their view that everybody else did something wrong.”

  4. "I've been a conservative my entire life; a registered Republican since I could vote. I am a self proclaimed Patriot with George Washington as one of my all time heroes. So when conspiracy theories quickly surfaced, and "Liberals" cried foul on the erosion of civil liberties, I chalked it up to their political beliefs and bitterness towards the Republican President. I read many debunking articles - including Popular Mechanics - and watched many debunking videos including, Farenhype 9/11. I was convinced that these "Liberals" were misinformed and were grasping at straws to discredit the "official" story. Like most people with strong opinions, instead of looking at all the facts, I was specifically looking for anything that supported my own beliefs. As soon as I discovered any inaccuracy in a conspiracy claim, I wrote it off. My father, a big city cop and Korean War veteran, loved to say, "don't confuse me with the facts, I have my mind made up!" Well, I had my mind made up. I told conspiracy theorists like my own Truck Officer, Lt. Earl Emerson, that they were insane if they thought anyone other than the terrorists did this. Heck, we have ID cards, security camera videos, Bin Laden confession tapes - how much clearer did they need it? The years went on and I was satisfied in my beliefs. I even believed these "Wackos" that doubted the "official" story were distracting our country from focusing on the real threat of terrorism...

    Fast forward to March of 2008. A great friend of mine with a Business degree from West Point, as conservative and non-conspiratorial as they get, came over one night to talk about what he saw happening in the economy. He provided some disconcerting evidence that we as a nation are at risk of entering into another depression; he pointed out historical parallels where other countries, such as Germany, suffered economic collapse. THAT was my eye opener. I became obsessed researching things such as economies, who is in control of currencies, what causes depressions, who profits during war, etc. So many things kept pointing to 9/11. Another one of my dad's favorite quotes was, "believe half of what you see and none of what you hear." So, I looked at both sides and quickly noticed a pattern. On one side, the general media ignores some of the most compelling evidence that contradicts the "official" story...

    (Erik Lawyer, fire fighter).