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On The Origin of The Containment Entity

Fig. 1 Containment Entities
A Containment Entity
This new Dredd Blog series concerns the Etiology of the "containment entity".

In a prior post, Quantum Biology - 15, the containment entity issue arose as follows:

"The art ... shows that what holds the artwork together is not the rocks or stones within "the containment entity". 

We can liken the rocks or stones within the containment entity to the atoms that humans and toxo have within their containment entity.

Their shape is not determined by the atoms within, rather it is a result of their containment entity."

(Quantum Biology - 15). Then, in Small Brains Considered - 12, I detailed the artwork further to emphasize certain aspects of a well-know biological cycle (and in a comment to that post I suggested/questioned: "Containment entities are related to The Fine Structure Constant (~1/137) eh? ...", see video below). 

The Fine-structure constant has an interesting relation to "shape":

"As fundamental constants go, the speed of light, c, enjoys all the fame, yet c’s numerical value says nothing about nature; it differs depending on whether it’s measured in meters per second or miles per hour. The fine-structure constant, by contrast, has no dimensions or units. It’s a pure number that shapes the universe to an astonishing degree — 'a magic number that comes to us with no understanding,' as Richard Feynman described it. Paul Dirac considered the origin of the number 'the most fundamental unsolved problem of physics.'”

(Physicists Nail Down the ‘Magic Number’ That Shapes the Universe, emphasis added). That number is ~1/137.035999206 (~0.00729735256).

So much of the discussions concerning the taxonomic order of organisms in biology, based in whole or in part on shape/form/features, does not consider the atoms of those organisms:

Where Do Shapes Originate?

Organism form: composition, size, and shape

International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants 

Taxonomic rank 

They are content to, as one scientist has put it, rely on their mistress whose long name is "Natural Selection" ("The shape of bacteria has been shaped by natural selection" - On Shape), but whose nick name is "Teleology":

“Teleology is like a mistress to the biologist; he dare not be seen with her in public but cannot live without her.” —J. B. S. Haldane

(Metaphor and Meaning in the Teleological Language of Biology). None of the shape science in biology gets down to the atoms or the prime containment entity we call gravity.

However, in scientific disciplines such as physics, astronomy, and cosmology, the shape of entities is considered even when the major shape player, gravity, is invisible:

"The immediate take away from a first glance of the scenario presented in the appendices is that "shape" is not the "containment entity", instead, it is the product, work, or result of what the "containment entity" does.

A chromosome of any eucaryote can vary widely in number of nucleotides, but the unique type of codon does not vary, it is the same.

The unique configuration is shown in the table in Appendix One, and the significant variation in quantity of each unique codon is shown in Appendix Two.

The basic human shape is uniform in substantial degree (two legs, arms, eyes, ears, hands, feet, etc.), with two genders having those factors.

Nevertheless, cells of organisms with the same unique codons, atoms, and amino acids vary widely in shape.

The logical deduction is that shape is not determined by the unique codons, atoms, and amino acids, so we can move on to: "is it the quantity of unique codons, atoms, and amino acids" that causes the different shapes?".

I say "no" to that; I say "gravity" is one containment entity that determines "shape", as previously written:

"... is an invisible, but well known "containment entity" which we can measure: F=G(m1*m2/d2).

That well-known yet invisible entity is called gravity (NASA, Why Are Planets Round?)

It is a factor in other shape realms too.

'A galaxy is a large group of stars, gas, and dust bound together by gravity' (NASA)."

(review Small Brains Considered - 12 and 13). Of course that is just one of many, many containment entities from which shapes emerge."

(Quantum Biology - 19). But, that does not mean that there are no fundamental irregularities that need more work:

"Physics has two superb theories explaining our universe. The problem is no one can join them together.

Einstein’s general relativity describes how physics plays out on the scale of the universe, with gravity as the main actor. Meanwhile, quantum mechanics and the standard model make detailed predictions about the processes at the subatomic scale — predictions that have been verified billions of times in massive particle colliders and detectors.

Unfortunately, the two don’t mesh very well. One consequence of that: while scientists know of particles associated with the strong, weak and electromagnetic forces, they have yet to discover a particle of gravity, or graviton."

(On the Hunt for Gravitons). Nevertheless, since the Fine-structure constant is considered to be a player in shape, we can consider it as we have considered gravity.

Stay tuned to this series for further developments in the search for the characteristics of the realm of containment entities.

The next post in this series is here.

Fundamental Physics Constants

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