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Quantum Biology - 19

Fig. 1 Early Borg DNA
(cf. Late Borg DNA)
I. Shape Shifters

The difference between a "containment entity" and a "shape" is a question that evolutionary biologists, microbiologists, and even physicists grapple with.

I mean in terms of "what, when, where, how, and why".

The scope of the research of this subject matter was set, in terms of "everything you wanted to know about shape but were afraid to ask" in (Small Brains Considered - 12).

If you haven't done so, please peruse that post because it is the post in which the notion of a "containment entity" was first introduced.

 II. Appendices

Today's appendices detail chromosomes 1-22, as well as the X and Y chromosomes of homo sapiens (there is also some E. coli detail for comparison).

"All the way down to the bone" is an ancient depth level, so today we will look an those chromosomes "all the way down to the atoms", a more modern depth level (Appendix One, Appendix Two).

The way these chromosomal DNA appendices were constructed is:

1) download FASTA DNA nucleotides from GenBank

2) isolate unique codons, amino acids, and atoms

3) count the quantity of each unique codon in each DNA

4) write the results to an HTML appendix file

The unique codon, amino acid, and atom table is in Appendix One.

It lists the unique amino acids by name, etc., and the codons associated with them, along with codon formulas (type and quantity of atoms), that are found in the DNA/RNA of eucaryotes.  

Appendix Two contains a list of human chromosomes along with the quantity found in each chromosome's DNA and mRNA generated from that DNA ("central dogma", RNA comes from DNA; see videos in this post).

The chromosomes are listed by total number of codons , meaning the one with the fewest codons in its DNA/mRNA is first, the one with the most codons in its DNA/mRNA is listed last.  

At the top of each chromosome section, there is a link to the GenBank database where the data came from (go to "FASTA" to view the nucleotides).

III. Analysis

The immediate take away from a first glance of the scenario presented in the appendices is that "shape" is not the "containment entity", instead, it is the product, work, or result of what the "containment entity" does.

A chromosome of any eucaryote can vary widely in number of nucleotides, but the unique type of codon does not vary, it is the same.

The unique configuration is shown in the table in Appendix One, and the significant variation in quantity of each unique codon is shown in Appendix Two.

The basic human shape is uniform in substantial degree (two legs, arms, eyes, ears, hands, feet, etc.), with two genders having those factors.

Nevertheless, cells of organisms with the same unique codons, atoms, and amino acids vary widely in shape.

The logical deduction is that shape is not determined by the unique codons, atoms, and amino acids, so we can move on to: "is it the quantity of unique codons, atoms, and amino acids" that causes the different shapes?".

I say "no" to that; I say "gravity" is one containment entity that determines "shape", as previously written:

"... is an invisible, but well known "containment entity" which we can measure: F=G(m1*m2/d2).

That well-known yet invisible entity is called gravity (NASA, Why Are Planets Round?)

It is a factor in other shape realms too.

'A galaxy is a large group of stars, gas, and dust bound together by gravity' (NASA)."

(review Small Brains Considered - 12 and 13). Of course that is just one of many, many containment entities from which shapes emerge.

IV. Closing Comments

It (the origin of shape) isn't the atoms either (see "Atom Size" video below), because one (or a million of them) does not have individual awareness, cognition, or the like, because like my wheelbarrow, they are abiotic, not alive, and not conscious.

Concerning quantity, it doesn't help a football team's linemen to remember to not go "off sides", or not to do a "false start".

Atoms are not aware of the other atoms in the vastness of the space around them, any more that we are aware of which planet, star, or galaxy to "line up with" in the vastness of our space.

No, it's the invisible "containment entity", like gravity, that shapes things.

And remember, the imaginary containment entity generator in our minds that generates teleological notions as metaphor storms isn't it either (see the "Dr. Lakoff" video below).

And don't forget the containment entities within containment entities "in us or on us" at all times (see "Dr. Bassler" video below).

The next post in this series is here, the previous post in this series is here.

Dr. Bassler:

Atom size:

Dr. Lakoff:

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