Thursday, April 21, 2011

MOMCOM - A Mean Welfare Queen - 2

In the blogosphere a single picture is sometimes worth a thousand posts.

In the first post of this series Dredd Blog introduced the notion of MOMCOM.

We used the acronym MOMCOM to stand for an amalgamation of all things militant-military, all things hydrocarbon, and all things media.

Dredd Blog observes that this entity MOMCOM is in the engineer's seat on the train civilization is riding to its demise.

Currently, the minions of MOMCOM in the U.S. Congress are looking for more money for more wars, more propaganda, and more oil.

As the cartoon shows, like the bully on the school-yard, MOMCOM plans to take the "lunch money" from those who need it most, the elderly, the poor, and the infirm.

Dredd Blog saw the politics of this fiasco emerging long before it became the latest ad nauseum phase in the media portion of MOMCOM.

In posts like Deja Vu - Guns v. Butter Election Looms and Your Health Is Their Number 1 Enemy, we pointed out in advance the way MOMCOM would dumb down the domestic political debate with a specific purpose in mind.

In The Peak of The Oil Wars series we show how MOMCOM puts imperialism to work to keep the oil addiction at the forefront of the existence of civilization by taking control of oil through worldwide militant imperialism.

Much more recently in Triage: Still In Deep Water we remembered Deepwater Horizon, a mere side effect of the oil addiction driven oil wars, and how that is perverting government into a selfish, self-serving, and utterly dangerous meme complex.

As to the media portion of MOMCOM, in the post GE Serves The Pentagon On TV Near Yoo, following that long-ago post, we noticed recently that GE is trying to hide its propaganda engine, even removing pages from its website, running from history, but not successfully hiding from history.

We have followed MOMCOM down to the DNA in the series A Closer Look At MOMCOM DNA, and we conclude that MOMCOM was "born" just after The Peak of Sanity.

A bleak future of continual demise into the oblivion of the middle class, and eventually the oblivion of civilization itself, contemporaneously with the ascension, then full-on takeover of all-things-government by MOMCOM minions.

The previous post in this series is here.


  1. The end of the world is a scientific fact:

    "Earth ... will no longer be able to sustain life due to greatly increased temperatures." Link
    "The [Earth] will be either engulfed by the expanding sun, or simply broiled." Link
    "the Earth itself will be Bar-B-Qued" Link
    "Earth will be completely engulfed in the [Sun], and disintegrated." Link
    "[The Sun] will be pumping out a thousand times more energy, making Earth a good approximation to hell." Link
    "Earth will be swallowed by the Sun" Link

    So why hasten the end of the world with oil addiction?

  2. The vaccime no longer has potency:

    "Elections have become a charade, run by the public relations industry. After his 2008 victory, Obama won an award from the industry for the best marketing campaign of the year. Executives were euphoric. In the business press they explained that they had been marketing candidates like other commodities since Ronald Reagan, but 2008 was their greatest achievement and would change the style in corporate boardrooms."


  3. The vaccime of voting that is ... note this additional quote from the link above:

    "It is chilling to recall that, in 1928, the Nazis won less than 3% of the vote in Germany."

    Less than ten years later they controlled ...

  4. One more quote from me (this Chomsky article is linked to in my post BTW):

    "I do not want to end without mentioning another externality that is dismissed in market systems: the fate of the species. Systemic risk in the financial system can be remedied by the taxpayer, but no one will come to the rescue if the environment is destroyed. That it must be destroyed is close to an institutional imperative. Business leaders who are conducting propaganda campaigns to convince the population that anthropogenic global warming is a liberal hoax understand full well how grave is the threat, but they must maximize short-term profit and market share. If they don't, someone else will.

    This vicious cycle could well turn out to be lethal. To see how grave the danger is, simply have a look at the new Congress in the U.S., propelled into power by business funding and propaganda. Almost all are climate deniers. They have already begun to cut funding for measures that might mitigate environmental catastrophe. Worse, some are true believers; for example, the new head of a subcommittee on the environment who explained that global warming cannot be a problem because God promised Noah that there will not be another flood

    Noam Chomsky at Huffington Post

  5. Senator Franken is concerned that control of communications is a serious privacy issue. Link