Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Peace of Oil

The many who concluded long ago that oil was the prime reason for the invasion and occupation of Iraq are watching.

They expect an Iraq with enough oilster and warster troops there to prevent harassment of their oil machinery (puppet government, ports, pipelines, wells, personnel, etc.), even after the bulk of the invasion forces leave.

So when the mass killings, destruction, and the political dust settles they expect oil barons to be "invited" to run the Iraq oil scene "for the Iraqis", using a puppet government, puppet army, and backup US troops for awhile.

The oil robber barons will have used a generation's worth of U.S. taxpayer dollars (feeling a bit short these days?) to pull off this oil nation building for their own purposes, while practically bankrupting the rest of us and our children.

In that light ExxonMobil is one of the few that will be heard of from time to time on this matter.

Perhaps they will form a company with an Iraqi face.

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