Thursday, March 12, 2009

Is Your Blog A Honey Pot Blog?

Got some pot, honey?
In bloglatin a 'honey pot blog' is a blog designed to attract a certain clientèle.

A clientèle who have a certain mindset at a particular time on a particular subject matter.

It is not the same as a 'honey pot server', but it is an expansion of that theme to blogs.

Honey draws flies and bees and bloggers.

This is just an analogy, so the actual content on the blog may not be 'sweet', and in point of fact, many 'honey pot blogs' use hate speech or hate anything to draw people.

Other blogs do in fact use sweet things instead to draw people.

And of course there are genuine hate blogs and genuine love blogs. Genuine in the sense they are not 'honey pot blogs' but are sincere.

For instance Aryan racial hatred blogs are not fake they are real. World peace blogs are not fake they are real.

A honey pot blog draws only for the purposes of building a file on its bloggers (domestic or foreign espionage blogs), changing their minds on the particular subject matter (evangelizing blogs), or trying to discover what ideas are 'out there' on a particular subject matter (poller blogs).

A honey pot blog, then, in general will tend to be 'a one trick pony', i.e. focused on a single or very narrow range of subject matter.

One Trick Pony, Paul Simon:


  1. thanks for the post! I always wondered if such a thing existed in blogosphere. But how to expose or discover honey pots?

  2. Anonymous,

    It depends. Here is a beginning point to research it.

    Happy trails.

  3. is a honeypot?


  4. My blog sucks ass. What site do you get content from?

  5. Anonymous (6/18),

    Everywhere there is something useful to share.

    I guess sharing for the benefit of all is the theme.