Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Freeman Resigns - Foreign Pressures

We wrote about Charles Freeman in a thread a while back.

We were upbeat then because we think there needs to be balance in the Palestinian / Israeli scene.

That is to say, the past 8 years of the Bush II regime have been decidedly unbalanced.

In the interest of mid east peace, before Bush II, the US had traditionally attempted to play the role of an independent broker fair to both sides.

No one wants a biased judge. But the Bush II regime was clearly unbalanced in favour of one of the parties. We saw Freeman as a reset and a start toward a new balance.

Well, the waters are evidently so poisoned, according to Mr. Freeman, that he could not stay in his post any longer. He had hardly unpacked.

Some will say zionists did it. I think it was warsters, i.e. neoCons. But warster zionists, warster palestinians, and warster neoCons all have the same mental and emotional "DNA".

Those types all have the same behavioural and cognitive pattern, so the label is less important than the fact they are rabid and do not want peace. At this moment their polarization does not bode well for mid east politics.

This development also shows how difficult the job is for the Secretary of State and the ambassadors to that region.

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