Sunday, March 8, 2009

Brad Bloggers Being UnBradly?

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  1. You know, in all fairness, I understand why Brad banned me. But yourself, Dredd? Not one bit.

    Now I remember what I posted on my glitched, lost one from a day or two ago. I did notice this popcorn inducing segment of the BradBlog. He does plug for donations quite often. He plugs himself every chance he gets.

    A while back before he recently linked to Jason Leopold {Heck yeah, that's a good way to make oneself look credible, link to Jason Leopold! Not!!!}, he made it seem as if he was a columnist for The Guardian. Uhm, no, he has a spot in their HuffingtonPost-like CommentIsFree section.

    Anyway, you are correct that it's time to put Al in the seat, unless there is probable cause for the delay. Is there? I don't see a probable cause similar to the one that existed for Florida, 2000. I mean, the Florida one led to the Diebold/Premier type solution, the one Robert Hertzberg was one of the first to advocate for. But Brad couldn't see past his nose for that one or for your request to check out the Strider dude.

    I did like the responses from Larry Linn and Ancient. But Zapakitty seems to be running interference for Brad. Now why is it so important to argue that this needs to go on for as long as possible? What am I missing here, Dredd?

    The more I think about it, this Speedway Bomber thing might have blown the lid completely off of any gravitas Friedman had left. In my defense, I am not looking for praise. I have actually been absolutely shocked that no one else except for a bit by TroubleInWinter has been interested in the truth about Kimberlin emerging.

    But I guess I am kind of a broken record. It's just mind blowing. And so much of the truth remains hidden, because the four years of work done by Mark Singer to correct his original mistake of portraying Kimberlin as a political prisoner came out before the internet truly took off.

    Brad's downfall is that he never figured out when it was time to come clean and make a break from anything and everything that doesn't add up. But then again, Brad's original emergence appears to have been built on a house of cards.

    If it was just the question marks about the Clint Curtis story, that would be one thing. But now it's been years of him being associated with the hate crowd of Agent99, Big Dan, Cannon, and Bozos. It's been years of him asking for donations based on that Curtis story. And now it finally hits the zeitgeist who exactly Brett Kimberlin truly is.

    I sent you the pdf of the 1996 Singer New Yorker article titled Unfinished Business. None of that is available on the internet. If it were, Alexandrovna would have had no chance of browbeating me at DU and DKos. I think it's time for Raw Story to cut ties with her. She is simply not credible.

  2. Hello Dredd

    Good to see you plugging away here at your own place. Socrates, and now you have me curious to find out what's been going on at Brad's place.

    Maybe I should ask for that 2005 donation back, eh? :o)


  3. supersoling,

    Great to see you are still burning up the keyboard and staying aware.

    I discovered some things "I shouldn't have" ... no animosity toward that realm ... it is just that something drove them nuts ... and it was not me.

  4. Hi supersoling, nice talking with you at the Free Speech Zone blog. I know I can be a bit too much. Just be grateful we aren't friends in real life. :)

    I guess my ultimate problem is I refuse to let go of my blogging past. Someone at FSZ made what I think is a brilliant disinfo post in which he said my Kos diary was good but that it appears to have been done so as to promote blogospheric drama.

    I have written to both Barb and Kos Zuniga asking to be reinstated as Prepostericity. I didn't do anything wrong. I was a victim of the UGOGs. I can totally relate to what Dave went through. And it appears to me, humble opinion time, that the "paid trolls" do psychological profiles.

    So they know I don't like to be viewed as a conspiracy theorist and paranoid. Thus, they pile it on with those ideas. I get stalked and write about a scripted internet. The other side then says that I am a stalker and either mentally ill or paid myself.

    But anyway, to talk about Brad a bit. I want to see proof that Curtis' dog was shot. And that story was about electronic voting rigging, but the timeline doesn't seem to add up, as the story appears to have occurred before the 2000 Florida debacle which led to the paperless voting machines. Plus, if the story happened around 2000, then why did Curtis wait until four years to 'whistleblow'? And the timing was funny. As Bev became disgraced as a 'grifter', Brad quickly gobbled up her spot as being the EI activist to go to for the scoopage.

    The Michael Connell thing. Where is the proof he was threatened by Karl Rove? It only appears to come from Brett Kimberlin, Cliff Arnebeck, and Larisa Alexandrovna.

    Supersoling, Brad said at DU that he started to become an election integrity activist on Nov. 3rd, 2004. Then on Nov. 10th, 2004, Brett Kimberlin offered the $100,000 reward. According to Time Magazine, that's when Brad first heard of Brett. But the problem is that Velvet Revolution was formed just two days later on November 12th, 2004. Three weeks later, the Clint Curtis story via Kimberlin propelled Brad to widespread popularity on the net.

    Hey Dredd, can you give some clues about what you discovered that upset the apple cart? Like did you prove that the Strider writing software for BradBlog was the same one as the hacker? It looked to me like that was just a coincidence.

    I don't hate Brad, Brett, or anyone either. I don't hate Bush and Cheney. It's like that song, "Anger is an energy."

    But it's definitely tougher nowadays to feel hippy love and acceptance. It's as if that is a big part of psy-ops, to make our blood boil, and to make us feel alienated and worthless.

  5. socrates,

    I will post some links and you tell me what you think.

    The event of strider72 writing software that "Brad chose himself for his own blog", Brad taking a long time to publish the Strider of Firelight story, and what I discovered about Aaron of Firelight (Strider's brother) is what eventually ticked Brad off.

    "It can't happen here" was his position which is what he condemned Diebold and election officials for saying.

    Anyway here is the first BB Thread 5945 which was posted on May 2, 2008 at 6:05 then "coincidentally" an old warez cracker 50 minutes later is the first to post in response.

    How did he know about Brad Blog? Usually one of us posted first on most threads.

    I had been clamoring for Brad to post about Strider and 5945 is the thread he finally started to satisfy my request.

    The last post on the thread is me saying I had discovered strider72 had written some of the Brad blog software and said it was funny.

    Socrates posted on that thread too.

  6. One of the defenses Strider (Treasurer of California Republican Party) put up in San Diego (Republican Chairman there) when he was outed was it was something he did in the distant forgotten past.

    When I found he was still active in 1995 (search on "Strider" to get his San Diego address of Fairlight) I looked again and some of the history I posted in thread 5945 said this guy is still active. He has moved here from Europe, become a citizen quickly, and is now active in San Diego ... so I was interested in looking more.

    I looked at strider72 and Aaron. This is mentioned in BB Thread 6015.

    There are other posts in other threads, but that gives the gist of it.

    The strider72 goes to the same conventions as Strider of Fairlight, has a similar persona, brags about hacking code, and in my opinion is a Strider wannabe.

    As such what would he do for Strider?

  7. socrates,

    In BB Thread 6015 you finally got interested and said I was on to something ... read the rest of that thread.

    In BB Thread 6018 some time later, I let hell break loose and that Brad could not handle.

  8. Here is the sequence of threads where the Strider issue was brought up or discussed by Dredd:

    BB Thread 5935
    BB Thread 5945
    BB Thread 5971
    BB Thread 6008
    BB Thread 6015
    BB Thread 6018

    That's all I know about that folks.

  9. The last of Firelight bits the dust a few weeks ago:

    "The final defendant in a five-year-old nationwide piracy crackdown pleaded guilty to criminal copyright infringement Wednesday ... Defendant Greg Hurley of Orlando, Florida ... "Fairlight" ... Hurley ... and ... others were members ... U.S. law enforcement officials began eying Fairlight more than five years ago. The members were scattered across the nation, but the prosecution was centered in Connecticut." (Wired).

  10. That first post is bizarre. And that was all from around 6-7 a.m.. You're right, that's prime A grade fishiness. I don't recall Brad ever posting much that early.

    I googled that open letter to the Dept. of Justice dude, and it only appears at the BradBlog. The guy mentions Diebold. It just seems like the type of letter, if legit, would have found its way elsewhere or be mailed to the guy directly. You ever hear of Vincent Gambini from My Cousin Vinnie? Very strange.

    Brad didn't respond to it. But he does to Phil's post around four hours later. You'd think Brad would have said something, like, excuse me, who are you, what's up with that letter?

    Also funny how Brad gets into video games and how he's known about Strider for years. And another thing, Brad's mentioned before how he is into computer software, but his website is notorious for being badly set up. Remember BradBlogToo? If he's such a computer guy, how'd the BradBlog bust down in the first place during the Curtis thing?

    Was that to astroturf that the Curtis story was huge, that Brad was the go-to guy. I'm thinking like how AnonymousArmy wanted to know more about the claim that Curtis' dog was shot. Well, was it? Why not put up a copy of the police report then?

    But I'm getting off topic.

    That is bizarre.

    So Dredd, I went to the one where you posted about the Strider source code showing up.

    That was on May 24th, 2008. That appears to be when your posts became moderated. Was there any conflict going on between you and Agent99 or something else that led to you being put into the queue?

    And I definitely remember that our computer strokes seemed to be getting captured as you put it.

    I was always a bit nervous at first to go after BradBlog/Kimberlin, when I first got here, but maybe this explains how you might have been more open-minded to my finds.

    I'm gonna check more into this. Hopefully others can add in, anonymous folks, etc..

    I'm getting a funny feeling in my gut. I had resolved this stuff long ago as having been a coincidence, but I am not so sure now.

    The thing newbies and fence-sitters need to realise is that Brad relied on the few of us regulars to Be The Media in between kissing his ass. But everytime we did do that stuff, it ended up just being ourselves on our own. Floridiot was into it. I'm thinking if BradBlog was legit and not a gatekeeper, he would've participated with some of us. He would've nurtured our interests. But it's clear that with this story and mine with Hertzberg, Brad didn't get involved one bit. And I recently was searching through DU archives, and Steven Hertzberg was in the thick of things. He was one of the first people to work with Bev Harris, before Kelvin Mace and then Andy Stephenson.

    So yeah, Dredd, I don't like the timing of the first link you give. I don't like the first post arriving soon and getting no response. I did like how a few of us got involved with your work on Strider. But I don't understand why you were ever put in moderator queue. I don't like that Brad never worked with any of us "peon" bloggers. I don't like how our writing seemed to be getting captured. I did not like the way Agent99 moderated. I now do not like many of the names associated with Brad such as Burch, Leopold, Bozos, and Kimberlin. I am curious whether you hit paydirt with this Strider find.

    Why were you put in the moderator queue? Were you in a back and forth with Agent99, or maybe that was Bamboo when he had the Judge of Judges
    username. Things can get a bit confusing.

  11. I'm on the one where Brad said he didn't know what you were talking about, and I was going with the coincidence angle.

    Thanks for finding these links.

    Sorry I wasn't much use back then. A lot of this can be existential and/or information overload.

    Brad wrote that there are crack/hack attempts on BradBlog everyday? That I find hard to believe.

    This guy had me fully believing in him. If he had just evolved a bit, reined in or removed Agent99, worked with the few of us more closely, I don't believe the BradBlog would be in the terrible shape it now finds itself.

    Brad was very condescending to you. I think you were right, that you were doing him a favour by speaking freely. All these places going down the road to groupthink cannot survive. Kos is down 65%. Word gets out when webmasters are running a bogus ship.

    I'm gonna try to read through more of this. It's a lot to try to absorb. Plus, I am semi-embarrassed when I see some of my old posts. I mean, Brad really had me thinking I had found a home. The guy used to email with me, made me feel like I had a chance as a blogger.

    You're a good guy Dredd, very dignified. So was that the end after Brad ripped into you? You quit BradBlog rather than being banned?

  12. Can i ask you for your opinions? What do you think the odds are that the two Striders are the same guy? If so, Brad is saying he's the one who put in the Strider code. He also said that BradBlog is under attack everyday. That sounds fishy. Do you think it's possible that Brad might not be who he represents himself as? I mean, Agent99 is a strange one. Leopold, Burch, Kimberlin, Bozos, a lot of these people have had odd, internet presences.

    I got the same treatment from Brad. He told me to knock it off. He told me to stop disrupting threads. He and 99 told me to write at the end of threads with an excerpt then link to my forum/blog with the rest. He also had the same wording too when I was asking him to explain Kimberlin, and his silence really irked me. He said to paraphrase, just like he said to you, knock yourself out with your sleuthing.

    I was no where as dignified as you were. And it looks like you quit BradBlog on your own. Myself? Not so clean. There's one line I've come across a number of times with google searches. I wrote something at BradBlog like Brett Kimberlin, search-engine that ***-wipe.

    Anyway, sorry for my disjointed posts, and very sorry I wasn't of greater help back in the day. But perhaps that's the nature of gatekeeper websites or places that appear as such.

    I have zero proof that Brad is a spook. But it sure feels like he might be. Peace out.

  13. Dredd, Socrates,
    There's a ton of info here that's time intensive, but I'm digging in a little. To be honest I've been focused on anti war efforts since I left Bradblog after meeting Cindy Sheehan in Crawford in 05 and haven't paid much attention to election fraud issues like I used to. Meaning a lot of what I'm reading here in the links is like Latin to me now and difficult to decipher. But I found Socrates' posts at Free Speech Zone to at least be sincere and have said that I'll approach this information from that perspective.

    tomorrow's another day. Time to find the Free Sleep Zone ;o)

  14. All,

    One thing to remember when reading the BB threads is that comment posts may overlap in time.

    For example, say three main threads are started by BF on the 8th, 12th, and 15th.

    Your comment posts or mine on the BB main thread might be dated before or after BB main thread on the later 16th thread.

    Comment posts on the 8th BB main thread may have a date before or after the 15th BB main thread was originally posted.

    So, while the BB main threads posted by BF ARE sequential, our comment posts may not be perfectly sequential and may be overlapping some back and forth when compared with the BB main thread date.

    Do not assume a structure of sequenced comment posts if that is critical to something you are pondering.

    Look to the dates on each comment post for the true sequence in time before concluding anything.

    Take both the BF date of main thread and the comment post date into consideration when configuring any actual date sequence is all I am saying.

  15. socrates,

    You said "... in all fairness, I understand why Brad banned me. But yourself, Dredd? Not one bit ... What do you think the odds are that the two Striders are the same guy?"

    BB banned me. No need to consider odds.

    I had concluded at BB that strider72 was a "wannabe Strider" as I said above (5:12 PM post). These warez doods had a gang loyalty if you go back and read some of their history.

    Like Randy (7:45 PM post) said the last Firelight guy was sentenced in federal court a few weeks ago. They were an international hacking gang loyal to Strider. One of them said, concerning group management, a long time ago "I would not do it without asking Strider first" (paraphrased).

    You should read the posts, I can tell you did not read mine on BB fully or even the ones on this thread because you are asking questions I answered on those threads. Build upon the research rather than redo it every time.

    One more example, the 7:55 post by Anonymous links to a thread at a San Diego blog.

    One of the posters there (post #2) figured out that the drawbridge on firelight dot com had been pulled up and the moat had been filled with water and alligators.

    Yet somehow that blogger was able to read the directory (ftp enabled) and pull up a .pdf written by Strider when he is Chairman of the republicans there.

    It concerned strategy in an election that was going on then.

    You can't just stumble over clues and get the full picture.

    Strider ruled a national and international warez scene group from San Diego. He had hackers all over the US and a powerful Aaron of Firelight in DC who is his brother and who rubbed elbows with military brass and federal judges. They are both assets, if you know what I mean.

    This ain't no party. This ain't no disco. This ain't no foolin' around.

    I am surprised when people don't get what has happened and what was uncovered. What it portends.

    It is like all those sheeple in the pews when the dood a couple of daze ago walked up into church and popped a cap into the preacher.

    One 45 round went thru the preacher's bible so pieces flew up in the air like confetti. They interviewed the sheeple who eye witnessed it and they thought it was a play, an act, a skit.

    That is what propaganda does to a populace that lets phat get into them and they become a big blogger.

    Dredd Blog is small and serious as a heart attack.

    Please, lets all get on a diet. Phat is phoney. Screw the bloglatin while you are at it.

    You said "have zero proof that Brad is a spook. But it sure feels like he might be. Peace out." ... THAT is what I am talking about. It does not matter what Brad is or is not, a sockpuppet, a gatekeeper, or those other bloglatin be cool words.

    It matters what a blog and its bloggers are as an organization.

    And either is it an incompetent blog in the area it claims to be competent in, or it is not.

    BB is controlled that is for sure. By whom and for what purpose is not clear for sure.

    It is either incompetent or a magnet to suck in those who are interested in a particular subject matter and to brain wash them.

    I don't like either one of those.

  16. The new post today deals with some of this.

    I am happy to reset and move on dot org ...

  17. BB could be a honey pot or simply an ineffective blog. At any rate it does not effect the Fairlight story which stands on its own.

  18. Hi again,

    I wrote a good post, but now for the second time it got zapped by a solar flare hitting a communications satellite, by a phirrana chewing at an underground cable, or some other mystery. And I did get the message saying your post is waiting for approval. I know for sure it's not Dredd deleting me.

    This is what got deleted:

    I remembered that when we put too many links into a post at BradBlog, it triggered auto-moderation. So it can be explained why your post wasn't published at first.

    I also now agree with your Strider wannabe theory. Those guys have very similar politics. I think I have figured out who Stephen Rider of is. He appears to be a bigwig at Microsoft. I also saw how he was given an invite to a billionaire's club.

    Check out the caricature drawn of him by the cartoonist{1997} with this Stephen Rider of Microsoft.

    Other ideas that got glitched were that even if there was no connection between the real Strider and election fraud,there was good reason to consider that possibility. Plus, Dredd was coming up with stuff that no one else seemed to be doing in regards to fleshing out his powerful, Washington D.C. ties.

    Supersoling, sorry for all the information overload. Amateur internet sleuths can't win. If we find anything, we end up being banned, called troublemakers, incessantly trolled on, or labelled as broken records.

  19. Dredd,

    Thanks for couching your constructive criticism towards me in such a dignified manner. You're making a lot of sense with the bloglatin phrase you have coined.

    That Brad banned you for no good reason makes me sick to my stomach.

    I can get a bit overeager at times to understand everything all at once. Apologies for reinventing wheels or spreading any unnecessary confusion.

  20. socrates,

    It was pointed out in the old BB thread that there are several people by the name of Steve Rider. So what I alwasy ask. I am only concerned with the strider72 persona from Chicago. I don't think you have followed the correct one (using spaces dot live dot com) a microsoft dude in Seattle.

    The other one (the one I know is strider72) you linked was in the BB posts. His web page points out, at the bottom that he was going to Gencom in 1997. That is a gaming convention.

    Firelight is and was originally composed of gaming crackers. Strider was in San Diego running Firelight in 1997 as pointed out in the posts above and on BB. My hypothesis is that Fairlight used gaming conventions for various purposes, one being mass get togethers under cover of large groups of people.

    Don't get distracted on the wrong rider, follow strider72 and strider. Why do you do that?

  21. Yes, there are a bunch of Stephen Riders. I think that's the guy based on the caricature and the photo. Check out the teeth, the receding hairline, even the neck. There is about a ten year age gap since that convention. I sincerely think I found who Strider72 is.

    Here's a good quote from one of the above links.

    RawStory reporter Miriam Raftery posting at the San Diego Reader:

    "Those new personnel Don refers to in the Registrar's office are Registrar Debra Seiler, former Diebold computerized voting machine sales rep, and Assistant Registrar Michael Vu, who oversaw elections in Cuyahoga County Ohio where two of his employees were convicted of felony election-rigging in the 2004 presidential recount.

    Interestingly, one of Krvaric's family members was posting messages in a Cuyahoga County geneology forum not too long before then. Surely just coincidence?"

  22. socrates,

    You are being quite loose to use a cartoon to identify someone NOT associated with the website it is posted on.

    I am not using the cartoon because strider72 tells who did it and when (1997) on his website. I am shocked at your leap of logic ... or leap of lack of logic. Why are you doing that?

    Why would you divert away from strider72 on striderweb and go to a guy who has never claimed to be strider? Lives in Seattle not Chicago. Has nothing to do with the software on BB?

    Makes absolutely zero sense to me and it diverts away from the real trail for no good reason. Like at the BB thread way back when. I don't get it! Whatup with that?

  23. socrates,

    So why should I also follow the Ohio vapor when there is concrete everywhere else? Why am I suspicious of your drift here?

  24. Are you suspicious that I am making stupid posts, or are you suspicious that I might have insidious agendas?

    I think the Stephen Rider I found looks very similar to the caricature provided by Strider72. You don't see the similarities? How 'bout the lower lip too? Caricatures, if done correctly, exaggerate true features of a person.

    As for the Ohio thing, it looked like a possible lead. Kind of like when Hertzberg wrote a journal at DU praising Matt Damschroder. I've tried my best.

    Fine, I'll shut up. Great blog, Dredd. Good luck to you. Bye.

  25. Perhaps send Strider72 an email. Use a proxy and throwaway email address if you want to. I looked everywhere looking to see who Strider72 is. I assumed a guy like that would show up in old university or usenet type forums. But no dice.

    Maybe Strider72 will explain who he is, if someone simply asks him.

    But if you're suspicious of me, I know what that means. So peace and goodwill and all that. Have a nice life, etc..

  26. After the way I have recently been treated by the * & bf @ bb I wouldn't give them the steam off my shit.

  27. socrates,

    You say you have an education in sociology or the like, so that could explain why you do not immediately see the dissimilarity in the two Stephen Riders (there are at least 4 people with such names).

    Only one uses the handle strider72 which showed up in the BB code. He programs wordpress which is the warez BB uses. Gosh, exxxxxccccuuuseeee me for going with that one. Keep it simple stupid (K.I.S.S.) is a good idea when things are convoluted like the web is.

    The programming language experience of strider72 is worlds apart from the MS dood you "identified" thru a cartoon drawn 12 years ago.

    It is like there are two doodz who speak wildly different languages. You would know from sociology / language studies that people speak original languages because of cultural / ethnic / geographic reasons.

    It is the same with programmers. Those who write first in Assembler and those who write first in BASIC are in two different worlds / cultures. I detect the difference by their programming experience like you would a natural language.

    If you had a dood named spooker who spoke swahili as his original language and another guy named spooker who spoke russian as his original language you would do well not to think they are the same body.

    You would also go by face, obviously. The impact you get from this Stephen Rider compared to the actual strider72 is what I got when I noticed the background programming. I never went down the rabbit hole you got us off track on a year ago when I was looking at this.

    I have posted articles more attuned to sociology discussions, yet you do not comment on those threads.

    Not interested in your field?

  28. socrates,

    The obvious reasons:

    1) strider72 is the name of the programmer who wrote the code on BB; anyone could have looked at that code like I did back then to discover that fact.

    2) BF admitted that fact and said he specifically choose that warez from that dood; his defense was BB intrusion could not happen the way I suspected because he, BF, had chosen that software, and it therefore did not matter who wrote it or what it did or did not do.

    The posts back in the day which are linked above clearly point that out.

    3) strider72 runs the strider website which among other things develops sells the very wordpress module BF uses on BB.

    There is nothing more to know about finding who wrote the module and how it got on BB. It is just plain asinine to go looking for someone and something obviously already found. That is a Get Smart agent99 thingy not a Dredd thingy. "Who ya gonna call?"

    The true exercise here is does strider72 know the famous Strider of San Diego, since both are gamers, and many, many Firelight folk around the nation have been convicted in federal court of hacking ... RECENTLY ... as of Last month ... and Strider has always been the Fairlight leader ... and they are world famous game hackers.

    Strider is the head of the San Diego County republican party who put political documents on the Firelight website. Recently.

    Firelight members have been convicted across the nation ...

    PS: strider72 has contacts with programmers in Sweden according to his website and they help him on projects.

    In BB and BBV doctrine this is a slam dunk if it involved the evote machine industry or election officials.

    Yet I have not concluded strider72 and Strider know each other. I have only said that strider72 is likely a Strider wannabe.

    But the things I discovered about Aaron and Strider being inside the government and political institutions, getting citizenship very quickly during a time we distrusted foreigners, and being famous hackers is absolutely for certain.

  29. Strider now has Twitter. Page upon page demonstrates that he is an active republican who exhibits disdain for the Obama style "lets get along" bipartisanship.

    One of his twitter pages has a post "Chairman Krvaric Praises San Diego Republican Representatives for AGAIN Voting No!" with a link to a letter with his logo, which logo can also be found on hidden pages on the Fairlight website.

    ... the fairlight website is claiming to being built ...

    At least for now ... they have scrubbed the hell out of the internet in the past year since Larisa first exposed them and he responded "Fairlight is something I did a long time ago as a kid".

  30. Another Strider website (Digital Vikings), now also scrubbed, had some interesting language on it at one time according to a San Diego resident:

    "MISSION STATEMENT:Digital Vikings seeks to foster relationships among Scandinavian Professionals in Southern California on a social, professional and cultural level.

    WHO SHOULD JOIN? WHO WILL BENEFIT? You should be Scandinavian by either birth or heritage, or have a genuine interest in Scandinavian technology, business and finance. There is no cost to join or be a member."

    (Hartline Report, emphasis added).

  31. The game world took note of Strider in politics in this post on their blog after Raw Story outed him.

    Note the comment posts minimizing its import ...

  32. An anonymous wrote that Larisa first exposed this group. Why don't you correct them, Dredd??? wasn't it Miriam Raftery {sp?}? If Larisa was involved, fine, but friggen prove it.

    You want to keep going with your bloglatin, Dredd??? You're gonna get played by people, if you don't wake up. Remember that neo-nazi ideology that seeped in here, and I busted it, and you thanked me????

    Well, don't expect me to stick around without an apology. You question my Social Theory background?? Whatever. Why are you letting this anonymous poster give Larisa credit like this. If she deserves the credit, fine, but provide the link!

  33. socrates is correct that "Larisa" did not pop the story at Raw Story about Strider. Miriam Rafferty did.

    Larisa is or was a managing investigative news editor and may or may not have known about the story.

  34. A third post of mine has now not made it onto this blog. You're not fooling me anymore, Dredd.

    The only chance there is that you are not insidious is if there is a program by which Strider can intercept posts made with his real name.

    So why don't you email Strider72 and ask him where he studied, things like that?

    How come you are calling it vapor that a Strider relative was on that Ohio County genealogy forum right before the only convictions for election fraud took place?

    And the Strider72 caricature looks exactly like the Stephen Rider I located. Why wouldn't a rich dude be able to have two homes, one in Illinois and one in the other place?

    And now you seem to be running interference for Alexandrovna. Anyone can see on Raw Story's about us page that Alexandrovna is a leading editor/investigator.

    You have done the same thing to me that Brad did to you last year.

    Let's see if you post this one.

  35. Dredd,

    Check your links and you will read that the About Page at Raw Story says Larisa is "Managing Editor/Investigative News" and Miriam's piece says "These allegations come as no surprise to RAW STORY, which has been researching Krvaric’s ties to Fairlight for some time."

    Larisa knew what was going on doncha think?

  36. socrates,

    I am the blogmeister here and I will reject any of your posts I choose to. But I will not ban you. Read the rules.

    You are wrong about that guy and I am really beginning to suspect your other assertions because of it.

    Piss poor investigating to reject the obvious in favour of vapor my friend. Brush off the dust and find out something about the Ohio thing and post the concrete. It is welcome.

  37. This thread is closed except for socrates' Ohio Krvaric story if he chooses to inform us.

    You guys who wanted to post more go to other threads.

    There are some other real things happening.