Sunday, March 8, 2009

Iranian Intercontinental Missile - ICBM?

We expressed some doubt about this in an article a while back.

In that article we wondered out loud if the real Iran was much like that Iran we read about in the news.

After all, since the real Iraq was not much like that Iraq we read about in the news just prior to the Bush II regime invading it, don't we have legitimate reason to doubt?

Nevertheless there is an article in the India edition of Reuters that says Iran did launch a long range missile.


  1. Hey, I just banged out the following this morning at my aircraft wings place then brought it over to DKos. A few have actually had the nerve to conjecture this as being a troll diary. Hey, I'm probably gone now, once they figure out who I am. But I shouldn't be. I was victimized by the MajorFlaw version of the Kos Kops.

    U.S. Military Threatening World Peace and Economic Stability

  2. socrates,

    Good job. I checked it out and posted a couple of replies.

    Your piece is doing good over there.

  3. Thanks Dredd. Also, thanks for the back up. Though, if you don't want to get banned, you may want to avoid it. One of the Kos Kops has given you a number of troll ratings.

    I made one post which within minutes was deleted/hidden. It was very quick for one of these organized troll members to put up a link to where I admitted to writing the diary. It shows how the psy-ops monitor everything in real time.

    The article on AF blogging says that the Command wants their bloggers to disclose that they are Air Force personnel. That's what the guy from Netvocates used to say his workers do, give full disclosure. And how much for that swampland in Florida?

    This is why I get driven off. Because I have always been and always will be a peacenik. I used to protect Cindy Sheehan at the HuffingtonPost. I've always had a decent amount of potential as a blogger. Unfortunately, or perhaps not, I got into 'chemtrails'. That kind of put an end to my time at Democratic Underground. My first incarnation at DailyKos ended when MajorFlaw took care of me. Then I found Dave and the 'backstory'.

    Anyway, true progressives and peaceniks have been marginalised on the internet. The worst part is how fake progressives like Michael Rivero clones Tinoire and Agent99 are supposed to represent folks like ourselves.

    Take care. Peace. Thanks again. But be careful, if you don't want to be the next Kos Kop victim.

  4. They have updated the story in India news to say it was air to surface with a 110 mile range ...