Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Get Over It, V?

The movie V for Vendetta is a story about a torture victim, "V", who escaped.

During the movie V lives underground while plotting to overthrow the big brother dictatorship that tortured him and those like him. V could have been a Jew at one of the death camps during the time we refer to as the holocaust.

Should the Israeli and German officials get over it or should they continue in their prosecution of American citizens accused of being NAZI murderers?

A recent thread here pointed out the sensitivity the Catholic Church has, and the insensitivity some Americans who call themselves progressives have.

Some of them think free speech is yelling "F*** You" to anything they perceive as ... well ... Veeish. Hey, we all have to think with the brain we have, including Cable Guy.

If they think yelling "F*** Israel" is the best way to bring peace to the mid east and that is the best they can do, hey, that is the best they can do.

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  1. America needs to put the "M" back in Edjamacation..... MIND...