Monday, August 8, 2016

Global Sea Level Rise In A Bathtub Myth

Fig. 1

 I finally said "ok" to an upgrade of my operating system.

The damn upgrade destroyed the contents on my backup drive and the main drive too.

All the software was lost.

I have spent the last three days re-writing the WOD file processing software.

It works better than before.

I don't think I will rewrite the PSMSL modules.

Instead I will use PSMSL graphs directly.

We have covered that ground anyway.

The WOD data has not been focused on sufficiently, so that is what I will focus on.
Fig. 2

It is an incredible story that is unfolding concerning the TEM (thermal expansion myth).

The scientific papers were questionable, but the warming commentariat went nuts over a hypothesis that is not supported by the available data.

These two graphs  (Fig. 1, Fig. 2) are zone averages in zones way out in the middle of the Pacific, and Atlantic oceans.

They are near enough to the equator to be warmed more than many other places.

Yet they have that same see-saw pattern.

Millions, and I do mean millions, of individual values were averaged to make these graphs.

More to come, as well as the module (destroyed along with the others) that analyzes the results of the ups and downs, in terms of net expansion / contraction.

The warming commentariat has not helped us with their silly millimeter thermal expansion of the hot air in their heads:
"It is very, very depressing that politicians and the public are attuned to the threat of climate change even less than they were 20 years ago when Margaret Thatcher sounded the alarm. CO2 levels are rising at a faster than exponential rate, and yet politicians only want to take utterly trivial steps such as banning plastic bags and building a few windfarms," he said.
( Guardian). The kids are doing a better job of it (Jim Hansen and kids vs federal government).

Climate change is not the only place in scientific discourse where sloppy practices are perpetuated (Obscurantism).

It is true that current civilization is exceptional, in the sense that it is the one that has brought extinction to the evening dinner table conversation:
If we are to believe Hegel – or Collingwood – no age, no civilization, is capable of conceptually identifying itself. This can only be done after its demise, and even then, as we know too well, such an identification is never certain or universally accepted. Both the general morphology of civilizations and the descriptions of their constitutive characteristics are notoriously controversial and heavily loaded with ideological biases, whether they express a need for self-assertion by comparison with the past or a malaise in one’s own cultural environment and the resulting nostalgia for the good times of old. Collingwood suggests that each historical period has a number of basic (“absolute”) presuppositions which it is unable clearly to articulate and which provide a latent inspiration for its explicit values and beliefs, its typical reactions and aspirations. If so, we might try to uncover those presuppositions in the lives of our ancient or medieval ancestors and perhaps build on this basis a ” history of mentalities” (as opposed to the “history of ideas”); but we are in principle prevented from revealing them in our own age, unless, of course, … we are living in the twilight, at the very end of an epoch.
(Sources of Totalitarianism). This has all been done by the pirate rich folk of Oil-Qaeda, their vassals, and of course the serfs (Discipline for the Benefit of the Rich).

I hope to be back in the saddle again soon.

Interesting Papers


Contribution of ice sheet and mountain glacier melt to recent sea level rise
"Comparing the two over the seven year period this study looked at, the authors found that meltwater from glaciers and ice sheets contributed more to sea level rise than thermal expansion"
(Carbon Brief).
"Water is weird. It’s one of the only liquids that expands as it freezes, at 0 degrees Celsius, yet contracts as you warm it up to 4 C. (This is why water ice floats while most other types of ice sink.)

But if you warm up water beyond 4 C, the molecules violently push on one another, expanding the total volume of liquid and making it take up more space."
(Tech Insider).

Accord U. of Calif.

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